7 Tips for Empaths to Thrive Through the Holidays!

7 Tips for Empaths to Thrive Through the Holidays!

Being an empath can be a challenge if you don't know how to manage your energy and the energy of others.  Especially around the holidays.  You may be thinking between the parties, work lunches, happy hours, holiday shopping and family gatherings of the holidays, “I just need to hide under my bed until December 26th when all of this shit show will be over.”  But that’s no fun!  I mean the holidays are supposed to be about love, friends, and family…


What if you could actually, for the first time ever, enjoy the holidays despite everyone else having meltdowns - including you?


I am here to tell you from a lifetime of experience that YES you can actually enjoy the holidays even as an Empath.  Here are some tips on how to do that!


A few things you will need to start shifting your mindset on right now though…


1 - Remember YOU are in control of your energy and who's energy you interact with and how you permit that.

2 - Managing yours and other people's energy is not mean or unethical - when done correctly.  It is actually a process of self-care.

3 - Stop owning the victim mentality of being an empath.  I have seen SO MANY articles focusing on all the crap of being an empath and actually reinforcing this “poor little empath has no control over how other people’s energy affects them.”



Look - yes, being a highly sensitive empath can cause use to overload on energy from others or be drained by others.  However, we do not have to own the victim identity as a lot of Empaths do.  You have the power to deflect, clear and even close off other’s energy.  You can actually choose to use your gift as an asset, not a curse.  That’s like a friggin’ super shero power, peeps!


There are lots of ways to do this but let's stick to the needs we will have during the holiday season with being out and about shopping and at parties with family and friends.


4 ways to manage your energy:

1. Be prepared - Bubble up / shield up - (Check our my Psychic Self Defense post for more info on this - click here.)

2. Zip up other people's energy - you have a choice to accept or deny the energetic entrance of others.  So go ahead and zip up their energy if it is overflowing on to you.

3. Crystal support for the various types of interactions - shopping, work, family gatherings. Some crystal choices are: hematite, tourmaline, rose quartz, and rainbow fluorite.

(Want more info on your specific support crystals? Make a Crystal Healing appointment with me to see which crystals can help you heal and support your energy? Click here.)

4. Giving yourself permission to decline invites.


As empaths, we need to do these things on a daily basis because it affects not only your emotional and energetic balance but also your ability to manifest what YOU want. When you allow everyone else's energy to interfere with yours, your vibe can drop due to picking up other people’s anger and fear.  If you don’t manage all that and clear it away, then yes it will screw with your ability to manifest what you want from your own vibe.

I hope this helps!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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