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I created the Summer Soul-stice Celebration because, in my 40+ years of spiritual study, I have seen a true dichotomy in words and teachings out there that's causing A LOT of peeps to over think and in some cases thwart their own manifesting efforts as well as efforts to tap into their intuition, which kinda bums me out!

Everything I have learned has said the way to connect with spirit, to tap into your intuition, or to manifest and co-create the life you want with the Universe is to be high vibe!  I think we can all agree on this. a culture of memes, tweets, and perfectionism - a lot of us are super serious.  Which causes confusion and overthinking out there.

AND with all of this, plus our desire to make sure we are doing things really right - there's no space for fun, play, and just joy in the fact and activity of connecting with others and spirit in the pursuit of expanding our energy.

This is not the way, peeps.

High vibe means fun, playful, and snorting laughter!

The kids in Peter Pan didn't fly cause they were serious and worrying if they were doing things right.  

They flew because they thought HAPPY THOUGHTS!


Yes at the Summer Soul-stice Celebration you will learn to tap in, tune in and turn on your connection to self and Spirit BUT we will do it in a fun, playful way.  It's time we loosen up and party down with the divine trinity of self, Higher-Self, and Source that is us!  

Come join us!

Are You Ready?


Why Summer Solstice is SUCH a fabulous time of year to rekindle your inner joy and spiritual connection to your own inner divinity!


Messages from Spirit that are meant not just for you but through celadons and synchronicities for everyone at this celebration! 


Your Intuitive skill set in the Intuition Studio!  This is a safe, fun, and amazing circle where you can practice your skill set with guidance and without judgement!  


Your joyful purpose! How to connect and use your intuition to help you navigate a life you love!


Your emotional blocks so you can move forward in warp speed ways! 


Amazing clarity around what your intentions are, where you want to go and how to get there!

Tori W.

“I tried so many other intuition circles and classes to find like-minded people to learn and grow with, only to be left disappointed and even discouraged from the experience. I decided to try Michele's workshop and let me tell you - I found my tribe!

I found a mix of people who I honestly fell in love with! Each and every person there including, myself, experienced such dramatic soul shifts that you could immediately see and feel them. 

It was seriously such an honor to work with Michele. She actually teaches you and gives you the guidance you need to hear.

Her class really shifted my perspective and encouraged me on this journey. I LOVE this workshop. I left this workshop with new friends and an amazing outlook on life. 

I am forever grateful to Michele!”

“It’s rare to come across a standout person like Michele. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a few of her classes and workshops now. This Workshop was absolutely amazing! 

I was originally on the fence about going, and I am so glad I did!  Now, I can’t wait until she has another one! 

Michele has a wonderful sense of humor and a great way of communicating. You just need to go and experience it for yourself. 

Everyone left with a smile on their face. I am in complete awe of Michele’s authenticity and abilities.” - Rose B.

Rose B.

Susan M.



"Magic happens when Michele brings a group of soul-centered people together in one of her gatherings! Thanks to Michele’s masterful coaching, I experience that magic every time I join one of her groups.  

Michele creates and holds a safe space for us to share, laugh, weep, and grow. 

Her groups are themselves manifested miracles; I don’t know how else to explain the pitch-perfect combination of personalities and the high-vibe synergy we create together at her gatherings, but the power we generate is…magical."



"Wow! Michele has been an ah-mazing guide in my spiritual journey!  

If you haven't tapped into any of her offerings, give yourself the gift of time with this ah-mazing Guide! 

Spirit has placed her into your awareness for a reason...jump in and PLAY!”

Jackie P.

Shawnna K.



“First things first, THIS S#!T WORKS!  

Michele's approach is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance with exercises that really help you delve into becoming the best version of yourself!

Michele really helped me realize that I have everything I need in my divine self.”

OF COURSE!  In fact, I encourage it!  Just be sure that you purchase a ticket for each person in your group in their own name.  That way we can track everyone and make sure we have enough stuff for everybody.

Your ticket includes:

  • Your admission to the day-treat workshop
  • Intuitive Soul Coaching
  • All learning materials & instruction
  • Guided meditations
  • Activities
  • Attendance to the Intuition Studio (gallery & practice)
  • Lunch from Panera Bread, snacks & drinks
  • and any other fun included in this workshop


YES!  This is an all levels, fun celebration of joy, our lives, and raising our vibes! All I ask is that you come with an open mind and joyful heart!

AND if you have oracle cards, a pendulum or other divination tools you love to use - we encourage you to bring them.  If you don't have any of that - just bring yourself!  Either way, you will have an awesome time!

Nope - each workshop is different because of the different energies present, the intentions we all come with and the lessons we are supposed to learn.  So even if you come to every workshop - no two will ever be the same!

Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with ALL the info you need to know about attending this event.  You will be asked for your lunch order.  If you are traveling here, a map and hotel suggestions will be provided AND a link to check out the online pre-event bonus content will be made available to you!

The event this year is at the Soul Coach Studio Classroom in Nashville, TN.  A map and directions will be shared when you purchase your ticket.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this event, once you purchase your ticket, there are no refunds.  BUT, you can transfer your ticket to a friend if you like.  If you do that, we ask that you let us know so we can update our attendee records to make sure everyone coming is comfortable and accounted for.

Yes - the cut-off date to get your ticket for this event is June 20, 2019 - unless we sell out of tickets prior to that.