What is a Soul Coach Anyway??

I start all my videos and podcasts with:

Hi!  I’m Intuitive Medium and Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach Michele!


What is a soul coach anyway?

For me, it means that I help people in a few different ways but the basics are:

I help people who are stepping into, or back into, their spiritual journeys for the first time or those who are leveling up in their awareness to realign their inner world with their outer world.  To bring back into alignment your spiritual being and your human being.  

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the reason we tend to not always feel “on it”, aligned or in general happy is because we are compartmentalizing our experiences on a daily basis as either human/ego or spiritual.  It is in the confluence of the two that we find soul harmony, self-love, the ability to stand in our truth and lead blissful abundant lives.


I know - you’re asking…

“Well, that sounds all pretty and fluffy and I’ve heard it before - what makes you different?”

Well, let me tell you…

:: I don’t play around.  I think the most frequently used phrase in client feedback is something like, “I love how you compassionately kicked my ass!  I needed that to lay down my excuses and start embracing my power!”  I’ll take it! 

Yes, I am metaphysical.  

No, I don’t buy into blaming external stuff on the Universe not wanting me to have something, this person put a curse on me or the stars are just not aligned - external.  I am a firm believer that we are responsible and accountable for the energy that we bring to every situation.  If we continue this external belief that something else has control over how we choose to experiences something - then I am not for you.

If, however, you are willing to explore how you can connect with your soul and your purpose so you can better manage your energy and how you interact with others and situations in ways that bring you peace, clarity, and discernment - then I am your coach!

:: I am a straight up, full frontal, cuss like a sailor woo.  A more fun way of saying Spiritual, metaphysical, new age, new thought - what have you.  I am also a total nerd and see all of this as energy through Theoretical Quantum Physics and Quantum Physics and other scientific fields as well as having a background in litigious contractual law.  That means, I bring in the process of logic, science, and spirit together so we can have a clear, practical, and spiritual approach to connecting with your dreams, goals, and intentions; figure out what blocks you are constantly bumping up against in your journey; dissolve them and move into peace, flow, and abundance in a purpose driven life for you!

My jam is the sweet spot where the Spiritual and the Science behind it meet. So yes, I believe in a higher power (God, Source, Spirit - whatever you want to call it) AND I also believe there is a science to it so we can have a practical approach and STILL maintain both our sovereignty as spiritual citizens and our unity in the collective consciousness and basque in the confluence, not the compartmentalization, of that which we personify.

:: I take this work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously and that’s how I coach.

Yes - I expect if we choose to work together, whether it’s in a one-on-one setting or in a group that you show up, be present and step to the plate 100%.

And I promise if you do - I will too.

That said - it doesn’t mean we can’t be playful in this journey.  When we are too serious we are in our heads all the time.  When we are playful, we are in our hearts.

Being stuck, confused and frustrated with your life and yourself is not a head problem.  It’s a heart problem.

We are not loving the life we are currently gifting ourselves.  And when that happens and we become extraordinarily aware that it is happening because the emotional pain - in whatever form that shows up - becomes unbearable and we seek to soothe it.

Usually, at first, we try to do this ourselves, alone.  Lots of research, reading, listening, watching - all the things.  Knowledge is power - right?  I  remember the little shooting start on NBC.  Yep - it’s drilled into us.  And yes - it’s like taking an ibuprofen for this pain.  But in 4 hours it wears off and you still have this stinky mindset happening.

The reason why the info crack doesn’t work is because we are trying to think our way out of a love problem.  We are trying to use our head when we need to get into our hearts and in touch with our soul, our inner being.  

We’ve had it taught out of us that it’s ok to seek help.  It’s ok to be vulnerable and it’s ok to be exactly who we are in each moment.   To not know all the things.  To feel - even if it’s sadness or anger.  To really take time for ourselves.

When we lean into the heart activities of self-love, self-empowerment, self-awareness we start reconnecting with our soul, it’s purpose and directive and letting go of what others opinions are of us, their beliefs and limitations and focus in on healing all that crap for ourselves.

And a lot of times - traveling that journey alone can be scary, maybe being accountable to yourself you can make excuses as to why we don’t do our action steps today or be laid out by someone’s hurtful words towards us that truly weren’t about us but about them.  However, when you work in solitary - it’s really easy to be left alone with your itty bitty shitty committee in the bell jar.

That’s where I come in as a Soul Coach.

I am your traveling companion.  I have been there and traveled this journey.  I am not better than you and I am no worse than you.  I just have access to the map, connection to Spirit, and a smart ass -ish attitude that keeps the journey fun.

I am your accountability partner.  Now I am not going to whip you with a wet noodle or anything if you don’t keep the commitments you made to yourself but we will talk about why you’re not doing that.  Check in to see if it’s fear, energy, life is getting in the way and how can we remedy that so you do stay on track.

I am your connector and a facilitator.  I am not a believer in the old school ways of spirituality.  Meaning, I don’t and won’t put myself as someone making your choices for you based on a spiritual reading.  I know there are people who do this but I am not one of them.  I will be happy to give clarity around situations and behaviors, guide you in your Akashic records journey, your past lifetimes and the current one to give clarity but I will not do the work for you and tell you what to do.  

You were given free will and power for a reason.  If you are seeing this and hanging out with me - there is a reason.  You are supposed to use this free will and power to make the best decisions for yourself with the info you have in the moment.

My job is to be there to ask questions, work through the pros & cons, dig deeply because we know the answers are already within you - they just might be a little buried.  And when we dig down to your soul’s purpose - that’s where you get answers.

That is what I do for and with you.

I am your guide back to your soul and the information that is locked away there can bring back your connection to self and Source, bring you back into alignment, and bring you back onto your purpose and your path.

THAT is what I do for you as a Soul Coach.

It’s kinda a lot and I love what I do.  I love getting messages and witnessing ah-ha moments.  It is my favorite part of my work.

I hope this video was helpful in furthering your understanding of what I do, what I consider Soul Coaching to be and if you found value in this, please share it, post it to your wall or in your favorite group.  Maybe, if you are seeing this on email, forward it to a friend who you feel might benefit from it.

And, if this resonates with you and you want to set up a Soul Coaching session with me just click here >> I Want My Soul Coaching Session << and grab your spot on my calendar!

Thank you for joining me today.  I am sending you love, light, blessings, and abundance and I love you!


Michele is a 4th generation Intuitive Medium, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Assertiveness Coach, and is a graduate of classes in energy healing and work, Akashic Record reading and re-writing, angel tarot, chakra energy work, and soul level energetic healing.

She is also the author of the book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life; a practical guide to the Law of Attraction and is a frequent guest on metaphysically focused podcasts.

She works with clients one-on-one in private session and also in group settings to help you rediscover, renew, and realign your connection to your divine self so you can stand in your truth, empower yourself to make your next right choices, and to live a life that is joyful, purposeful, and abundant!