5 Steps to Vision Boards that ACTUALLY Work!

5 Steps to Vision Boards that ACTUALLY Work!

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Vision board

Have you ever created a vision board and three months later thought, “These things are BS! They don’t work!” Well, they do but only if you follow the other steps AND know how to make one that works!

Visualization is a very powerful tool in the toolbox of manifesters. In fact, how many times have you heard, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!” People say this because it works. Why do you think movie makers create storyboards? Or clothing designers create mock-ups of their designs with the fabrics and other accessories attached to the boards? Because they are visualizing what they will create! Just like you and your vision board.

  1. What you’re going to need. I love Pinterest just as much as the next gal, but when it comes to vision boarding I like the real thing. You are feeling the paper, the scissors, and the glue. And when you’re done you can put it in a place where you will see it all the time. You can’t really do that with a Pinterest board. Plus, you could get distracted and go down a rabbit hole for hours rather than focusing on your desire to align your frequencies! Some of the things you will need are:
  • Poster board - and it doesn’t have to be white - it can be any color you love. AND it doesn’t even have to be rectangle or square. I wanted to visualize my day - so one of mine is cut in a circle
  • Scissors
  • Pictures from magazines, brochures, printed off the internet, old photos, sayings, memes, whatever relates to your vision
  • Fun stickers or stamps (optional)
  • Markers (optional)
  • Glue stick

2.  You will REALLY want to get clear on your Ask or your desire. If you are reading this and taking my course, just grab the exercise from the Introduction module and pick one thing off your list - or a new thing. If you already know EXACTLY what you want - if it’s a car or money or a partner, whatever - you are ready to do.

3. Create a creative space. Shut off the tv, tell the kids to go play outside. Do whatever you have to do to give yourself at least an hour of quiet time. Please make this commitment to yourself for yourself. This is important business here! You are creating your new life! Shut the tv off but turn on some music you like. Grab all your stuff from number 1 and find a table in your creative space to lay things out. Maybe grab a cup of tea and take this as you time. You are going to want to REALLY focus on your intention to receive here.

4. Put your Ask in the crosshairs. I always say we need a target to shoot for and here is where you make your target. I think this step is where people tend to screw up. They act like Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. “What's this?” I think I will put THAT on my vision board! “What’s this?!” I think I will put that on my vision board. When you approach it this way - it’s haphazard and not really focus. You’re just slapping pretty things on a piece of poster board without much mindfulness or focus. So to be aligned with your ask EVERY SINGLE PICTURE or phrase or whatever you stick on that vision board must be in line with your Ask. When clothing designers do a mock-up they do the drawing and then they start attaching fabrics and jewelry and more to the board. They don’t get halfway through, get distracted and slap a picture of a unicorn on there.

If you are asking for a car - put a picture of the car from each angle, maybe clip up the brochure from the dealer and put it on there. The car maker’s emblem, the colors, words that describe the car, etc.

5. Put it where you can see it. If there is a place you meditate and can put it up there - do that. That way you see it every day and can focus on your Ask. Continue to feel what is feels like to receive it. The more you do this, the more you attract your Ask to you.

This process helps really refine your visualization process for your Ask. It may even help bring about more clarity. You can say “thank you” to it every day as you are in gratitude for already receiving your Ask from your spiritual escrow account while it’s on its way to you. And you can make vision boards for EVERYTHING!

One client who was wanting to buy a new home with his spouse was letting me know the they had little time together currently because their jobs were opposite hours but he wanted to make sure she love the house he chose. I suggested that maybe in the little time they had together they could vision board the type of house. Then vision board each room. Then he would have a good idea of how to blend both of their styles and find a home both would flourish in.

So you can do this for everything! I encourage you to take the time this week and create a vision board based on one of your Asks.


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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