Welcome to Soul Coach Studio!

Welcome to Soul Coach Studio an I'm Soul Coach Michele!  I am so honored to travel this part of your journey with you!

To get you started on the path to manifesting your dreams into reality, here are some action steps for you...

1. Sign up for the How to Finally Master the Law of Attraction and Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams Workshop!

Join me for this free weekly LIVE Workshop on Zoom where you will learn the keys to manifesting massive abundance! I loathe the current trend of being told you're signing up for a live thing only to find out that it's a recorded webinar!  It's so... belch and icky and just plain yuck.

My new workshop is a LIVE and interactive workshop and opportunity session every Thursday on Zoom at 1:30pm - 2:30pm ET / 12:30pm - 1:30pm CT / 11:30pm - 12:30pm MT / 1:30pm - 2:30pm PT.

I created this for you when you are ready for that next level manifesting you know you are meant for!  Everyone has their own definition of abundance and I want whatever yours is to go from being a dream to a reality for you!  AND if you are tired of all the info crack, of being on the hamster wheel of other people's dreams and not knowing or living your purpose - then this is for you!

Join me for this workshop to discover how you can level up and start manifesting your dreams on a consistent basis!


2. Community.  While you get ready for our workshop & opportunity session, why not join my Facebook community. It's a great place to find your metaphysical and manifesting peeps!  The basic rules are: be kind, be supportive, be compassionate, be curious, be celebratory, and have fun.  Here you will learn, share and celebrate all of the steps on your spiritual journey.

To join:

Again, I am so honored that you are allowing me to be a witness to your unfolding and cherish your trust to walk with you on this journey.  I am knowing, whether we walk for a while together or this is enough for you, that, when you do the work and invest in yourself, you will be prosperous, abundant and live a life of authentic joy!