V.I.P. Coaching

12 Week Program

Michele has supported oodles of clients to step off the hamster wheel, step into their divine power and manifest a life they love!

If you want more clarity, confidence and consistency in your manifesting, to shift into an energy that attracts the things, people, and experiences you want and live a life that is absolutely dripping with delicious daily experiences…

Then YOU are in the right place!

Hi, I'm Michele - your Spiritual/Universal Law Professor & Coach!

I teach metaphysically-minded ladies, like you, to clearly, confidently, and (most importantly) CONSISTENTLY manifest everything you want in abundance!

I commit to you to compassionately but assertively keeping you accountable to the commitments you make to yourself towards manifesting your goals.

You commit to you that even in the face of fear, you will do the self work needed, knowing you are supported by your coach, to transform your mindset into one that creates and attracts the life you have been dreaming about!

Michele’s Exclusive Spiritual | Practical | No BS Coaching Methodology!

I have found a blend of spirituality, practicality and getting rid of the things we BS ourselves about as we move through our journey clears the way so you can create clarity, confidence, and consistency in your manifesting practice!


Not only will you lean into faith in a higher power and your ability and choice to work in harmony with that higher power to create seemingly miraculous occurrences in your life.


You will learn the tools you can use to create a manifesting mindset, shift your thinking habits, and basically create a new internal paradigm for yourself based solidly in tried and true coaching methodology - aka “the science of coaching mindset shifts”.


You will learn how identify, manage and overcome your itty bitty shitty committee in a loving but compassionately assertive way.  REAL TALK: Your itty bitty shitty committee is with you for life and anyone who tells you different is full of marketing BS.  The thing is, you can learn to see it, call it, and tell it to “get thee behind me” more easily when you learn the signs and the tools to stand in your power, take back control over your thoughts and emotions, and no more letting others interfere with your manifesting process! (No BS!)

  • You're earning at least $55,000 USD per year.
  • You're looking for more than just manifesting money, career success or getting hitched but rather you seeking to live your purpose, align with and listen to your soul.  You are itching to taste all the deliciousness of life in a spiritual, practical and no BS way.
  • You're ready to invest in yourself and know it’s time to Go Big or Go Home!
  • You're ready to take uncompromising accountability and responsibility for how you choose to experience your life from now on BUT are willing to move through that fear with courage!
  • You're willing to be coached and coachable.
  • You want someone to fix you. I don’t do co-dependency and in all honesty - I believe no one can “fix” another person. It’s up to you to shift your mindset and beliefs and I am here to support you in that journey - not make magic passes over your head, say abracadabra and poof you’re manifesting.  That thought is against how any of this works.  I rather will tell you what I tell all my clients.  It is my goal for you to feel more empowered when you leave working with me than when you started.
  • You are looking for any other kind of coach other than an Intuitive Manifesting Coach or are looking for weekly readings from me. 
        • Yes - I know how to set up a business. 
        • Yes - I am an Intuitive Medium
        • Yes - I know how to teach tapping into Spirit for mediumship purposes. 
        • Yes - I know how to teach ALL kinds of things and…
        • YES - we may touch on these things throughout our work together as tools
        • HOWEVER - our focus will be on creating a life long, doable manifesting practice for you.  That is the kind of coach I am.  
  • If you are still claiming victim mode. Although I totally honor the journey of healing, I do not believe in using negative past experiences to legitimize excuses to ourselves and as fuel to our itty bitty shitty committee to hold ourselves back and keep us from shining our light.
  • You are not willing to be coached, argue constantly with Michele over advice, are unwilling to overcome resistance to doing any of the exercises or practices suggested or in general - not coachable.

:: Weekly 1-hour Private Coaching Sessions on Zoom or Phone to focus solely on shifting your energy & mindset so you become a manifesting magnet

:: Messaging/Email support between sessions

:: Weekly self-work assignments specifically focused on your manifesting journey and goals

:: My Exclusive Spiritual | Practical | No BS Methodology for Creating Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency in your manifesting practice to create a life you love.

::  Complimentary Access to my Manifesting Mastermind Inner Circle group for your 12 week program.

I've Been Able to Step into Being a Fearless Leader!

"Michele has been an ah-mazing support in cracking open my doors...well, more like busting them wide open! Since I have participated in Michele's group coaching, her classes, and 1:1 coaching sessions, I have been able to step into being a fearless leader and mentor to others!  I have been able to take action steps towards my becoming rather than wandering around in a dream world. The truths of our sessions together brought me to joyful tears of expansion! If you haven't tapped into any of Michele's offerings, give yourself the gift of time with this ah-mazing Guide! Spirit has placed her into your awareness for a reason...jump in and PLAY!!"

-Jackie F.

First things first, This s#@* works!

"With Michele as my coach, I manifested a new personal trainer, reinstating my HR certification and money (and SO MUCH MORE!). Her VIP coaching program contains soooooo much information, yet it's really practical and well balanced. Michele's approach to coaching is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance with exercises that really helped me delve into becoming the best version of myself. She held me accountable, without feeling like she's just cracking the whip. My coaching experience with Michele really helped me realize, I have everything I need in my divine self."

-Shawnna K.

Are you ready to work in harmony with the Universe, go big on manifesting a life you love and hire Michele as your private Manifesting Coach?

Then let’s do this!