Spiritual, Practical and NO MORE Glitter Covered BS

Manifesting for the Analytically Minded Yet Spiritually Hearted Women

Wands up if...

  • you're an analytically minded, yet spiritually hearted, lady who loves the Law of Attraction but feel the biggest secret of The Secret is they kept the "how" a big effing secret...
  • you've put so many crystals in your bra hoping for that promotion at work but all you've manifested is the need for a bigger cup size...

Break those suckers in half if...

  • you feel like one more manifesting misfire due to some goofy, airy-fairy exercise that doesn't work will land you a starring role on the next episode of SNAPPED!
  • you're REALLY ready to take a new spiritually based but practically grounded and no more glitter-covered bullshit approach to manifesting. If this is you, then...

Exhale, cause, girl, I got you!

Hi! I'm Michele Stans, the Manifesting Coach...

...for analytically minded yet, spiritually hearted, women who love the law of attraction but are so over the manifesting misfires and want to take a new spiritual, practical, and no more glittery bullshit approach to finally manifesting their dreams of joy, fulfillment and prosperity!

Now, don't get me wrong! I love my oracle cards, crystals, and all the fun glittery stuff as much as the next super woo. BUT, I have a firm belief that all their power comes from YOU and the fact that you are a badass energy alchemist who may just have forgotten who she is for a while.

WELL, my dear! That stops here - We are going to reactivate and reconnect you to the divine extension of Source energy that you are! So.you can manifest the F out of your dreams!

Now, let's get our manifesting on!

Client Soul Shift Stories...

Inspirational video stories of clients manifesting their transformation

Shawnna Kenner

First things first, This s#@* works!  

"With Michele as my coach, I manifested a new personal trainer, reinstating my HR certification and money (and SO MUCH MORE!). Her VIP coaching program contains soooooo much information, yet it's really practical and well balanced. Michele's approach to coaching is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance with exercises that really helped me delve into becoming the best version of myself. She held me accountable, without feeling like she's just cracking the whip. My coaching experience with Michele really helped me realize, I have everything I need in my divine self."

I am forever grateful to Michele!

I tried so many other metaphysical teachers, coaches, and guides only to be left disappointed and discouraged.  When I decided to work with Michele, I was a bit worried and anxious but that lasted only until we began working together! I experienced such dramatic soul shifts that I could see and feel immediately! It is such an honor to work with Michele! I have unfolded towards my purpose and manifested experiences and opportunities I wouldn't have even thought of before we worked together! I am forever grateful to Michele!"

Tori Whitman

Jackie Felix

I've Been Able to Step into Being a Fearless Leader!

Michele has been an ah-mazing support in cracking open my doors...well, more like busting them wide open! Since I have participated in Michele's group coaching, her classes, and 1:1 coaching sessions, I have been able to step into being a fearless leader and mentor to others!  I have been able to take action steps towards my becoming rather than wandering around in a dream world. The truths of our sessions together brought me to joyful tears of expansion! If you haven't tapped into any of Michele's offerings, give yourself the gift of time with this ah-mazing Guide! Spirit has placed her into your awareness for a reason...jump in and PLAY!!"