How to FINALLY Make Your Big Leap

If you clicked on this - then this blog post is for you!

I talk to a lot of people, mostly women, in my job as a Soul Life Coach and an Intuitive Medium.  I mean between being on social media, holding online and in-person workshops and meeting people seeking clarity at my table at the tea shop I do intuitive readings at. 

Some of these people do a one-off soul reading with me, maybe a one-off class about life purpose, or we talk for an hour about their gremlin, their itty bitty shitty committee, or, as my dear friend and colleague Coach Jennie calls it - Hilda.  

An inner naysayer by any other name still stinks - to paraphrase Shakespeare.  As we chat, I see them crack a little, get a bit of clarity around the reason they showed up on that day and I follow up with many of you after a reading or a session because I know we wade in deep.  I am not a teaspoon, a tablespoon or a serving spoon.  I am a big, fucking commercial, industrially sized ladle when it comes to fishing out the inner crap that is blocking your path and I know that can be a lot to take.

However, I would say 99% of you that come in, truly find value in what we share in these one-off sessions.  The responses I get are amazing ones of processing, movement, maybe a little uncomfiness, but for the most part - there is forward motion to a point.

Some of these folks feel this is enough of a shift for now.  Some maybe want to put it on the shelf behind them so they don’t have to look at it. (Hint: that only works until there is a Mercury Retrograde - like now when I am writing this - and then they float right back into your vision again to agitate until you deal with them).  Some choose to work through it.

If you are someone who considers “working on it” as reading another book, downloading another freebie or maybe watching another Ted Talk that resonates - that’s fine.  

BUT, I want to share something with you…

When you are in the pain of wanting to shift and not knowing how or knowing how and sitting in such fear that you don’t - doing all those things is like watching a cooking show for an hour and expecting the fancy 7 course meal you just watched Julia Child prepare to be sitting on your dining table when the show is over.  Or in some cases, it offers a reason for you to put off one more day that super scary capital L-E-A-P step that will actually take you out of your comfort zone and into the first layer of the realm of your dreams.

If you want to stay in the comfort zone - that is TOTALLY cool.  If you feel good there - stop reading because this isn’t for you.  You are happy where you are and that’s fantastic!

Then, there are some folks who choose to become my, or other’s, coaching clients and I see these folks crack wide open, work through some serious shit, and come out thriving because they leaned in and they learned in hard, and friends I am not going to lie - that ain’t easy.  

It’s not about becoming “my coaching client” it’s about understanding that living and working in the bell jar of your own mind - the mind where your itty bitty shitty committee lives and has an R&D department that excels at coming up with just the right poke to scare the shit out of yourself and away from your dream.  It’s about finding a way to not conquer this or kill it but to love it, to embrace it, and to hold yourself accountable to the inspirations that become dreams for you.

I don’t know about you, but I am not very good at keeping myself accountable when I am on my own - especially if its something I loathe doing - like reconciling my work receipts or cleaning the bathroom or taking that small first step towards where I want to go because it’s the scariest yet highest yielding step that will actually bring to life your dream.

I don’t speak to this from no experience.  I can say without a shred of shame, guilt or insecurity - I needed help and I sought it out.  I still seek help when I need it.

No person is an island…

It takes a village…

These are not meaningless platitudes - they are truths.

We are spiritual beings choosing to have a human experience and part of that is this illusion of separateness.  We, as extensions of God, Creator, Source, Holy Spirit - whatever you call your higher power, chose to have a separate experience so we know what it’s like to interact with an-other.  Yet, we still long for the unity of togetherness.  We, at our soul’s core, long to work with others who lift us up, share our goals, and when we lean in hard so that we rise.

I have had a ton of “let’s work together and rise experiences.” 

In 2017, I had had it with corporate.  I had been a contracts paralegal for 23 years.  I specialized in bringing corporate legal department’s paper contracts into the modern age of a virtual, digital searchable file room.  Most legal departments are super paper heavy for a variety of reasons but as we were in the new century, corporations were cutting costs and large file rooms full of paper cost more money to maintain than cloud storage.  The other downside, trying to find a paper contract took FOREVER - again for various reasons.  When the contract was stored on the cloud - you put its identifier into a data field and in a millisecond it was on your screen.  That was my specialty - organizing mess.  I was the Marie Kondo of contract managers and I made A LOT of money doing that.  Did you hear me - A LOT OF MONEY!  I was bringing in the Benjamins and to speak to a lot of folks - that should have made me not just happy but ecstatic and if I told someone I wanted to be an Intuitive Medium and Soul Alignment Coach - they’d be like “You be cray!”

I wasn’t ecstatic but I was quite cray and in pain in that situation.  I was dead inside.  I was working for companies who, although the people we wonderful, I did not align with the goals.  I wanted to help people realign their self, their soul and their Source - and I wasn’t even doing that.

I tried reading books, listening to podcasts, TedTalks, all the things and I became a cheering section for all of them.  I posted memes and shared platitudes on Facebook thinking I was being spiritual and shit.  I was doing it!  Why wasn’t it working…I was still in pain.

I was like WHY???  Even though Ben Franklin and his many twins traveled in my wallet with me, I would say, “That training or coaching costs too much,” or “I can’t afford it…”  But I sure as hell would find a way to afford another bottle of wine, a $100+ dinner out, or a lavish new handbag for myself - you know the numbing medicine to make me not feel better but numb out to the pain I was feeling from living a life other people wanted for me.  So I could spend nearly $1000 on dining out each month and new shoes and God knows what else - but I was CHOOSING not to invest in myself.

When I woke up to THAT revelation, it was like a 2x4 to the head.   I loathe the concept of giving someone a pill to manage symptoms rather than curing the ailment.  To me, that is SO wrong for SO many reasons but that’s for another post.

I was doing exactly what I loathed.  Medicating a symptom instead of curing the ailment.  The ailment of fear.  The ailment of leaving my discomfort zone (cause let’s face it calling it a comfort zone is an oxymoron.).  I was finally at a point where my pain outweighed my fear.

If you are reading this far - this might be where you are too.

There is ONLY one thing you can do when you get here and, my dear, it is not picking up one more free piece of info crack (i.e. a YouTube video, book, infographic, meme, podcast, etc).  

It is investing in yourself in a way that is towards a cure and not another way to manage your symptoms.

So, I literally googled my way to a coach who was a perfect fit for me. She held me accountable to my goals right up to my big leap of quitting that “all about the Benjamins” job so I could finally step into my dreams of being in the “family business” of working with spirit, helping other women - like you - step into and speak their truth from a loving space, rather than holding it in out of fear.

Those are some big goals and I could not walk that path alone.  My Spirit longed for connection, support, love, and challenge.  That’s why I am sharing with you today.  

I found a way to invest in myself and I continue to do so today.

Obviously, I quit my job in law and do exactly what I set out to do but I did not get here alone.

I meet so many who say I can’t afford it.  

Trust me, you can’t afford not to.  

If you continue with managing the symptoms in a year, 5 years, 10 years or a lifetime - you will be exactly where you are today but the pain of that may be worse.  

I don’t want that for you.

I want you to live your dreams NOW — I know you want that too.

When we truly want something - we find a way to afford it.

And maybe think of cost in a different way.  What is staying where you are costing you?

Peace of mind?

Your principles?


Truly living life?

What is it costing you?  Is the trade of staying where you are versus stepping into your truth not worth it?

If not, that is fine - no judgment.

If it is, it’s time you do something.  That is the only way this will change for you.  

Whether you reach out to me or another coach or teacher you trust - please, I beg of you - do it for you right now!

You only have now.  That is where your power is.  That is where you can choose new paths and directions for your life.

We’ve been conditioned to go it alone but that only holds us back and away from our time to shine.  The only people that benefits are those who are afraid of your light.  It does not benefit you.

It’s time to shine, my friend.  I know from experience that asking for support is a huge challenge on many fronts but it is the first step and from then on you are not alone.

I promise, if you are reading this and you reach out to me to ask about working together to help you rise, I will be there for you!  A compassionate kick in the ass with a touch of humor and a loving hug when needed.  Together we can move you forward.

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Together we rise. 


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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