Spiritual Self Defense 101: Protecting Your Energy in 4 Easy Steps.


aura_Fotor2We are not talking about karate chopping your friends’ spirits or spirit friends or kee-YAH-ing your crystals. I am talking about protecting your auric field on a daily basis as we interact with others in our daily life. If we all lived a bubble and didn’t interact with anyone, I guess this may not be necessary. But, even if you are independently wealthy you may at some point need to interact with your butler and as such, your energies will co-mingle with other’s energies.

I am sure you are fully aware when you are in the presence of an energy vampire. vampire-batsSomeone who is not seeking their recharge from within. They always have drama, they always are looking for love and they always call with an issue. Even if the convo starts out upbeat, it always winds its way back to their issue and you are the dumping ground for that. That’s the easy one to spot. Now there are others that are far less obvious and less intentional.

The less obvious stuff?  Say your bestie and you meet for your standard Sunday Brunch or Friday happy hour. They had a bad day at the office or a fight with their partner. You both discuss and when you leave, he/she feels better but you go home exhausted. The didn’t mean to get their energetic cooties on your aura (how hippie does that sound - LOL!) but it happens anyway.

What to do? I mean turning into a total shut in isn’t really an option. I believe the saying is, “No man (or woman) is an island.” How do we handle staying balanced in these interactions? Let’s chat about that.

Is Etheric (Auric) Energy Real? Heck yeah!

Even now, conventional medicine is starting to baby step in the direction that “energy is all around us”. I mean look at the fact that most hospitals dealing with chronic or serious dis-eases now provide alternative and conventional integrative health programs. However, I believe it’s better to start with that approach BEFORE we get that sick.

Being a student and practitioner of Energetic Healing, I believe dis-ease (and you will see me use this rather than the word “disease” because it is more accurate phrasing for what’s going on) begins in the etheric field. So if we can clear that up before the dis-ease moves into the physical body it would put us in a way healthier place!

JE quote

There are two ways to do this. You can clear your etheric field after an encounter or take precautions before interacting with other. Personally, I do both. I protect and shield before I leave the house and then clear and shield before I go to bed.

Since I have been doing this since I was about 16-years-old and have learned a lot from others and teachers along the way, I thought I would share some “how tos” that work for me. Take what fits for you and leave what doesn’t.

How to’s:

1.   The White Light. Remember you are and are one with the Divine. As such acknowledging the white light within and surrounding you is essential. It is a protectivwhite lighte shield provided by the Divine to all Its creations and members, whether in spirit or in human form. In the acknowledgement it’s like giving your auric field a spiritual booster shot. I say a daily prayer in the morning (you can make up your own) something like this: “Thank you God for surrounding and enveloping me, my home, any mode of transport and any place I am with the white light of your Divine Holy Spirit’s protection. This white light of love, support and protection I know shall protect me from any harm, negative, fear based, anger based or other low vibrational energies I may encounter this day and all the days I walk the Earth. Thank you Lord, thank you and Namaste.” I saw this everyday. It strengthens the auric field when you do a “daily workout” like this. It’s very similar to when you do your physical work out to get stronger.

2.   Work with your Arch Angels. Remember our Angels, Archangels and any spirit guides or loved ones LOVE to help us. BUT, remember, you have free will. So if you don’t Michaelask, they will not intervene. SO…..Ask ArchAngel Michael to be your champion and protect you. 50% of his job description is the Warrior of God. This dude has your back and knows how to handle himself. He’s like a spiritual Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee rolled into one Angelic package who also knows and can help with your life purpose - but that’s for another day. Ask him to clear your field of any negative energy you’ve picked up during the day, transmute it back to light and love and then send it back from whence it came. Back to the person who put it there. Also, he can use is sword of light to cut any etheric cords which have attached to you through the various low vibe energies (anger, fear, etc) of others or even if you sent one out for any reason -we are all human after all. So again - ask him to cut them and transmute their energy back to light and love and send that back to where it came from.

3.   Taking baths that have holistic additives. I don’t know about you but, I work a 40hr a week job, run 2 side business and don’t have a fabulous tub to soak in… Time and bath saltsconvince are biggies on my list. Since water is water…I shower. Lots of stuff I read and classes I’ve taken talk about baths with salts and baking soda - etc. I don’t have time for a 2hr bath in baking soda and salts and I don’t have a great tub. I would be sitting there thinking “when can I get out?”. I do, however, shower every day. And showering is just the same. You can see the water cleansing your auric field as well as your body and then also sealing in the clean white light of protection. In fact, I do steps 1 & 2 in the shower every day. Also, if you read up on the types of essential oils and other holistic add ins to your bath and convert those to a shower friendly thing, you could use those. Like, say find or make a shower gel with the appropriate needed additives and incorporate that into your showering routine you would get the same benefit.

Amazing-Photos-of-Mirror-and-Reflection-Photography-024.   Mirroring. I love one method which I learned from John Edward’s educational videos a few years back. When all else fails, surround yourself with mirrors where the mirror faces away from you thusly reflecting the energy back towards the person who is trying to imprint on your auric field. I love this one and it works super well for me in the tough situations.

In summary…

I would encourage you to start and maintain these as daily practices. Doing them everyday will build up your energetic field and protect you from feeling the side effects of interacting with those around you or when you do readings, if that’s your thing. Spirit friends or visitors, if you do readings, can also imprint their energy on yours, just like the people in human form you interact with every day. So clearing and shielding spiritually, is super important after working with spirit - again if that is your thing.

I hope this helps you along your path. Do you have a great psychic self defense method I didn’t mention here? Please email me and let me know or post it on the Facebook page!



Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.  

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