🥧Manifesting is Easy as Pi!🥧

🥧Manifesting is Easy as Pi!🥧

My very first intentional manifestation story...

Hey There - Soul Coach Michele here! I want to go ahead and dispel a few myths about manifesting.

  1. It’s a magical practice.  - No it’s not.  It’s an understanding of energy, the energetic world, and your role in it.
  2. If something happens to you - you are solely responsible for the condition and should flog yourself repeatedly with a wet noodle or some other similarly ridiculous euphemism.  - Again - NO!  Not only are we not going through this human experiment alone or in a bubble - we don’t manifest things in a vacuum.  Shit happens and, most of the time you don’t die.  And the shitty thing is sometimes you can’t control the situation.  BUT you can control how you experience the situation and THAT is where your manifesting process starts.
  3. You are in this alone and You can’t ask for help. - Red buzzing X - wrong again.  Why in the poo would we go on and on talking about spirit, angels, intellectual energy, God, Source, the Universe if we were supposed to do all this ALONE?  Look it’s ain’t called co-creation for nothing.  YES - you can ask for help.  YES - your guides and angels are there to help you, intercess on your behalf, give guidance, support, and hints.  YOUR job is to make choices.  We have free will so they can’t direct us, force us or tell us what to do but if we ask they have more latitude to help than if we try to do everything on our own.

Case in point…

I always say that I am 4th generation intuitive medium.  I come by my woo woo honestly as it comes down through my dad’s line.  Sometimes I feel like a Jedi.  My grandma had, it my aunt has it na dI have it!  Yes we are strong with the force in my family.

One of the benefits of growing up in a woo family is that all the woo stuff is taught to you very matter of factly.  All the angels, manifesting, intuitive readings - all the things - all very normal in my childhood and lucky me.  So I learned about focus, energy, intention, and manifesting pretty early on.

And so even though now I am in my mid 40s, I have been manifesting with intention for about 35yrs now.  

One of my very first experiences with it when I was totally conscious of it and had one of those Joey Tribiani “WHOA!” moments was in high school.

So here’s the switch…

It’s finals week and I am a junior on tract for college scholarships and what not.  When WHAM!  I am faced with the awful prospect of having to take my trigonometry final and my chemistry final on the same day.

When I got the schedule I was like - WHAT THE FUNG SHUI?!

SO back story - I am not super mathy.  I am good with the basics but when you start down the road of imaginary numbers and backwards E’s that are really some sort of magical maths shit - as the kids say today - I just can’t even…

Compound that with the fact that although I love me some theoretical quantum physics - chemistry was just as mathy as math.

So looking at my finals schedule - I was thinking - Gag me with a spoon!  Like, I am TOTALLY screwed!  (Dude it was the 80’s I had get my GEnXisms in here somewhere).

Trig and chem on the same day.  I am sucking in both - despite the best efforts of a tutor, they are just not my forte.  I am a language and logic gal.  So, I had to make some decisions and fast.

I had to get ok with the possibility of not getting even a B in either of these classes.  And anything in the C range jeopardized my scholarships.  And despite the woo-ness I grew up around, my direct family - my parents were an electrical engineer and an accountant.  

If they were confused how they got a creative writing, theatre kid, with musical tendencies who couldn’t figure out that pie was not something you made in home-ec - then my results from these tests were REALLY going to piss them off and mess them up.

I swear - I think my existence truly proves the idea of recessive genes in my family.  BUT I am lucky because for all our differences we still love each other and we stick together and here is one example of that.

So in my teenage wisdom which was blended with a parochial understanding of the woo, I decided I can only study for one of these tests to get a passing grade.

So I went into my bedroom with my books, closed the door and I started a conversation with Archangel Michael and God.

I said - Listen guys, I have a HUGE problem here.  I can’t study for both of these tests.  So here’s the deal because I have no other choice.  I am going to study trigonometry because that one I REALLY don’t get and there’s like other things I have to memorize - we weren’t permitted calculators back then like kids are today. Bitter?  Who me?  I digress. 

SO I am leaving Chemistry up to you. I don’t know what to do other than that - I am just hoping you figure out a way for me to pass that test because I can’t fail.  My parents will kill me.  So please don’t let me die - and figure something out.  Ok thanks.

And I went about my evening studying feverishly for trig and left the rest to God and Mike.

Now - I am human so there wasn’t this serene letting go happening.  I fell asleep around 11pm - which is late for me.  Got up, oscillated in the shower between crying because I knew I would most certainly die by Friday and before I graduated because there was no way I was passing chemistry and my parents would kill me and begging Mike and God or anyone that would listen on the other side to fix the situation.  

When I finally pulled myself together, I went downstairs to breakfast.  On my plate was a copy of the NY Post.  Which was kinda odd cause we were a Newsday household.  

As I drew closer to my plate I saw the headline: Easy as Pi and I could see a copy of an answer sheet to the multiple choice test I was supposed to take for chemistry in just a few hours. 

See in NY we had standardized tests throughout the state so you could receive a state scholarship to college.  Someone had broken into the NYS exam offices and stole the chem regents.  Now - there was english, math, geography and all the subjects they could’ve stolen BUT they stole the chemistry regents.

Then what happened was even better.  My mom says she got the paper so other kids wouldn’t have an unfair advantage over me in the test.  My home looked like June Cleaver but acted like Black Widow from the Marvel movies.  It was an interesting childhood.

Anyway - so she sent me to school with the answer sheet in my pocket and a directive to send anyone who gives me any shit about it to her.

I aced the trig exam THANK YOU UNIVERSE and headed to the classroom for the chem test.  We all sat down and the teacher said:  I know y’all know what happened and so we obviously can’t give this test today.  So you have 2 choices.  You can average your quarterly grades and that can be used as your final grade or you can take the test again in August.

I quickly thought about it and my average was a high C and it wouldn’t effect my scholarship so I opted for door #1 - no test get grade anyway.

So my friends the reason when I talk about not putting limits on the Big U when asking for stuff and they will deliver in an amazing and miraculous way that is in your best highest good - I am not blowing sunshine up your skirt - I speak from experience.

<<<  Here is the proof.

I have kept this gem for 30 years as proof that this shit works!  I have TONS of these stories and that’s why I do what I do.  

Just because you may not feel aligned, empowered, or clear on what you want or even if you deserve it - it doesn’t matter.  You can still manifest everything you want because YOU are divine.  

You are a miracle and there are amazing divine forces conspiring to bring you everything thing you want as long as you keep your focus on what you want, are open to asking, lean into love, and welcome without expectations.

If this story resonates with you please like it, share it, send it to a friend!  I am here to support you in your journey to creating a life you love.  If are ready to really start manifesting a life you love but maybe are not quite sure how to do that - I want to support you.

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And until then - I will see you in the Vortex!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.

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