Hey Miracle - how are you?!

Recently, I had a client tell me that she had a goal to get her mortgage paid off.  This person also has a goal to move to Hawaii.  She also kept saying to me, “Every time I make my monthly mortgage payment, I start to worry about the following month’s payment. How can I stop this?”


Now, I should add that this person is also self-employed and she admittedly never has missed a payment in all the years she’s been self-employed.


And the funny thing is, when I listened to this client, I could TOTALLY relate!


There have been times where I have thought to myself, what the hell was I thinking?!?!


Quitting my job to become a woo woo, spiritual teacher, coach, and intuitive tarot reader and medium?  What kind of cock-a-mayme idea was I thinking?!


How am I going to pay my bills this month??  OH SHIT!  I AM SCREWED!


I mean - look, I may be the coach here or the teacher but I’m gonna hip you to the fact that I am a human - just like you.


YES - I have studied Manifesting for more than 30 years

YES - I have found some hacks, tips, tricks, and methods I share all the time

YES - I am a spiritual being having a HUMAN experience…


…which means, I have these thoughts too.  BUT I am also well practiced at becoming aware of when these thoughts creep in and remind myself that this is a story I am telling myself to scare the shit out of myself.


And then I think of Louise Hay and she had some great advice here…


She said, “STOP SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF!” - yes seriously she said that.  I love that one of my idols swears too!


But how do we do this…cause I know it’s kinda trite from me to just say - change your mind, shift your energy, it’s just a thought and a thought can be changed!


All of that is true but it takes a lot of work in the doing.  I mean, this isn’t called a practice for nothing.



Here are some tips to help you to stop scaring the shit out of yourself and start telling yourself the truth!


Truth #1: You are a miracle.  The fact that your parents came together and created you and you have survived up to this point, all well intact is pretty miraculous.  If you’re anything like me - you’ve probably done some pretty stupid stuff in your life so - if you are reading this the confluence of events it took to get your here is nothing short of a miracle.  AND if you can do the - you can manifest anything if you get your mind focused on what you want.


Truth #2: You’ve been manifesting since you were born with every thought in every waking moment.  Since you can’t unknown that now (sorry, not sorry about that) maybe it’s time we get more consistently aware of our thoughts and direct them in the direction of that which we want.  Look back on a time when you manifested something you wanted - if you did it once, you can do it again.


Truth #3: Turn your fears into positive affirmations.  Say you have a fear that you won’t make enough money to pay your bills.  Once you are aware of this fear, give yourself permission to take a pause.  Think a moment to create a few affirmations around the loving answer to this fear.  Example: I always have more money than I need to cover my monthly necessities, luxuries and little left over for savings.  I receive money in expected and unexpected ways.  Every time I get the mail I receive a check!  See these FEEL better than the alternative.  Once you get your vibe up then you can go about doing the inspired action you need to do to promote your business and attract income from various sources!


So - in the end knowing you are a miracle and in fact all of life is a miracle, helps put a lot in perspective. If I can get here - I can do and manifest anything!


Affirmation for today: I AM MIRACULOUS!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.  

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