What the Heck Does Alignment Mean Anyway?

What Does "Being in Alignment" Mean Anyway??

And how the heck to do that.

What is alignment? To me alignment is feeling at one with your goals, your spirit, and Source or the Universe. Alignment is when your human experience meets up with your spiritual bring and God/The Universe

1. So, alignment with say your goals - let’s start here. So I hear a lot of people say things like - “If you just match your vibration to that which you desire you will attract it to you.” For a lot of people, this can be a confusing statement. I mean when I first heard it, being the literal person that I am, I was like - so you’re saying if I can shift my literal vibration to that of one million dollars cash I will attract one million dollars cash? That doesn’t sound right - what sounds right is I would BECOME the one million dollars cash - literally. I mean I could turn myself into worse things but at the same time not the end goal. The end goal is to HAVE or ATTRACT one million dollars cash. So the more correct statement would be “You must match the vibration of WHO YOU ARE having the one million dollars in your bank account, in your hands, etc”

The question goes from “wouldn’t it be nice to have one million dollars cash” to “who am I with one million dollars cash? What is my personality with one million dollars cash? What do I do with the money? Where do I go? Where do I live? Do I still go to work? Where? What do I do?” So these become questions about WHO I AM in the moment when I have that money in my bank account or my hand. What this leads to is a vibration of the person you are when you have this money.

Since the Universe works in vibration and not any other language, it matches to you that which you vibrate at and is then forced by law to match your vibration. You start seeing investments pay off, raises at work, more clients in the door, money that was long owed to you coming in, or money just dropping in your lap, etc. So long as you stay in this vibration, the Universe has no choice but to bring into existence the experience you are matching your vibe to because you are ALIGNED with the vibration of your goal.

Are you picking up what I am putting down?

2. Aligning with Spirit or Higher Self…. I have heard people ask, how do I know I am aligned with myself? And I have heard people joke about others - Oh he’s out FINDING himself… This is truly something we all must do. We must always come back to “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” as Wayne Dyer always said. For some reason when we are adults we view this with absolute separateness. BUT - when we are little babies we are SO aligned with our spiritual side. We know totally how to live spiritually in our human bodies. We know our human bodies are like being in a car. We get in the driver’s seat, we can only perceive things in certain ways and sometimes we drive down the street jammin’ to our tunes, sometimes we might get pulled over by the po-po for various reasons to remind us we are in the earthly world classroom we chose to come to and there are rules here we must abide by because not everyone is woke and some who are might be a little woke AF that they forget they are in a human earthy classroom, and then there are times no one is woke and there are car accidents. This is kinda how our human experience is but much like when you drive to work on autopilot and can’t remember how you got there - we forget that we have a spiritual side and a human side that are not mutually exclusive.

This is where alignment with self comes in. Have you ever been in a situation, a relationship, a job, or something else maybe that “just didn’t feel right” to you? In fact, it felt SO WRONG it hurt? Maybe not physically but emotionally? For example, I knew maybe 6 years prior to me moving from working in the legal & healthcare field that I had a calling to be an intuitive medium who does readings, teaches law of attraction, and is an intuitive life coach. I knew this to be true for me, yet I stayed in that corporate environment because the money was REALLY good. Caroline Myss speaks about this in her book Sacred Contracts and Archetypes.

One of the archetypes is the prostitute. In this case, this refers not just to someone who works in the sex trade but refers to the version of you that exchanges energy or money for a task and what are you willing to tolerate while doing this. Another friend calls this “the bar of resentment”. As in, whatever you are doing for money or any sort of compensation, are you above or below the “bar of resentment”. Whatever you call it - it means the same thing. How much pain are you willing to endure for the money you are paid to endure it in the service of someone else.

So in my example above, the longer I stayed in the corporate legal world in the healthcare sector the further I got from my core belief system. Although I was paid extraordinarily well for my work, it got to a point where the money and the work were so far below my bar of resentment and so out of alignment with who I am, that it became emotionally painful to be there. And yes - I could do my affirmations to ease the pain a bit but the fact was that the longer I continued with this work the further out of alignment I got and thus the more painful. And let me tell you, there comes a point where no amount of money can compensate you for the pain of spiritual misalignment.

As soon as I started planning my jump to self-employment in the field of spiritual advisement and intuitive life coaching, I started to feel better because as I was taking next right inspired action steps, I was aligning back with my spiritual self. Then the day came for my jump and it felt glorious. There was transition time but I just felt closer and closer to my purpose and that my human side and my spiritual side were once again aligning just as they had when I was a small child.

I will say as I began this journey of changing careers, my annual salary has initially dropped but that would be if I changed industries and careers in the corporate world too. However, it really doesn’t mean anything because all my needs are met and I am so aligned I can’t even begin to tell you how good that feels. Plus, I feel the money I was making a spending was for medicating the separation from Spirit I felt. Now the I do not feel any separation, I spend with mindfulness and love rather than fear based and keeping up with the Jones’. And since nearly a year ago when I left corporate America, my income has increased and increased and I know if I stay aligned not only will my income continue to increase but my spiritual fulfillment will increase as well.

Moving into alignment with self really puts you in a place of true power and reminds of our purpose and the drive to live the purpose.

3. Alignment with Source. Aligning with God/Source/Universe is really when our manifesting and full alignment happens. This is the truest form of “allowing” we can have. This means that we don’t try to control or expect outcomes. It means we allow source the space to work within us and lead us where we need to go to fulfill our purpose. Once shown these signs from the Universe/God/Spirit we must then take the next right inspired action based on the information we get from God/Source/the Universe and move forward from this space on our path.

I know a little floaty, so, let’s bring this down a notch. If you are working a job you loathe. Maybe the people are great, the money is good but the work itself is out of whack with your belief system or maybe it’s just something you’re good at but are totally unfulfilled. You know this is not the place for you but you daydream about another place. You daydream about working at another company, doing another job or maybe even starting your own business. However, you make excuses over an over again as to why you must stay in your current job. The pay is good, you have health insurance, etc. If you change jobs you might have to take a pay cut, the path is unsure, etc. BUT what if you leaned into God/Source/the Universe and love here rather than fear and trying to control everything (which PSST! Is a TOTAL myth - you can check out what I mean in my book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life when life happened while I was trying to control everything…)

What if you leaned in to love and allowed God/Source/the Universe to direct you? What if you allowed the alignment to happen?

Truth bomb: It is actually our natural state to be aligned with Source/God/The Universe. So when we do align, we have feelings of fulfillment, joy, and prosperity. All the things we say we want but feel we are separate from because we continue to choose from a fear-based place. Now, I am not saying; go quit your job today. What I am saying is take steps towards your alignment with Source/God/The Universe and rediscover and reclaim your alignment between self, higher self, and Source/God/the Universe. You didn’t get out of alignment overnight and most of the time folks don’t get back in alignment overnight and sometimes you need help and this is not a solitary activity.

Need a starting place? Ask self, what if just for today you allow yourself the ability to wonder what would it be like if I leaned in to love and Source/God/The Universe? What would my life look like if when Source put an idea in my heart or an opportunity in front of me that really resonated with me and my higher good and my goals - what if I chose to take that inspired next right action to move towards it?

So in this example of the job… Say Source inspired you to start your own business or seek a job that is more aligned with who you are. You might be one of those people who just up and quits and off they go. I will be honest that was not me as I was very practical from a human perspective. But what I did do is start with a plan of next right inspired actions. I started talking to people who had left my field to start their own business. How did they do it? I started putting my support team together to help combat my own inner critic and those outer critics as well as to keep me balanced as I I walked this path. I laid the groundwork.

These were my first right inspired action steps towards aligning with the plans God/Source/the Universe had for me and aligning with God/Source/the Universe and even though I was still in that corporate job, these inspired next right action steps I was taking made me feel better. Made me feel more aligned and fulfilled. And the more I moved towards my leap - the more aligned I felt. And now that I am an intuitive life coach and intuitive advisor full time - I feel way more aligned on a regular basis with God/Source/The Universe.

Don’t get me wrong I am still a recovering control freak, I mean I AM a Virgo, so there are moments where I try to take back control. Like I would get better results than the Universe but I am also human and that’s part of my journey. To strive to learn. To live in the contrast and for the opportunity to choose love or fear in every moment. Ain’t it grand to be human? I too sometimes think - seriously? I chose this? But we did and if we look at it as we GET to learn rather than we HAVE to learn - then we can start on the path towards allowing and alignment.


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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