Leggo My Ego

Leggo of my Ego!

Every story seems to need a bad guy. Star Wars had Darth Vader and you have your Ego, and the poor thing seems to get the blame for everything.

I am going to share with you another little well kept secret in the metaphysical world that you can’t unlearn - so if you want to continue blaming your ego as if it were that bully in the 3rd grade you hated - just go ahead and close your internet browser window now. Go ahead - it’s ok.

Still here? Ok good - that means you want to know the truth.

If you haven’t noticed already, I am one of the few Law of Attraction teachers that does not pro-port that you, the Universe and your ego are separate things when it fits me to do so. Maybe growing up Catholic and having a background in philosophy and legal logic helped me grasp this at an early age but these three things are like the trinity - Father / Son / Holy Spirit.

They would say three in one and it’s the most challenging thing that we as humans can grasp because from our point of view - if they are three how can they be one. How can the father, son, and spirit be one in the same? It is like water, my friends. Whether it is in the shape of a liquid, a gas, or a solid - it is still water no matter which way you slice it. Those are just states of being rather than separate beings as we might see them and then assume as much.

God - the Universe is a great omnipotent omniscient being - meaning it is not a being that we can categorize from our 5 senses, human point of view - it is not limited by human bodies and senses or space-time. It exists in a wholly different state that we are truly not capable of understanding in our human existence. This is very much like a liquid state. It fills to whatever container you put it in, it shapes to whatever space it has, and it ebbs and flows as it needs to as it changes in every moment.

Son (or daughter as the case may be) is not just Jesus as Jesus was an extension of the Christ Consciousness, God Consciousness, or the Universe - call it whatever is comfortable for you but the bottom like is - his existence proves that not only are we all extensions of that same loving and all-powerful consciousness but that we incarnate for reasons that are decided by us (our souls / extension of the Universe or God) beforehand. This proves that we are that “solid” state of existence for the Universe or God. We are each, not only an extension of that piece of the Universe we choose to represent but that when, in the Bible, Jesus said, “The only way to God is through me,” he did not mean him, the person, specifically nor did he mean those who consider themselves his representatives on Earth - such as Popes, priests, pastors, preachers, etc. In some misguided way, in my personal experience and maybe you can relate, it would see some of these people have been pinched off from the very Source, as Abraham says, they have taken a vow to share knowledge about and rather want to control their flock by saying the only way to God is through me - meaning them personally, the church, etc.

Truth bomb here - you do not need a church, a pope, a priest, a pastor or other person who is said to represent God here on Earth because YOU are God’s representative. YOU are God’s image. YOU are God incarnate. In fact, we ALL are. This is THE SECRET that everyone is dancing around and no one is saying because if they said it out loud they would be branded as blasphemes, a heretic, and put up for excommunication. Even though we were never meant to congregate in this way. We were meant for fellowship to discuss how we each are pieces or children of the Universe/God not worship it out of fear of not being good enough or pious enough or give it enough money.

Even in the year 2018, it has been so ingrained in us that we might be burned at the stake - now more figuratively than literally but still. For instance, I was talking to a friend and colleague recently who is a channel and a reflexologist - so you can tell from the start she and I are on the same page. She was telling me about when she took a trip with some friends of hers to a casino a few hours south of Nashville.
Being as self-aware as she was, she was there noticing the energy, and all the fun people were having and she got herself a cocktail and plopped herself in front of a slot machine. Shortly thereafter, one of her friends she had gone with walked up to her and said, “Can I ask you a huge favor?” And she, of course, responded: “Sure - what’s up?”

He said, “Would you mind not mentioning that I was here gambling and drinking with you and the others?” And she was confused and said, “To who - who are you afraid of?” And he said, “You know how small our town is and if the people at my church found out I was here, it would ruin me.” You see he was a prominent dentist in this small town and he belonged to a church where drinking and gambling and such was considered a sinful activity. She said to him she would not mention it but for him to think about why he even wanted to be a part of a church where he couldn’t be himself and lived in constant fear.

So in these days, it might not be - you’re burned at the stake for being different, but that you might get “kicked out of your tribe”. I have had people in my intuitive coaching/reading practice tell me - I was taught doing anything like an intuitive reading was against their religion but still, there they sat - looking for answers that they weren’t finding in their religion. It is at this point that I see people start to wake up. And this is the journey of the solid state of God. Us.

And the holy spirit is like gas. It is whispy, wise, and can take any shape, fit in any space, free of restriction and can give inspiration through energy. It is the piece of us that is spirit but yet is also God/Universal energy. It has no fear, only love.

So you see just as the three phases of the Universe - we are too in three phases. Spiritual (Holy Spirit), Ego (the embodiment of our human side or the son/daughter), and then our piece of the Universe that which is us which manifested into human form.

If we stop seeing both the Universe and Ego as separate from us - we are not one WITH them - we ARE them, we have a better starting place.

If we are the Universe - each of us - we would understand when we are loving or mean to another we really are loving or mean to self. Not because we are one with each other but because we are each other.

And the Ego has gotten an unfortunate rap and blamed for all the bad stuff…but there is more to our Ego than meets the eye…

The EGO is not only the place in which our fear pops up, which is what most people would try and have you believe, it is actually what gives us our individuality as humans.

In spirit, prior to us incarnating we sat down and made a plan for our trip here to earth, Kinda like a triptik from AAA. We planned out what we wanted to see, where we wanted to go, who we would meet up with at certain points - you know just like you do on a vacation. And just like when you go on vacation you need your drivers’ license, maybe a passport or some other kind of ID to let folks know who you are in certain situations.

That’s what your ego is. It’s your ID for this journey. It isn’t just about fear. Your Ego creates who you are in this experience and how you choose to experience things. It is in when your Ego and your subconscious work together that things change.

However, since humans like to have a common enemy to blame things on and bitch about, the poor Ego has been the scapegoat for this and then we do things to prove this theory right.

For instance, if a fear pops up or you get mad (fear really) and yell at someone - you blame your Ego - so you don’t have to take accountability, especially if you can create your experience where your ego is separate from you. It’s like blaming the dog when mom comes in and you and the dog are there standing over a broken glass and fruit punch spilled everywhere. You point at the dog and say, “He did it.”

Let’s take this a little further - when we are afraid of something we say the Ego is trying to “make” us do something opposite of our highest good because of fear. Where does this come from?

A friend gave me such a great analogy. Imagine your Ego as a big, loving dog. It loves you, it cuddles you and you are its whole world. You both live in a city where there’s lots noise, stuff going on, and sometimes people are not as nice as we are meant to be to one another.

Your dog can sense right away when someone is trying to put one over on you or is always on high alert when he hears a strange noise, ready to jump into action and protect you at a moment’s notice.

Then one day you decide you’ve had enough of the big city and decide to move you and your dog out to the country. You have these grand plans of wide open spaces and beautiful lavender fields for you and your pup to run and play and all this peaceful space.

However, when you get there because your dog was so conditioned by living in the city for so long that instead of the calm you’re looking for both of you, he is stressed out by this new place. And instead of him happily rolling in the grass and playing he is barking and chasing all the wildlife away.

You realize you need to teach him to be calm and enjoy the new surroundings. So you say to him, I love you and I know you are only trying to protect me because that was your job for SO long but now we live in the country. I moved us here so we both could relax and know we are safe. You continue to soothe and nurture your pup until he calms down and begins to enjoy himself.

This is how we need to treat our ego rather than trying to banish it. I don’t know about you but the more I tried to banish my ego the louder and stronger and bigger it got. Kind of like when someone doesn’t feel heard they get really truculent and start screaming and the whole experience becomes very unpleasant. It’s the same with your ego.

If we could remember that our Ego is also us and that it’s job is to protect us from danger - true danger, but it is also our job to remind it and nurture it when that danger is imagined and not even upon us and let it know we hear it, we acknowledge it, and we thank it for its concern and we love it as we love ourselves - because it is us. Then the Ego simmers down, quiets down and you can get on with the business of shining your light.

So the next time you start having an Ego flare up - rather than blame, push it away, or not claim it as part of you, maybe try acknowledging, thanking and then loving it and see what happens. And remember, even in the end Darth Vader came back to the light.

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Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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