Feel like your "manifestor" is busted?

Feel like your "manifestor’s" busted, you’re in a rut or maybe you don’t even know where to start because all the glitter-covered goofy guru rituals you’ve tried have caused manifesting misfires instead of manifesting bullseyes?

No worries, girlfriend!  I got you!

What if you could stop owning your sh!t and start owning your sparkle?!  

What if you could figure out and align with soul level manifesting vibes and start setting intentions aligned with that vibration from the very start?


What if you could FINALLY unlock your unique manifesting style that your soul is trying to invite you to step into?  

And, no glitter required.

Getting SUPER clear on your Purpose so you can reconnect and align with it, is THE cornerstone of manifesting a life of your dreams! 

GIRL!  It's time to Reveal YOUR Unique Manifesting Map!  What?  None of the gurus told you, there's a map inside you that will not only align you with your dreams but ground you into being the manifesting magnet for YOUR vision of success for you? 

Oh, girl, then it is time we start working together to get your manifesting on point!

I've got the PERFECT thing for you and I PROMISE you're gonna LOVE it!

...and best of all? It actually works.

It's time to Reveal YOUR Unique Manifesting Map!

FINALLY Go from Manifesting Fail to Manifesting Fabulous in a SNAP!

You + Clarity of Purpose = Manifesting Magnet!

Your Manifesting Map Process Includes:

:: Pre-Session Playlist - A Workbook for you to complete prior to our session.
:: 60-minute Manifesting Map Session together we will clearly design your Manifesting Map, set some intentions, create your inspired action plan, and make sure you are headed in the right manifesting direction towards your dreams!
:: After session Vibe Check-in message from me: within 1 week from our session, I will send you a copy of the audio recording from our first session, a check-in message to see how you're doing and answer any questions you might have.
:: Follow up 30-minute Manifesting Map Check-in Session we will recap how you are doing, identify and dissolve any blocks you may have uncovered, and course-correct as needed to keep you manifesting all your good!

It's time to stop owning the sh*t and start owning your SPARKLE!

Video: Why I created the Manifesting Map Process

If you want to jump start your manifesting for the first time or again...

I can help you do that and it would be my great honor to work with you.