Energy Reading for the Week of July 6 – 12, 2021

This Week’s Intuitive Guidance

This Week's Channeled Message via Soul Coach Michele:

You may be experiencing ALL THE FEELS lately as w navigate this portal between the Full & New Moons, bookended with eclipses.

Right now you are either feeling pulled in all directions and feeling very ungrounded but I will encourage you to stop.  Take a breath and redefine this time as we move towards this week’s New Moon eclipse.

Rather, ground yourself in the the idea of experimentation.  Instead of thinking - everything you do must be set in stone. There is such black and white thinking around much in this time.  When in fact, that is an illusion that in the material world you must make a choice in your feelings.  Feelings are vibrational - they are not of the material world.  They are of the energetic world.  Yes you live in a linear experience but how you choose to feel about that is always fluid.

That said, choose to feel excitement rather than fear about what is coming next for you.  As we near the new moon, it’s time to think about what you have released since the last full moon, what are you keeping.  What experiences are you sifting through to heal the pain yet keep the wisdom?

Once you have sifted and sorted, how will you use that wisdom in your new intentions for self?

What vision do you want for yourself for the next chapter?  Remember, it does not have to be concrete - it might just be; I visualize myself flowing through life with ease and grace.

When you intend for higher vibrational feelings, it opens up the Universe to bring you choices so you may continuously may move and choose towards what feels more higher vibrational.

These choices are nothing to fear, you are always divinely protected and they are for your highest good.  For you chose to live a more higher vibrational life and to continue that you must choose love or fear as they are presented.

The Unknown is Your Friend - it is in the NEW adventures that change and unleveling occurs.  Without the NEW we would not learn and grow.  Embrace and lean into that which shows up for you.  Lean in as you observe to that which feels lovely and loving.  

Embracing the unknown is the opportunity to consistently be raising your vibration and attracting that which you desire.

You are loved beyond measure.


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