Isn't it about time you started manifesting like it?

You’re a spiritual nerd girl who loves all the Law of Attraction stuff but is kinda PO’d that the secret of The Secret is they kept the “how" a big effing secret…

…and maybe you’ve put so many crystals in your bra that the only thing you’ve manifested is a house charge at Vicki’s Secret because you’re up a whole cup size…

…and if you’re like me, you’re over the glitter-covered BS that has manifested minimally (if at all) and you're wondering want to finally manifest you dreams to the max!

If you're nodding, "YES!" to the above then...

Girl - you are in the right place!

My clients are fabulous analytically minded and spiritually hearted women who, at one point or another in their journey, fall into one of two camps when their attempts at manifesting hit a speed bump…


You’re a seasoned woo, a manifesting dynamo…or you were… and you’re thinking, "what the F happened?  I was the girl on fire but now I feel like I can’t find my spark or even worse - I don’t know if I had a spark to lose…saying I’m in a rut doesn’t even begin to cover it…”



You the idea of manifesting your dreams and the Law of Attraction!  You’ve seen it work for others and are trying to figure it out for yourself.  You’ve tried everything including that “write ‘I am receiving a (car, new job, money, hottie lover, etc)” 55x for 5 days” thing and it’s supposed to manifest for you.  BUT all you’ve manifested is a hand cramp… you’re confused, exhausted, and sick of the glitter-covered BS that doesn’t seem to work… And you’re left wondering if it works for everyone else - what’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I manifest my dreams?  What am I doing wrong?

Bottom line: 

You feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and you're manifesting pretty much jack and squat.


What if I told you - you’re doing nothing wrong but the way you were taught was wrong?

What if I told you, you’ve only been told half the story? 

That's where I come in!

I’ve spent literally (and I mean that in the literal sense) my whole life - more than four decades - as a student, practitioner, coach, and teacher of more than just the law of attraction but true 360 manifesting!

If there is one thing I know for sure - glitter-covered goofy exercises and crystals in your bra won’t manifest anything because these are still grounded in the wrong place - a mindset of the absence of what you want and trying to control outcomes.

What else, I know for once you get really clear on your soul-driven purpose you can focus your energy on your intentions, change your mindset from questioning to confidence, and by doing so, create consistency in your manifesting.  Doesn't that sound absolutely divine?

What you need (and probably want) is clarity, confidence, and CONSISTENCY in your manifesting and I can help you do that!

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...and until then, I will see you in the Vortex!