4 Steps to FINALLY Let That S#!T GO!

4 Steps to Let that Shit Go...

hint: gratitude ain't one of them...

As a spiritual teacher and intuitive life coach, I coach a lot of people to reconnect to their inner being.  To remember that not only are you divinely protected but you are, in fact, an extension of the Divine.  AND not only that, YOU ARE DIVINE (you might want to read that last part again…)

I help people to rediscover, renew, and realign their connection to their divine selves so they can stand in their truth, be empowered to make their next right choices, and live a life that is joyful, purposeful, and abundant!

Sounds awesome - right?  Well, it takes work and quite honestly with all the woo woo noise out there (and these days there is A LOT of it!) - there are some really foggy notions of how to get this done. I’ve spent nearly a my whole lifetime - 47 years - studying this, putting it into practice and teaching others how to live this way.  So, I think I can speak to this notion of “fogginess” with some degree of authority.

So a few weeks ago a very dear friend of mine and I were talking.  She has taken my law of attraction mini-course, which is really meant to create a lexicon for us all to be on the same page when working together.  

She asked me, “Michele, I am at a loss. Even though I know I need to release my expectations to the outcomes of my desires, letting go is SO hard for me.  I am practicing gratitude like all the books, groups and websites say to shift my energy but it’s not working.  What am I doing wrong?”

This hurts my heart because THIS right here is misinformation.  This right here is fast food, magic pill BS that is fed to folks regularly.  And if you are here - that stops now and we are going to move towards deeper practices so you can find the balance and well being you seek.  The abundance and prosperity start now.

Practicing gratitude is a great thing - don’t get me wrong.  It does shift your vibe - this is true too. And I will speak to what this really means here in a minute.  HOWEVER, practicing gratitude does not (repeat DOES NOT) assist you in the “letting go” process and there is a reason for that.  Gratitude is all about increasing vibration or focusing on joy.  The challenge of letting go is caused by a deep-seated fear in the material world.  This fear needs to be worked through to allow joy to take root.  So if you are trying to remedy fear with joy it’s like trying to plant great seeds in infertile soil and wondering why things won’t grow.

So let’s get to the task of creating nutrient-rich soil…

The practice of letting go or releasing attachment and expectation of your desired outcome can be SUPER challenging because it is caused by fear.  Fear of insecurity.  Fear of instability. Fear at a root chakra level - meaning that this fear is not only seated in how we view the material world but also being disconnected to our divine source and our own inner divinity.

For instance, we in this woo woo community talk a lot about “the Universe having our backs”.  I mean Gabby Bernstein wrote a book about it (great read by the way).  However, if we CHOOSE not to allow the Universe to do its job.  If we CHOOSE to have no faith in the Universe to take care of us and have our back…we are not connected to our own inner divinity.  

And I can tell you all of this.  I can bring this to your attention or maybe you totally know this already and you are saying things like:

“I know this but I can’t seem to just do it!” <— This right here is a choice you are making.  A choice to lean into fear and now into the loving arms of the Universe.  Eek!  Ouch!  I know.

You are choosing to not let go.  You know the benefits.  You know the power.  You know the Universe is there for you if you just let it.  You know that YOU are divine in your own right.  And yet you choosing to ignore all of this knowledge and to control outcomes is actually a way to dishonor Spirit, your soul’s purpose, and yourself.

OUCH!  I know that was a harsh one for me too.

Since folks who tend to have challenges in the “letting go” area are usually caught up in their heads… I want to give you a formula (I know “ahhhhhh, thank you a process.  Brain likes process”.) that might be able to help here.

  1. You’re going to have to suck it up and meditate daily.  I don’t care if it’s 1 minute or 1 hour.  Carve out the time and do it.
  2. Meditation quiets the mind and allows you to take back control of your thoughts and what you are and are not aware of.
  3. Awareness - being aware of how you are feeling in any given moment around an experience gives you data so you can make a decision.  It’s like your traffic report.  You check it before leaving the house so you know what is the best route to take for where I want to go.
  4. Action - taking the route.  This is where you mindfully, consciously, and intentionally LET IT GO!  You might tell yourself “The Universe has my back and all is well.”  or “You wouldn’t bring me to it, if you weren’t going to bring me through it.”  It might be just folding your laundry or doing another mundane, motor skill task to shift your focus away from the absence of that which you desire for just a moment so you release your resistance to receiving and allow the Universe to work.

That’s it - do you see gratitude in here?  No.  Why?  Because they are a few different Universal Laws at work here and no the law of gratitude isn't one of them in this scenario.  Actually, there are 12 laws and the manifesting process is actually a culmination of all of them, not just Law of Attraction (another “foggy” miscommunication… but I will leave that for another time…)

Here we see a blend of The Law of Divine Oneness (you are not one with but you are Divine, an extension of the Divine, and thus one with everything and everyone around you), The Law of Correspondence (the repeater pattern that happens in response to our chosen behavior), The Law of Cause and Effect (thoughts and actions we send out are a cause that results in an effect), The Law of Inspired Action (this is your material world participation in the manifesting process - it ain’t called CO-creation because the Universe does all the work.  You gotta put in some sweat equity, friend) and the Law of Compensation (you will be compensated at the same level of energy that you put out there).  In truth - the “letting go” process is not a reflection of the Law of Attraction is the effective result of how you work these laws.  

The Law of Attraction is ONE law in the 12 - it just happens to be the popular kid on the block.  It states that like vibration attracts like vibration.  That’s it. That doesn’t mean that you use it to manifest stuff on its own.  It means that working within the confines of the 12 laws manifests the life and stuff you want.

All of that is for another time… Suffice it to say - practicing "letting go" from this perspective leads you to a more empowered place, a higher vibrational place, where your focus is on abundance rather than the absence of the desired outcome.  When this happens THEN the Law of Attraction is engaged and you start seeing the things you want manifest because live vibration attracts like vibration.  That is the law.

  • It is not: practice gratitude facilitates letting go.
  • It’s: practice present moment equals letting go.  
  • It’s: practice a different focus equals letting go.

So understanding the nuance of this is what really can help you if you are having trouble letting go.

Blessings to you!


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Michele is a 4th generation Intuitive Medium, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Assertiveness Coach, and is a graduate of classes in energy healing and work, Akashic Record reading and re-writing, angel tarot, chakra energy work, and soul level energetic healing.

She is also the author of the book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life; a practical guide to the Law of Attraction and is a frequent guest on metaphysically focused podcasts.

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