Private V.I.P. 1:1 Soul Alignment Coaching

What is Soul Alignment Coaching?

As a Soul Alignment Coach, I am dedicated and honored to use my intuitive gifts and coaching skill set to help you reconnect with your inner being, realign with your soul purpose, and co-create the purpose driven and abundant life you are dreaming of manifesting!

Coaching isn’t therapy and it’s not counseling, it is the practice of getting clear on where you want to go, who you want to become and your coach is your supporter, cheerleader, fellow brainstormer, accountability partner, in this case, spiritual teacher and sherpa, and a host of other supportive roles in your journey to unifying your being and committed to your soul shifting transformation.

My Soul Alignment Coaching Methodology

When I am your coach, we work together using practical and spiritual tools, kinesthetic and thought-provoking exercises, and in session and on your own powerful inner work to clear away the itty bitty shitty committee’s debris, any blocks and limiting beliefs, and move you through the things that have been holding you back so you can focus on your intentions for yourself.

We work together to get you to a place of clarity, soul alignment, and purpose so you can confidently move towards and bring to fruition your dreams!

What are some of the benefits of Soul Alignment Coaching

  • Clarity on your Soul & Life Purpose
  • (re)Connection to your Inner Being
  • Alignment of your self, Soul and Source/God/Creator
  • A higher state and deeper connectivity to your intuition
  • Identifying and eliminating blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Confidence in yourself and your specific Soul & Life Path
  • Deeper, more enriching relationships with your loved ones
  • The ability to manage your energy in both personal and public situations
  • A better sense of self-awareness
  • A coaching approach that is specifically designed to your, your journey and your personal soul path.
  • Inspiration to live a more meaningful and authentic life!

Is Soul Alignment Coaching for me?

  • If you are feeling frustrated, unclear, unsure of your purpose and your place - Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.
  • If you feel disconnected from your intuition and your inner being - Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.
  • If you are feeling dissatisfied in your career, your relationships with yourself and others or even with money - Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.
  • If you have goals and intentions for your life but they're either not coming to fruition fast enough or remaining goals and intentions for years - Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your current experience and you classify yourself as more spiritual than religious - Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.
  • If you want to see results in your own life that are more aligned with how you want to be then how things are showing up for you - then Soul Alignment Coaching may be for you.

Client Love...

Listen to how Jackie, transformed her life by shifting from playing small to make others comfortable, afraid what people would think if she leaned into her spiritual gifts and living a life that was not aligned with her true self to doing the work, choosing to step into her divine power, embracing her light and her spiritual gifts, choosing to shine her light and live fearlessly!

Your VIP Intuitive Soul Alignment Coaching Package Includes:

  • Weekly hour-long private coaching sessions via Zoom (like Skype but better)
  • As needed, additional 30 mins urgent card triage Zoom sessions if our schedules line up at no extra charge
  • Fun spiritual things that may be used in your sessions: intuitive readings, oracle card pulls, pendulum insights, Akashic Journeywork, etc.
  • Email and/or FB messenger support between sessions for check-ins, questions, and updates
  • Access to any of my exercises, digital materials, and other materials you may need 
  • Support to get you where you need to go that is within my networking scope.


VIP Coaching Package Offerings:

  • 3-month package: $1200 per month for 3 months (or $2900 if paid in full and save $700)
  • 6-month package: $1100 per month for 6 months (or $5800 if paid in full and save $800)
  • 1-year package: $1000 per month for 12 months (or $11,100 if paid in full and save $900)

Isn't it about time you step into your Soul Power!

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This is your private coaching journey, we will tailor it to your specific needs and best ways that work for you.  If we find your blocks are from past lives, we may focus a few sessions on Akashic Journeywork.  If you need more of an accountability and thought partner - that’s what we will do.  It comes down to how I can be of service to you where you are so we can move you into your dream life!


You no longer have to walk this journey alone, giving into fear when you bump up against your blocks.  Isn't about time you banish your blocks and move into bliss?!

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I promise, I am not a biter and I already know if you've read this far, you are fabulous!  So let's talk!

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