8 Gifts on Your Favorite Woo-Woo’s List!

8 Gifts on Your Favorite Woo's List!

Want your favorite Woo-Woo to Swoon This Holiday? Here's what they want in their stockings!

I love the holidays - it’s my absolute favorite time of year.  Even though it can be a challenge for sensitives like us - the fact is most everyone is in a rush to share love with others.

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list of gift ideas for the woo-woo you love in your life (or maybe for you!  I mean you work hard, you deserve a present too!)  In the last year, I have met some AWESOME folks who have either created some fabulous things or referred me to things that I have loved and I want to make sure that you know about them too.

Whether you reward yourself for a year well done OR you just copy the link to this blog and send it to your loved ones as an idea planner for what to get you this holiday season - it is well worth a check!

Here we go!

8. A Card Deck! These make GREAT stocking stuffers and any woo-woo worth their salt LOVES them.  You can’t go wrong.  The two I want to recommend for this year are:

Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid - I have this one and LOVE IT!  If you have ever seen my weekly oracle readings (subscribe here to my YouTube to never miss one again), I use this deck for those readings.  They are super gentle yet very on point for daily self-readings and for more elaborate spreads.  LOVE THEM!


ON MY LIST! The Lunar Nomad Oracle Deck by Shaheen Niro!  I met this wonderful human this year at a conference and discovered he is an amazing creative AND woo!  Plus - he's TOTALLY a ton of fun! His energy is amazing and it comes through in his beautiful oracle deck.  I am HOPING that these will show up under my tree this year for me and I bet you would love them too!


7. A Subscription to a Monthly Box just for the Woo in You!  I LOVE these because it’s like Christmas EVERY EFFING MONTH! So - each month with a subscription box you get a little taste of all the things you love in one box that is focused on something you love BUT with the boxes I am recommending to you - you are getting new woo-woo every month!  I mean - that is true love that keeps giving…  These are through a website called Crate Joy - it’s a one stop shop for all your subscription box needs - even for the woo you love!

Here are a few I would recommend…

Awakening in a Box:  If you are new to your spiritual journey or wanting to explore things further THIS is for you!  It gives you a taste of each of the modalities of the metaphysical so you can see what resonates with you and what to leave.  It’s a great way to discover new things!



The Coach Crate: Do you have a life coach in your life you love or maybe you want to do a little self-coaching each month - then this is perfect!  A fabulous blend of self-work in a box delivered right to your door (or as a gift to your favorite coach - hint hint!!)



The Charm Collective: This is such a lovely box!  Each month you get a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, herbs, jewelry and other fun things.  If you’re loved one is into these spiritual tools - then this could be the perfect gift!



And if you want to see what other boxes Crate Joy has to offer >> CLICK HERE <<


6. The Ability To Manifest Their Dreams! Every Woo loves their books and also love making sure they manifest the life they want!  My suggestion is my book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life!  It’s an easy 70page read that’s a fun, practical and magical look at how to approach and implement the Law of Attraction in your woo’s life for them to live their best life yet!

5. A Crystal Grid Kit!  It's like manifesting in a box.  I love these because they are not only beautiful they are useful in helping manifest your beloved woo woo’s dreams! Here are some I love and are actually on my list this year!  Here are some that I know are on my list this year!

Love & Connection Crystal Grid Kit - because who couldn't use a little more love?





New Beginnings Grid - because it's a new year coming right??  Let's get this off to a great start!





Energy Balanced Home Grid Kit! Make sure your sanctuary you come home to is balanced and clear!





4. A Gift Certificate to a Reading!  All woo’s love readings and getting one as a gift is always welcomed!  You can grab a gift certificate for you favorite woo with me!  Readings come in 1hr for $120 or 30mins for $60 increments.  You can order a gift certificate by emailing me at soulcoachstudio.com and let me know which amount you would like and I will send you a fabulous printable gift certificate to give as a gift.

3. Crystals!  Every empath, woo, and sensitive should always have a basic collection of crystals to keep on had for protection, clarity, grounding, and love.  >> CLICK HERE << for a basic crystal kit for your woo woo’s stocking to make sure they are covered.

2. Law of Attraction Planner!  As a Law of Attraction Teacher and Coach - each year I put together a Law of Attraction planner, workbook, and coaching bundle!  This year is no different.  in my 2019 Manifest Your Best Year Yet LoA Planner Bundle you receive:

:: a live group coaching session on your planner in Jan after you’ve had time to work through the workbook

:: a huge workbook to review 2018 and set strong, clear goals and intentions for 2019

:: a guide of how to create your personal affirmations and mantras

:: exercises to work through to get to your special word for 2019

:: tons of video workshops

:: AND a discount for your coaching sessions in 2019

When you or your woo friend have completed this and received your coaching session in January - you will have a great platform to set yourself up for manifesting the life you want to live in 2019!  AND it’s on sale through Dec 2018!!  $77 (reg. $97) >> CLICK HERE FOR THE SPECIAL DEAL! <<

NUMBER 1 - CHOCOLATE!  I know you’re thinking - really?  Chocolate as a spiritual tool woos love?  YES!  Why - because most of us woos love living and floating around in our upper chakras.  We have a tendency to not be as grounded as is healthy for us and if your beloved woo is also in a holistic or metaphysical professional as a reader, coach, energy healer/worker, or other modality it is important for that person to be grounded.  AND a lot of times our clients are so shifted in their sessions with us that they are a bit floaty too - and chocolate, because of it’s richness is really a great, quick AND delish grounding tool.  BUT it has to be good chocolate.  My favorite go to is Dove Dark Chocolate for two reasons. 1. IT'S AWESOME! 2. It always has a positive message in the wrapper!  So when you give your beloved woo-woo this gift it raises their spirits TWICE!

I hope this list helps with some ideas AND you could just forward it to your lovey with a note saying here is a hint for some ideas for me for the holidays!  

Whatever you do, I encourage you to treat yourself to one or all of the things on this list.  Self-care isn’t just mani/pedis.  Sometimes its giving ourselves a present so we can charge up to 100%, so we can be with and serve others at 100%.

Blessings and abundance for a happy holiday season and new year!



** there are affiliate links in this article.  That means if you use them to buy a gift for your favorite woo this year, I get a little something for suggesting it which helps me keep my lights on, allows me to continue to provide great content to you AND puts gifts under my tree too! Thank you!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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