Everything you need to know about October’s Mercury Retro & New Moon this week!

This week we have Mercury going Retrograde AND a New Moon Does it have to be scary? Nope.  I got you - here’s how we navigate it for your highest good!

I am really not one for  joining the chorus of , “Hide your kids!  Hide your wives! Mercury Retrograde is here!” that a lot of other outlets do.  

Personally, spreading fear around a healing process is not my jam - and I don’t want it to be yours either. It’s way more beneficial to know what’s happening and how to work in flow with it to support your journey rather than to hide under the bed.  

So let’s shed some light on this subject!

Mercury Retrograde Energy

Facts:  Mercury seems to move backwards in the sky.  Is this true? No it’s an optical illusion.

Energy: Reversal, review, redesign, shadow work, intuition, planning, but likes to muck up travel and technology.

Invitation: to work on inner self, to ground in current, to review and make right lessons not learned and how we interact with the world, plan but do not execute. To bring mindfulness to all interactions.

This Mercury Retro Sign: Scorpio:

  • Love Leaning: Intuitive, Loyal, Resourceful, Courageous
  • Fear Leaning: Aggressive, Intolerant, Manipulative, Jealous

New Moon Energy

Facts: A time when the moon is eclipsed by the Earth from the Sun’s light. 

Energy: New Beginnings, Hidden Truths Seen, Heightened Intuition.

Invitation: To clear away energetic or material clutter that has been hiding in the shadows, set new intentions and new directions, tune into your intuition..

This New Moon Sign: Libra

  • Love Leaning: Diplomatic, Thoughtful, Loyal, Peace loving
  • Fear Leaning: Manipulative, Impatient, Indecisive

Long form guidance...

Mercury governs all modes, mediums and methods we use to communicate, technology and travel.  Which is why all such communications (emails, texts, social posts, legal documents, etc.) need detailed review to mitigate misunderstandings, back up your tech devices, and review legal contracts with a sharp eye before signing, if you must sign right now.  

This doesn’t mean life comes to a screeching halt by any means. Mercury Retrograde invites you to be much more mindful of the fact that words matter, details matter, intentions matter and you need to be intentional and mindful about these.  It’s actually a nice reminder from the Universe of how important these concepts are all the time if you want to manifest intentionally.

I LOVE that New Moon and Mercury Retrograde are happening together because their invitations work so well together.

An invitation to declutter, redesign, and review what serves and what doesn’t, so you can really end 2020 with some serious clarity as we head into 2021.  Also, New Moon in Libra may help to temper some of the MR energy that’s going to feel, in all honesty - what I am hearing from Spirit -  kinda like a shit show.  

Meaning - if you lean into the loving sides of the signs I shared about - you might WITNESS the shit show but not get caught up in it or get any on your shoe.  If you choose to lean into the fear qualities - you might just end up stepping in it - which isn’t much fun.  BUT the cool thing is YOU GET TO CHOOSE!


Q: What is the energy we are invited to work with here?

A: That depends on whether you choose to lean into love or fear…here’s my message from Source Energy on all of this...

This is all an invitation. It is the end of a cycle.  It’ll be a bumpy end - but it’s the end.  This year was a 4 year.  And we all thought that we would be building external greatness in the material world.  

No one expected we’d be tearing down and re-building internal greatness, if we chose to do so.  To heal, transform and transcend ourselves and this 3D experience.  Moving into the Aquarian age - there was a lot of talk of it coming but no one had any idea it would be this bumpy.

That said, The New Moon is inviting you to create balance within self as we move into this last “hour” of the year.  

Asking you to declutter things, people, ideas, beliefs, etc that really and truly do not serve - it’s “shit just got real” time, my peeps.  

You can either get honest with self or things will be moved out for you or you will sit in the poo and wonder why you’re sitting in the poo.  

It’s way easier when you are in control of your inner to ride these storms.  So, get honest and get to work.  

If you’re going to keep your wits and your Zen during this Mercury Retro, which ends November 3rd, 2020 (yep on Election Day here in the US - ain’t that a pip?!), you’re going to have to be super intentional about how you spend your time and energy. 

My recommendation is to be on the lookout for low vibrational thoughts and interactions in self.  If you realize you are having resentful, manipulative, or even paranoid (not in the clinical sense but rather stories you’re telling yourself that have no basis but in a super heightened way at this time) thoughts about those you’re in relationship with or even with how you are navigating life - take a breather and set yourself straight. SLOW DOWN and choose to be the witness rather than the participant in what’s going on around you and within you.

I know being the witness can be challenging because you’re surrendering control - but isn’t that the way?  And I can assure you being a participant will feel way worse in this energy - especially if you try to control (i.e. get on social and argue with people as this energy heats up, get into family arguments, and in my family - people agree yet argue at the same time- WTF? But it happens and can ruin gatherings.)

Source Guidance:  Stay above the fray.  You will witness some serious cray over the next few weeks and Source has one question for you - Do you want to be the eye of the storm or swept away into the storm?  

The choice is truly up to you.  

Will you allow others to abscond with your manifesting power by influencing your thoughts as you get caught up in the noise or will YOU be intentional about your manifesting - creating peace amid the chaos?  Which feels better and what can you do to bring that about for yourself.

I send this message in love.  From Source Energy and Soul Coach Michele

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