Reality Bites – How Your Reality Pill Is Probably Poisoning Your Manifesting

Reality Bites and How Your "Now" Thinking is Killing Your Manifesting Buzz

How many times have you said or been told to “get real” or “step back into reality”?

I bet a ton. And this is SO contrary to our law of attraction philosophy it hurts - literally, sometimes it does hurt.

What I mean by all of this is, when we focus on what we call “reality” - we are truly focusing on what we already have manifested - good, bad, ugly. Our current reality is a reflection of that which we were thinking about and feeling about yesterday or last week and if that was a good thing or our energy was focused on the feeling of having what we wanted - today’s reality may be the manifestation of something pretty awesome!

More than likely though, our today reality is a result of poopy thinking and feeling of yesterday, if it doesn’t feel so good.

We have to remember a few things…

1. YOU are the Universe / God / Source - I say this all the time but in all honesty, we tend to forget it or we want something else to blame when the poo hits the fan and we choose fear. If we can externalize this part of ourselves we can play the victim and not take accountability for our own thoughts and feelings - which doesn’t help anyone. So remembering we are God, the Universe and Source both reminds us of our responsibility to and for our own behavior, thoughts, and feelings as well as the accountability for them AND it also gives us the awesome power to choose love or fear in every moment with the knowing that we are choosing in every moment where on the vibration scale we want to be.

Remember - when you say things like I feel bad and I don’t know how to change that because someone else is MAKING me feel this way - we are going against our higher self, that part of us that which is God and stepping away from our power. So be aware of this and choose a different thought.

2. The Universe, God, Source - only knows how to say yes to you. Ask and you shall receive - this is the quote I use from Jesus in my book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life - which you can grab off Amazon by the way - I use this quote because it is a Universal truth. When you put an ask out there you will receive it. Period. And this doesn’t just go for when you decide to make an intention…see #3 next.

3. Remember - you are setting intentions and manifesting in every waking moment of your life. Whether you are mindful of intending for a new car, more money or a new house OR you are walking down the streets with random thoughts that your itty bitty shitty committee is chattering away in your head because you’re not being mindful in that moment - you are manifesting. Thoughts become things whether you like it or not. So, this is why I recommend meditation - when we meditate our self-awareness goes up, our mindfulness in non-meditative moments goes up, and our ability to become aware of and our ability to keep in check the itty bitty shitty committee chatter goes up so you can stop it, give it an answer, and move back to focusing your thoughts on how awesome it feels to receive the thing that which you desire.

4. Since God can only say YES and you are God / Source / the Universe focusing on your current reality of probably not having the thing you desire - or focusing on the lack or the absence of that thing, creates more lack. Conversely, if you place your focus on how you will feel upon receiving the thing you desire and act as if you already have received it and take inspired action steps towards it, just like or you got an email from Amazon or UPS that your thing is on its way and so you are making space in your life for it in anticipation, the Universe / God / Source has no choice but to give such to you because you are creating the circumstances to which such a thing flows to you and cannot otherwise come into your awareness.

See how this is working now?

So when we ask for something it sits in the vortex, that place where things go when we think them, until we become a vibrational match to it, or rather a vibrational match to the person we are when we receive it. Kinda like when you put things into the Amazon Wishlist because you saw something neat but aren’t quite ready for it or think you can’t spend that money.

I say this because it illustrates our own resistance to that which we desire because we are focused on what “is” rather than what we want to be. Why do we do this sometimes?

Well, we are trained since we are little babies that the world “is what it is”. We can’t change it and just put on your big girl panties and go with it.

As kids though we buck against this because we come into this world knowing all about the other side and the love that’s there. We come into the world knowing that if we want something we are worthy of having it. Ever see a baby contemplating if they are worthy of a snack, bottle, diaper change, or anything else they want? Heck no - because when we are little babies we know that we are worthy of all we desire.

And as we grow up and go to school our little itty bitty shitty committee starts setting up shop. Once we are able to communicate - your parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and pretty much everyone you meet has an opinion of what you’re doing and since we are in a state of life where we really need our tribe to survive - we start complying and as we do our innate belief that we are worthy starts to become buried under all these folks’ fears and limitations of what is acceptable and what is not. What is available and what is not. All of a sudden you’re so separate from your higher self, Source and the real reason you came here that you wake up one day and you’re sitting at a desk, working a job that is everything you were told would make you happy and you’re miserable and have no idea why.

It’s because we’ve bought into all these limitations and fears and started owning them for ourselves even if they are, were no longer serving us and/or no longer true.

As adults, we don’t depend on our family unit anymore for survival but we’ve been so programmed that within society we must have a job, a certain kind of house, a certain kind of car, etc - this is why advertising works so well on a lot of people. It taps into that fear of “less than”.

At this point, we have been programmed that we are less than in every way. And let me say - I am not blaming the adults in your life here as you grew up. Whether you had a great upbringing or a lousy one - your parents and those raising you did the best they could with what they had. They didn’t know they were programming you with their fears and limitations - they thought they were being loving.

BUT now you know this and you can’t unknow it.

You can’t unknow this belief system of only pointing out and focusing on what is happening in the now is the only way to be. I am going to tell you - if you wander around saying things like, “I am receiving a million dollars,” yes - some people may think you’re a little nuts if that’s not what’s going on in the now. BUT if you’re goal is to have a million dollars, do you really want to listen to people who don’t agree or who aren’t supportive because they are still buying into old programming? Heck no.

So what do you do? Well, first - you identify what it is you want and why you want it. Then you start visualizing - this way we are focusing on what could be, the outcome, the vibration of receiving that which we want - notice that this is not a plan of action here or figuring out the “how” of it. Just the what, the why and visualizing that coming into being - just dreaming about that which you want without limits or hows..

When we focus on what is in the current - and it’s not something we want to continue with - you get more of what you’re focusing on. Since the Universe always says yes, if you are focusing on the fact that you hate your job in the now, that right now you don’t have money for that vacation or anything else that doesn’t feel fab right now - your focus is on all the things in the now and all the things you would like to change. But my dear they can’t change if you are focused on them and your vibe around that is all “meh”. The Universe says - oh you’re focusing on that so I am going to say yes to that and poof - you get more of that which you don’t want.

BUT - just maybe if you stop for a minute - get off the merry-go-round of “life sucks” and “reality bites” and start dreaming about what could be.

I could get a new job doing something I love! That would feel liberating!
Money comes to me whether I work for it or not! - That feels fun!

Now, don’t let your itty bitty shitty committee come in and be a total buzz kill with all the reasons why not, telling you, you need to control your how or any of that.

Be compassionate with your itty bitty shitty committee because remember, they are really only trying to love you and keep you safe. If you ignore them they get louder but if you say… “Thanks for the info, I have taken it under advisement and will be moving ahead anyway with my dreaming, formulating and focusing on what I want rather than what is - as I want forward momentum towards that which I desire.” and they will quiet down.

So - to do a quick recap on this - energy flows where focus goes. When we focus on the current state - we get more of it. That’s great if your current state is fabulous. However, if it’s not - then it’s time to stop focusing on what's crappy and start dreaming and intending and focusing on what makes you sparkle.

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