Are you ready for a Spiritual | Practical | NO BS approach to manifesting that FINALLY works?

Soul Coach Michele works with woo women who love the ideas from The Secret and manifesting dreams but are totally over the glitter covered bullshit, shaming atmosphere, and manifesting misfires that seem to happen in a lot of teaching circles these days.  So....

If you are so done writing affirmations for days on end and only manifesting a hand cramp...

If you are so done with being told your misfires are all your fault...

If you are so over putting so many rocks in your bra that you only manifest a new cup size...

... and are ready to really get down to the business of manifesting your dreams without the side dish of glitter covered BS...

then, girlfriend, YOU are in the right place.

MANIFESTOLOGY [Man-i-fest-ol-oh-gee / noun]

Manifestology is the study of how a spiritual being having a human experience co-creates and attracts things, people and a life they love full of happiness and prosperity through learning to align with Source energy, embrace their divine power and fully grasp energetic alchemy using the spiritual, practical, and no BS methodology.

It is my unwavering belief that YOU can attract anything you can imagine...

  • Money
  • New and deeper relationships
  • A new career or your successful dream business
  • A new home or car
  • Inner peace and calm
  • Freedom (financial, time, space or all 3)
  • Growing your family
  •  Whatever you can dream of you can manifest!

I know what you're thinking, " I LOVE the idea of this, but seriously? You think I can do this?"

Not just yes...but HELL YES!

I vehemently believe this for you and am dedicated to supporting YOU until YOU believe it too!  

Why do I believe this?  

Let's Work Together!

Let's get to know each other!

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