The Manifestology Matrix Program

The summer cycle is in full swing right now but I would LOVE to see you join us for the Winter session 2020!


What if you could FINALLY manifest all the things on your vision board and beyond but...

:: no more manifesting misfires…

:: no more glitter bombs…

:: no more writing lines for days and only manifesting a hand cramp...

... just good ol' fashioned Spiritual, Practical and NO BULLSHIT Manifesting.

Can I get a "HELL YEAH!"?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

The self-proclaimed manifesting gurus who claim they have the secret "how to" but then blame you for your manifesting misfires when their way doesn't work for you...


Someone said, "You want a new car (job, partner, whathaveyou...) all you gotta do is create the PERFECT affirmation (WTF does that mean and how??) and then write it 55 times for 5 days straight and I promise, you'll manifest like crazy!!!"  ...and still no car, new gig, or hottie partner but you manifested one hell of a hand cramp! 


You've put so many crystals in your bra the only thing you've manifested is a house account at Victoria's Secret because you've had to go up a cup size (or you had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when some fell out in the weekly corporate meeting - not that I would know)...

Bottom line?  

Let's face it - if these goofy "how to's" worked, we'd all be skinny, rich, and happy

and you wouldn't be sitting here reading my snarky website right now.


And maybe you're ready to learn to manifest in a way you've never seen before, that actually and finally works...

Welcome to the

Manifestology Matrix Program!

Spirituality | Practicality | No Bullshit

11 weeks of deep-diving into the spirituality, science, and practicality of manifesting everything you want!


Shawnna K.

"First things first, This s#@* works. So far, I've manifested a new personal trainer, reinstating my HR certification and money. Michele's approach is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance that really helped me delve into becoming the best version of myself. This has really helped me realize that I have everything I need in my divine self."

Tune into your mind's eye and ask what if....

What if you could finally manifest everything on your vision board? On your New Moon Intentions list? Or the things you might only dare to dream of...

Just envision yourself a few short weeks from now...

... you're in the Manifestology Matrix and you've already gained so much clarity and confidence...and you're surprising even yourself with what you're starting to manifest...

:: Clarity of purpose!  The fact is, all manifesting isn't grounded in goofy exercises that give you a hand cramp or how many crystals you put in your bra - it's grounded in your purpose.  Once you get clear on that, stay aligned to it like it's your very own personal North Star (cause it is) - manifesting starts to become a snap!

:: Confidence in your divine self, your knowledge of the Universe Laws, and your absolute certainty in the fact that the Universe ALWAYS has your back!!!

:: Consistency in your manifesting has no choice but to occur.  When you have clarity in your soul-level purpose, confidence in your material, and energetic capabilities AND lean into the certainty that the Universe is ALWAYS conspiring with you for your highest good - your manifesting becomes more and more consistent.

That is why I created the Manifestology Matrix Program!

I created it because I know you have the power to create the life and things you have always wanted for yourself. And I want that for you too, but somewhere along the line you just forgot how maybe it was programmed out of you and you felt something was missing but didn't know what.

No worries, cause I got you.


Together, we will take an 11-week journey into the spirituality, science, and practicality of Manifesting and Co-Creating with Source (The Universe / God) so you can get the crystal clarity you need for grounded, soul-aligned intentions, embrace the confidence to stake your claim in the Vortex because you understand ALL the underpinning of what needs to be done so you can FINALLY create the flow of consistency in manifesting your dreams, as is your divine right!

Over the course of three months, you will learn:

  • how to tap into your soul's purpose

  • set intentions so they are aligned with your soul

  • understand what the 12 Universal Laws are, how they work and how you can apply them

  • identify any resistance barriers you might have and how to dissolve them

  • how to create and maintain a manifesting practice grounded in all of this to set yourself up for life long consistency

Tori W.

"I tried so many other metaphysical teachers, coaches, and guides only to be left disappointed and discouraged.  When I decided to work with Michele, I was a bit worried and anxious but that lasted only until we began working together! I experienced such dramatic soul shifts that I could see and feel immediately! It is such an honor to work with Michele! I have unfolded towards my purpose and manifested experiences and opportunities I wouldn't have even thought of before we worked together! I am forever grateful to Michele!"

This program is for you if you're....

... jamming in your divine feminine, knee-deep in your spiritual path, know manifesting, and all this talk about "the law of attraction" and The Secret sound really awesome but the secret about The Secret is they kept the "how" a big effing secret (ARGH!) and you want to get the real skinny about how to do it...

... an analytically minded yet spiritually hearted badass goddess who knows she was a manifesting powerhouse but isn't sure when the power went out and isn't sure how to get it running again...

... you've decluttered your whole house, just like the woo woo gurus told you to so that it would create a space for manifesting to come in and all you've manifested is an invoice from your local College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise...


and, girl you are JUST SO DONE ...

...with all the goofy glitter-covered BS "hacks" that don't manifest anything but self-doubt and disappointment

...listening to teachers who would rather blame you for your manifesting misfires than supporting you through identifying and dissolving your blocks

...sitting in your sh*t and ready to stand up and own your Sparkle

...and at that point where if you have one more manifesting misfire, you might just end up with a starring role in the next episode of "Snapped"...

Then, girlfriend, it is time we work together!

It's time to get you on reconnected to your inner divine power so you can stop the manifesting misfires and start becoming a manifesting magnet!


Jazzy S.

"Michele, thank you so much for your guidance. You helped me uncover the root cause of my blockage surrounding financial situations. With your guidance, I discovered that it wasn't actually about money but more so self-worth/value. I have released resistance and have accepted my gift and the value of my gift. I gained a wealth of confidence. Without being reluctant, I sought out for clients who would value my worth as well. And so it goes.... it was received!"

Where will I go in the Manifestology Matrix?

During our 11-week journey together, you will...

:: have a stronger connection with not only your higher self/soul but also Source (God / Universal) Energy

:: will have a crystal clear understanding and ability to create intentions grounded in your strong Source Energy Connection 

:: discover all the spiritual underpinnings and connectedness of all the spiritual concepts you've heard about but aren't super clear on

:: gain confidence through a deep understanding of not only these spiritual concepts but how to apply them in your life to manifest your dreams

:: identify any blocks or limiting beliefs, see where they are hindering your path and then learn how to dissolve them to move into a manifesting vibration

:: learn how to create and maintain a manifesting practice that creates consistency in your manifesting for years to come

:: complete your journey feeling more empowered in your ability to co-create and manifest the life of your dreams!

What will we do in the Manifestology Matrix?

For 11 weeks your journey itinerary will include:

:: Weekly live-streamed lessons 

:: Weekly 1hr Zoom Gatherings for support, Q&A on all things manifesting, and coaching through any resistance or blocks you may have

:: Weekly Internal Independent Play which may include exercises, journal prompts, and/or meditations

:: Private Online Community via Facebook

:: Online Student portal which will contain all replays of live-streamed lessons and Zoom gatherings, additional lesson content, and additional resources to support your continued manifesting journey



Where will the Manifestology Matrix take you?

  • Maybe you'll manifest a new and more fulfilling career like Shawnna.

  • Maybe you'll finally understand all the woo woo cliches and turn them into a successful woo-preneur adventure like Tori.

  • Maybe you'll bust through your abundance blocks and embrace a new sense of intense self-love and worth like Jazzy

  • Maybe you'll manifest a deeper connection with Source and self to create an anchor of inner peace and calm like Marj.

In the Manifestology Matrix - what you need comes forward for you to review, process, and integrate so you can continually strengthen your manifesting muscles!


Ready to finally learn how to manifest your dream life in a whole new way without the glitter-covered BS

and all the spirituality, science, and practicality?

Let's Do This!

Join us TODAY!  Limited Spaces and the Next 11 Week Cycle Begins August 3, 2020

Registration Open July 22nd - July 31st, 2020

Energetic Exchange Investment is $1111

Payment Plans available for "no more excuses" flexibility!


Jackie F.

"I've Been Able to Step into Being a Fearless Leader!  Michele has been an ah-mazing support in cracking open my doors...well, more like busting them wide open! Since I have participated in Michele's group coaching, her classes, and 1:1 coaching sessions, I have been able to step into being a fearless leader and mentor to others!  I have been able to take action steps towards my becoming rather than wandering around in a dream world. The truths of our sessions together brought me to joyful tears of expansion! If you haven't tapped into any of Michele's offerings, give yourself the gift of time with this ah-mazing Guide! Spirit has placed her into your awareness for a reason...jump in and PLAY!!"

Listen to Client Success Stories

Join us TODAY!  Limited Spaces and the Next 11 Week Cycle Begins August 3, 2020

Registration Open July 22nd - July 31st, 2020

Energetic Exchange Investment is $1111

Payment Plans available for "no more excuses" flexibility!