Appreciation is the New Gratitude!

How To Watch Your Dreams Appreciate!

Gratitude is so last year...Appreciation is where it is at!

Practicing Gratitude is SO 2016… Meh!  Practicing Appreciation is where it is at!

Over the last few years, I have seen TONS of stuff on having a gratitude practice. I even have a blog post about it.  However, much like other spiritual concepts, it is served up all lean cuisine style. The picture looks great but, it’s a super small portion, in a plastic dish, cooked in a microwave in 3 mins or less.  Not exactly how I envision my spiritual journey.

There’s a lot of “practice gratitude!  It will raise your vibe!” Which can be true but why?

Well, first gratitude actually brings your brain into a present state of joy and who wouldn’t want that.  The iffy part is understanding how the law of cause and effect works here.

People say if one practices gratitude it creates more things to be grateful for.  Which is kinda true but there are a few steps missing here. 

The law of cause and effect states that every vibration, thought, words, and action create a cause and effect.  And the law of inspired action says that we have a duty as an active participant in the co-creation process to take action when we are required and inspired to do so towards that which we desire for such outcome.

With those two things in mind - the effect and outcome of practicing gratitude is not multiplication of manifesting what you want.  The outcome is actually a state of joy and a higher vibration which creates the fertile soil in which your seeds of intention can be planted for the manifesting process to take root. 

So understand - there is a wonderful purpose to a gratitude practice but know that this is not a means of manifesting multiplier.

That my friend is actually “appreciation”.  Which is not the same as gratitude.  To put it in SAT college prep exam terms…

Gratitude is part of Appreciation 


Appreciation is not a part of Gratitude

There are two definitions we can assign to “appreciation”.

  1. The intention to see the value in something.  A person, situation, thing, etc.  This could be gratitude, admiration, interest, study or other activities showing such intention of seeing value.
  2. The growth in the value of something we invest in.  For instance, if you invest in a stock and see it increase in value over time or maybe you invest in yourself through education and that investment increases your knowledge, confidence, and ability in a subject.

These definitions are not a "this or that".  They are a "both" and when we blend these definitions together…

We practice appreciation. Practicing Appreciation encompasses gratitude and so much more.  We create the intention within us to see the value in something we experience and as we invest our focus and our energy into this the appreciation, that experience and those like it appreciate.  It grows in value.  It multiplies.

When our appreciation grows for something, we are intentionally and consciously shifting our awareness to a higher vibration around a certain experience, thing, person, situation and thus we experience more, similar high vibrational experiences.

It sounds simple and it actually is.  

It is a choice, in every moment to choose to shift your vibration.  Once you become aware of a feeling you don’t like you have a choice to sit in that yucky feeling or you can choose to do the work and make the shift.

It comes down to if you want to choose to be accountable for your energy and reap the reward of doing so or giving away your power and remaining where you are.

It is all up to you.


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