Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Leo!

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Leo!  WHOO HOO!  Oh my Leos!  And everyone really...  Although this may be a toughy for us - let's focus on what retrograde are really about!  

They are astro-Mulligans. I am not much of a golfer - but I sure as hell know what a mulligan is and it is a wonderful invention.  In the legal world, we call it a Scrivner’s Amendment.  It’s basically a “do-over”.

Thank the heavens for do-overs - right?!

So in this particular retrograde, we are in Leo.  Now, I will confess - I am no master astrologer.  I pretty much know just enough for a cursory understanding but I think that’s really all we need here.

First, Mercury is my Virgo home planet… So these things affect Virgos regardless of what sign they are in.  And it’s going to be in the areas Mercury and Virgos are famous for…  communication, details, travel, and social interaction (both personal and business). I personally don’t sign any deals during retrograde and you may want to double, triple, and quadruple read those emails before sending.  I generally shy away from anything other than direct language in emails during retrograde because this is a time of easy misunderstandings…  and with things in Leo they can get even more colorful.

Second, when it’s in Leo it’s all about SHOWTIME!  Leos LOVE to be the star of the show.  This means drama, lovey-dovey, going a little over the top with how things land on you, overprotective, and we can get a little self-centered here.

So when we combine these two things - you might end up getting in gifts, arguments, and basically miscommunication with loved ones where no one feels right or happy at the end of the day and you just might be so stressed out you take to the bed.

HOWEVER, there is another choice…  As I always tell you - now that you are aware of this, you can’t become Unaware which means YOU can do something to ease this.  If we are mindful, we can be in better control of our emotions so that things don’t get all hey wire out the gate.

Remember, as some of those “save the drama for your mama” feelings come up - maybe journal it out, sit down and meditate - ask self is this real or Mercury Retrograde?  Am I overreacting?  Maybe I need to reach out to the person rather than email.  OR maybe I just need to take a minute.

Being aware of what’s going on within can help how we perceive what’s going on without.

SO - for this retrograde… Just be gentle with self.  Maybe take a mental health day from work and play hockey.  Stay mindful and centered.

Lastly, the Mulligan aspect.  Retrogrades are actually opportunities for us to revisit things maybe we haven’t learned and now we can level up as we get a do-over.  Maybe we weren’t ready to face something then but are now.  Maybe we overreacted to something and we now have the chance to really look at it and realize - oopsie-doodle I did overreact just a tad (or more) and I need to forgive self, others, and maybe even (EGADS!) apologize and mend fences.

So you see - Mercury Retrograde isn’t really bad for those who want to level up.  In fact, they are super awesome times to get your act together, re-examine, and resolve things so you can evolve and move forward.

I hope this helps….  Love y’all!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.  

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