Who's Ready to FINALLY Manifest Some Dreams Around Here??

Hi! Manifestology Coach and Professor, Michele, here!  Helping analytically minded and spiritually hearted women, like you, to stop the manifesting misfires and start manifesting desires in a spiritual, practical, and no bs way is my total jam!

Just a heads up...I am not your coach if you are looking for a quick answer, a one and done or a wand wave and poof, there’s a Porsche in the driveway mindset.  That is not me and I promise - there are TONS of coaches out there who will take your money and tell you all the glitter-covered BS short cuts.  However, I am not one of them.  It's called a practice for a reason...

I AM YOUR COACH if you’re ready to own your sparkle and release your s#!t!  

The one thing that clients continually rave about (and it's not what you think...)

...and I was hesitant to put it here, lest I scare the crap out of you, but you’re a tough cookie so...

I'm the kinda coach that kicks them in the spiritual kiester (ass, backside, etc) in a much needed yet compassionate way.  If this is where you are...then you are in the right place!

:: If you are ready to work hard and play hard for what you want.  

:: If you are ready to love yourself in such a way that you can’t help but manifest all the money, fulfilling careers, awesome relationships, and the life you want to live…

THEN I am your coach and we need to be working together!

EEK!  HERE COMES THE PITCH!  DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!  - Um - no.  That is NOT how I roll…

I know you might not know me and Big Bird always says, “Don’t talk to strangers, “  (and yes -  I still love me some b-bird and I don’t even have kids!) so don’t worry - I am not going to pitch you on my awesome coaching program and private sessions and then tell you to hand over $30Gs.  Actually, I am not going to EVER ask you to fork over 30-large at any point because coaching should lift you up not empty your bank account.  I mean, that would be TOTALLY sketch, I have had it done to me (the stories I could tell and you could probably tell me!) and just ew!

Instead - let’s get to know each other!  Then you can decide if I am the coach for you.  I am going to give you a heads up out the gate:

  1. I swear...A LOT.  Like I LOVE and I mean LOVE the F-word.  So if you are like, “Um - ladies don’t swear...” That’s cool.  I am not the coach for you.  However, if you are a broad like me and are like, “F - yes!” then I am probably your cup of tea...or maybe whiskey.
  2. I don’t give or take bs.  I have been a woo (or in fancy terms - a Metaphysician) since birth.  I was raised with dual citizenship in both the Catholic faith and Metaphysics.  My Nonna (Grandmother in Italian) had a Mary on the half-shell in the front yard, we watched mass on the tv if we couldn’t go, and then she welcomed clients for her side hustle (before they were called those) as a medical medium, card, and tea leaf reader.  My aunt is a trans-medium and the great aunts were all the things too.  So I get it honest but I have also learned that you don’t give your power away to crystals, cards, chicken bones, Mercury Retrograde or any other thing.  YOU are a powerful, divine being who has been taught not to think that you are, so you can be told to buy this, you’re not enough that, etc and talked out of loving yourself so you can be sold to.  Sold a bag of bullshite goods that do not serve you.  If you are ready to lay that shit down right now - YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
  3. I love dogs.  In puppy form, in dog form, in senior form.  LOVE THEM!  The only reason we have only one is that we do not have a big yard.  I have friends in all spiritual backgrounds and some are Wiccan.  It’s hilarious because they ask - “Is that your hound from hell?”  And I am all - “Um...noooooo.  He’s my Puppy of Light!”  Anyone who has met any of my dogs knows they are Puppies of Light who are spoiled beyond belief or as I like to say well-loved.  PS - I have friends who are super scared of dogs because of bad experiences but they will walk up and cuddle mine because of this awesome lightwork even my pups do for people.  We are a service-driven family here.

SO if you are:

  • cool with cussin’, cause colorful metaphors are always nice to throw around like glitter...
  • are ready to give up the buffet of bullshit and re-install the divine you programming you came here with
  • love animals because they are gifts from the Divine to show us what unconditional love looks like


Let's get to know each other even better!

Start Here...

You next Inspired Action Steps!!

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And that's it for today!  I'm looking forward to hearing from you and visiting your inbox soon with some more fun manifesting stuff!  And until we meet again - I will see you in the Vortex!