Intuitive Services & Spiritual Advisement

All sessions are Via Zoom Video Conferencing Platform unless other arrangements are discussed and agreed to.  Links to join your session are sent upon booking confirmation.  Your Session will be recorded, unless you choose not to, and then emailed to you for you to download and keep for reference.


Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are a wonderful and direct way to interact with Spirit and get direct, clear answers to your questions. Now we must remember, you as a spiritual being having a human experience have the blessings and gift of free will.  So the cards will not be directive but they will be prescriptive.  Meaning, they will share with you what is needed for you, what might the outcomes be if you choose a certain path, or what do I need to do, in this moment, to move with and on my right path?

These are the questions of the Oracle and you WILL get the answers you seek in this reading.

30 min session - $65


Intuitive Angel Tarot Sessions

Using intuitive guidance from Spirit, Angels, and the cards we do a Celtic cross spread to either answer you burning life, love, career, or whatever questions, get clarity around a certain foggy subject in your life or you can just say - Angels please let me know what you will give me guidance to follow in my life.

30 min Session - $65

60 min Session - $120



Mediumship & Past Life Review Sessions

Are you wanting to connect you a loved one across the veil?  Maybe get some info from your Angels and Spirit guide?  OR Figure out why you have certain interesting things going on in your life but don’t know why - could it be a past life connection? Those across the veil are in a place of nothing but love and they want the best for us.  Allow them to speak to you for guidance, reassurance, and enlightenment.

45min - $95


Clarity of Purpose Session

We get to a point in life where, on the outside, we look like we have it all together.  However, on the inside, things don’t feel right.  They don’t feel aligned.  Maybe our job is “ok" but we aren’t fulfilled by it or maybe our relationships with family, loved ones, even ourselves don’t feel authentic…  What is going on and why don’t I feel “on it”?  It quite possibly could be that you have not found your purpose yet, your “why” yet, and even if you have - it’s not clear and/or it’s super scary to follow it because you don’t know what’s on the other side.

In this session, using both intuition, spiritual advisement, life coaching skill sets and exercises - Coach Michele facilitates a life-changing session to help you peer inward, take stock in a loving way, and to bring out the authentic celebration which is you, so you can create your “why”.  You can create a true picture of who you are and what you are meant to do that will fulfill you, celebrate you and shine your light in the world in a way that is loving and self-empowering!

90mins - $180