Private Intuitive Life Coaching

All sessions are Via Zoom Video Conferencing Platform unless other arrangements are discussed and agreed to.  Links to join your session are sent upon booking confirmation.

Intuitive Life Coaching - All below coaching packages include: 

  • 1.5hour weekly sessions
  • Weekly Oracle Card Readings to make sure we are always on track and taking next right actions
  • Email and/or FB messaging support between sessions
  • Fun Homework & exercises 
  • Accountability partnering
  • Thought partnering
  • The support of you and your dreams without judgment from your coach! (that would be me!)

Before we even get started, we need to make sure I am the right coach for you.  My goal as an intuitive life coach is to make sure you get the support you're looking for on your journey.  To do that, I have set aside special time on my calendar for us to talk about what your goals are, what your blocks are, to make sure we will work well together and to make a plan of action to dissolve those blocks, achieve your goals and start creating the life you know you are meant to live!

And if for any reason, once we talk you decide I am not the coach for you - I am happy to give you a few referrals to see if they are a better fit.  As I said, I am here to support you and your dreams regardless of if that means we work together or not.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, work and co-create with the Universe the life you know you are meant to live, then it's time we talk.  Click the red button below to set up your Let's Talk Session on my calendar.

This appointment is $35.  The cool thing is, if you choose and set up a coaching package during our chat, that $35 is credited towards your coaching package.

So it's a win/win.  Isn't it time you take that next step - put down the books, videos, podcasts, and all the other wonderful tools of information that you've absorbed.  You know all the things.  It's time to step into your next right action and it's about time to take that step right now.

Book your Let's Talk Session before one more day goes by.  I look forward to speaking with you!

Coaching Packages:

Each monthly coaching package covers all the sessions in that month's time.  So whether a month has 4 or 5 weeks in it - you are covered.

Also, should you choose one of the 3 month or longer packages, there are payment plans available AND the more coaching months you choose to invest in, the bigger the discount.

So, again, lots of win/wins.

Just as an FYI - these are not links to purchase but more for your information as I personally want to be as transparent as possible for you and it is my policy that you must have a Let's Talk Session before signing up for private coaching sessions.

So if this all is starting to sound AWESOME - click the red button above to do that and let's get this journey started!

Manifest Your Dream Life Coaching Add On Digital Content

A great way to learn the law of attraction and rev up your private coaching experience is to choose some add-on lesson content!  This add-on is for the Manifest Your Dream Life Online Program!  You can do this at your own pace, ask your coach to focus on this content for your coaching sessions, or just DIY it and ask questions in your sessions.  It's up to you how you want to use your add-on content!

Learn the 7 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life with a one-on-one coaching experience from Intuitive Medium and 30year student, practitioner, author, and spiritual teacher, Michele Stans!  This highly customized coaching program leads you session by session through the seven practical steps to learn how to consistently and powerfully work with the Universe to co-create the life you know you are meant to live!

This coaching package includes:

  • 8-week online self-paced program
  • Lifetime access to the online work content (exercises, meditations, videos, coloring pages, affirmations, and more)
  • Focus on dissolving any blocks to your manifesting (i.e. - tendencies to micromanage the Universe, worthiness challenges, and learning the art of allowing!)
  • Customized curriculum for your specific desires
  • Access to the Manifesting Mavens VIP group for the 8 weeks you are in private coaching so you can also have a community that speaks your language and supports you.
  • And more

If this sounds awesome and you want to upgrade your coaching experience - make sure you let your coach know when you have your Let's Talk Session.  There is special pricing for those who already are signed up with a coaching package.