What? Not feelin' that today - no worries. Read on and you will!

What’s that you say?  You don’t feel all that magnificent? Maybe after a few more cups of java?

I know, not every one of my weekly affirmations will always feel true for you - but the funny thing is, whether they feel true or not - they are.  They are a divine truth for you because you are divine.

In this spiritual space, a lot of folks demonize the ego.  “My ego made me do it!”  “My ego won’t get out of my own way!” 

Your ego is not your enemy.  In fact, your ego, your gremlin, or whatever you refer to that part of you loves you and wants you to be safe.  Your ego also gives you your individuality.  It makes you different from me or whoever is sitting next to you.  Yes you are an extension  of Source energy but the install of your ego gives you the beautiful ability to interact in a separate way and learn what it feels like to argue, to agree, to love, and to fear.  All the things that make up this delicious human experience we chose (yep - sorry you chose this) to have together.

The ego is your connector to the material world.  As such, it has a foible of fear.  It is more like your friendly neighborhood robot friend screaming, “DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” from time to time.  Not because there is REAL danger at every turn but rather because it is basing current assessments of situations on past experiences as if you hadn’t learned a lesson.

Example, in the past, when presented with a certain situation you were caught off guard and had a bad experience.  However, due to that engagement, you have learned how to handle yourself in situations like that.  

The problem is when presented with a new situation with similar circumstances, the ego looks through its memory banks to see if there is any “danger” here.  It perceives uncomfortable outcomes (not just lions chasing you) as danger.  So, it finds the old situation, does not take into account your successful learning outcome from it and just tries to tell you to avoid - which may not be healthy as taking risks is inherent to living a great life. 

Like, say you had a romantic relationship that didn’t work out.  Do you give up all thoughts or wants of romance forever?  No, but if you fall into listening to the ego for all of this you may fall into a trap of, “I want to be with someone but I am not going to risk my heart again.” Which doesn’t give us the chance of the full experience of love AND we are holding our new honey accountable for any pain we perceived from our past relationships.

All this said, our ego may say we’re not magnificent because that just might be conceded - but it’s not.  That is programming.  Or maybe it says we’re not because we don’t feel great today.

As a dear friend and colleague of mine, Shauna Bauhs, says, “F*ck Perfect!”  And this is SO true!  We can be magnificent in our imperfection.  We are human beings, not perfect beings.  If our goal is to be better than we were yesterday, that’s enough.

If you woke up today with the divine breath of Holy Spirit/Source energy within you - THAT IS ENOUGH!

You are enough and YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!

Can I get a Hallelujah?!  Can I get an AMEN!  WHOOP! WHOOP!

Now go out and manifest the shit out of this week!  

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