What it means to be a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience.

I am the kind of person who kicks it old school - even in my spiritual practice.  It’s important to remember that if you are going to do serious spiritual study to go beyond who the trendy gurus are today.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Edgar Cayce.  He was known as the sleeping prophet who gave medical diagnosis and treatments while channeling the collective healing consciousness.  Born in Kentucky in 1877 and providing his spiritual healing gifts throughout his life, well into the 20th Century, and inspiring one the first metaphysical wellness centers in the United States stemming from his Association for Research and Enlightenment which exists still today.  He is the father of modern channeling and the wisdom his readings shared with us still hold true today.  All of this from a man who in his human experience only completed school through the 9th grade and no medical education - yet healed people, including his wife and son, from life-threatening illnesses.  

So you can see if you read up on Edgar Cayce and his teachings, you will find why he is such a huge influence in the modern metaphysical paradigm.

One of the things that Cayce taught about that I found so eye-opening was how he describes what I refer to as the Divine Trinity of Personhood.  In growing up Catholic, there was a lot of emphases placed on understanding the mystery of the Trinity (father, son, and holy spirit).  A lot of times I remember the priest saying that a lot of people have a hard time understanding this 3 in 1, God in 3 forms concept.  For me though, it was pretty simple.

As a TOTAL nerd - it made perfect sense to me because I say it as water.  Water can exist in three forms - liquid, gas, and solid.  So why couldn’t God/Source/Spirit be the same if it created the water?

Also, when I was taught spirituality from my Grandmother’s Catholic-influenced metaphysical view, she would share that Jesus was an example of the enlightened being we all can ascend to as we all expand on our journey.  It is from this perspective, the blend of all the above, I will explain this concept of a “spiritual being having a human experience” or as we say a lot here, “we are not just one with the Universe, we ARE the Universe.”

From the point of view of embracing we are all divine and God isn’t a white dude, with a white beard, sitting on a white cloud throwing lightning bolts haphazardly when he feels like it.  In fact, rather, God/Source/Spirit is the omnipotent and omniscient energetic entity which hovers over the collective energy and weaves through our collective energy.

Here is how I have always seen this and a graphic explaining how Edgar Cayce explains this using the ocean as an analogy.

God/Source/Spirit Energy - When we are “on the other side” we are part of this God Energy.  

Higher Self - As we incarnate into humanity - our thoughts and vibration flow into the collective consciousness and we can add to and ladle from this energy either mindfully or mindlessly to allow how this consciousness has influence over our free will granted choice making.

Individual / Ego Self - As we choose to incarnate and have the human life experience of the love or fear contrast, our ego developed to give us our individuality of who we each are so we can create this whole experience of interacting with others and situations.


This trinity is within each of us and is how we are connected not only back to the Universe/Source/God but also how we are connected to each other.  When we can understand this and use it as we use all of our physical world assets, we can start to understand that we are all one and maybe we can choose to see even the person who cuts us off in traffic as a part of us and love them in spite of their action and maybe even get to a place where we can send them love and lovingly ask - what do I need to learn from this moment.

I hope this learning tool helps.


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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