Isn't it time for a practical approach to your spiritual journey?


You've landed here because you're of a metaphysical heart. Grounding everything in your metaphysical belief system gives you an anchor you can always come back to when things get challenging.  And you know in spite of the challenges, all experiences are for your highest good.


You're here because your analytical mind sometimes gets in the way of your loving, spiritual heart. So, practical tools to use that yield more results than the crystals you've been carrying around in your bra all this time would probably be a huge help.

No More BS

This is the big reason your soul lead you here. You're done with the info crack, the spiritual bypassing & the glitter covered bs that doesn't help to get all those dreams sitting in your vortex to manifesting into your reality and you're ready for more.

Let's be honest...

No one schedules sessions with me, joins a workshop or hires me as their Soul Alignment Coach because life is going great and you just want to have coffee, chat and look at the pretty pictures on the cards or shoot the shit with Spirit.

Whether the reason your are here is...

  • you're confused about your relationships, romantic, family, or friend
  • whether or not to take a new job, where is your new job or should I leave my job and strike out in my own dream biz
  • maybe it's something in your past (or past life) that's blocking your forward motion and attempts to manifest your dreams...
  • or maybe its something else entirely...

The thing is, I am guessing whatever your reason - first things first: YOU are seeking clarity!


And that's where I come in...

Hi! I'm Soul Coach Michele!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Super Woo, Soul Alignment Coach & Manifesting Maven at your service!

The truth is...

...this human experience can be really challenging from time to time and reaching out for a loving and supportive hand in those times takes courage. I want you to know I honor your courage and your journey. It is truly humbling that you are here choosing to allow me to walk your path with you.

My promise to you whenever we work together is:

for you to leave any session or class feeling more clear, confident and empowered in your life than when you came in.

If that is your intention too, which I sincerely hope that it is. then...

It's time for you to take that next step and for us to work together in whatever way feels right for you.

Choose the option that resonates best with you and be certain in the fact that as you move forward, the Universe has your back and so do I.

Choose your next soul aligned adventure...

Looking for clarity or direction? Maybe wondering why your intentions aren't manifesting no matter what you try? Then it's time for an hour together with you, me & Spirit to get you back on track and manifesting in the right direction! Click here to schedule your session.

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Rave Reviews & Soul Shift Stories

Life changing is all I can say! In my session with Michele, she delivered the messages I needed to find my true calling and right next steps to achieve my full potential.
Bren O.
Owner | Coach | Mystic  - Alter-Native
April 01, 2021
My reading with Michele was amazing! Boy am I glad I listened to my friend and my intuition and immediately booked the session with Michele! My reading with Michele was amazing! First of all, she is lovely and down to earth. Half the time we spent laughing and it was like connecting with an old friend. I really loved how the reading was set up and appreciated the time Michele took to explain the ideas behind everything. I really felt like she understood my situation, understood me and the reading was really a natural extension of that. I’m really so glad I booked the appointment and I’m looking forward to seeing how these messages come to fruition in the year ahead. I would recommend a reading with Michele to anyone and definitely planning on having another one for myself.
Katie C.
Long Island, NY
February 05, 2021
I love her down to earth-honest-no nonsense approach at life and spirituality Michele is a WONDERFUL intuitive coach, mentor and business woman. She has this way of making you feel seen before you even meet. I have worked with her in multiple different ways and each time, she motivates and inspires me to GROW and LEVEL UP. I love her down to earth-honest-no nonsense approach at life and spirituality. If you are looking to go DEEP, she is your girl!
Shauna B.
Digital Nomad - US
August 04, 2019
This is obviously Michele's calling to support the souls of others. I had the privilege of working with Michele. I was apprehensive about trusting my intuitive gifts and therefore had not taken any steps to develop them.  Michele helped me embrace my intuitive gifts. She encouraged me to use and trust my gifts. Michele is a talented coach, teacher and intuitive. She is a gentle soul with a calling to support the souls of others.
Terry T.
Brentwood, TN
August 06, 2016

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