What is a Soul Journey?

A Soul Journey is a path that your soul craves to walk to identify, process and integrate a lesson that you came here to learn.  

The Soul Journeys you will find here support the spiritual being that you are as you navigate your chosen human experience, and more specifically - how you can tap deeper and deeper into the extension of Source Energy that makes up your spiritual being and manifest your dreams.

These Soul Journeys are meant to integrate and bring into balance your spiritual side and your human side as you are meant to experience this lifetime, but to do so in a way that leans into love more than fear and teaches you to consistently manifest your desires as the ever expanding being you are.

From clarity on your current purpose to manifesting your quantum leap, you will be supported here.  

And don’t worry - No goofy rituals, writing lines of affirmations for days on end and only manifesting a hand cramp, or other glitter covered spiritual bypassing that yields nothing will be found here. (yeah - I’ve seen all that in other places too and this woo don’t play that. You want something that just friggin’ works and that is what you will get here.)

We don’t create rituals you can bury in the yard or hang on your fridge without results.

We DO play in the spiritual, we ground in the practical and we manifest all your dreams without the side dish of glitter covered BS.  

Girl, YOU are pure light and it’s time you shine - you don’t need to supplement with glitter covered bs. You just need a path, a support team and a reminder that you are DIVINE SOURCE ENERGY and YOU already have the power to manifest everything…  

Choose your journey and let’s begin. 

The Clarity of Purpose Soul Journey

Maybe this sounds familiar… “I feel so lost...I want to manifest an amazing life that’s fulfilling and purpose driven, but I have NO CLUE what that looks like.  How can I reconnect with my purpose so I can align with manifesting my desires?”

If so, the Clarity of Purpose Soul Journey is for you.

On your journey, you will:

  • Receive Intuitive, Channeled Guidance (from Source Energy through me directly and/or with divination tools - cards, pendulum, etc.)
  • Pull away the veil of of confusion and shifting sands
  • Tap into your soul’s purpose
  • Discover how to align with the energy of your purpose and your intentions
  • Design your unique manifesting plan that is powered by your soul's purpose driven energy
  • Leave feeling clear, empowered and full of direction and discernment!
  • AND even start to see your intentions start manifesting ASAP!

Your Itinerary:

  • Schedule your session and answer initial clarity sorting questions
  • Receive the Clarity of Purpose playbook prior to your first Zoom session
  • 1-hr private intuitive session on Zoom to dive deep into your soul purpose and get super clear on what that means for you
  • Depart your session with an Inspired Action plan to stay in alignment with your desires.
  • 45 minute Alignment Accountability follow up session to check in with you and make sure you are still in forward momentum, to share ah-ha moments, clear any blocks that come up and to celebrate your manifesting wins!

Marj. W from Madison Heights, MI, USA

"I actually have dreams and accomplishments I want to achieve. That’s big for me!"

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, who you are in that space and what you need to do to align with the energy that will attract that to you - manifesting will start to become a snap!  Clarity of purpose is the first step towards manifesting your dreams!

Ready to be crystal clear and start aligning with your intentions? Book your Clarity of Purpose Soul Journey today!

Suzanne B., Dunedin, New Zealand

"I decided to set some goals, but the way I had been doing things just felt old, clunky, and not aligned with me anymore.  Then, I met Michele and discovered her Clarity of Purpose method! The simplicity of her process changed my concept of how to set intentions and align with my intention's energy and my purpose! I am so excited and keen to achieve each little step along the way!"

When making your appointment be mindful. Know this time is sacred for you. It's your me-sponsibility time. So, please make sure to respect your session time by finding a quiet space free from distractions and a strong wifi connection.

All sessions are virtual via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Phone sessions are by request and for private sessions only.

**Cancellation Policy: My cancellation policy requires that you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled private sessions. No-shows will not be rescheduled (my time is valuable), unless session is missed due to severe illness or emergency (I'm not a total meanie). I will wait 15mins past your appointment time but after that you are considered a "No show". Also, due to the nature of my classes, workshops, or private sessions - there are no refunds offered.

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