Oracle Card Reading – Wk of 9.9.18 – Ring! Ring! You’re Inner Child is Calling – you better pick up!

Oracle Reading - Week of 9.9.18

Ring! Ring! - Your Inner Child is Calling - You BETTER Pick Up!

This week’s message is all about becoming aware of when in the next week you are getting WAY too serious in your life and how that might hinder not only your spiritual journey BUT your manifesting!

When we try to control outcomes, we are micromanaging the Big U and that is a TOTAL manifesting buzz kill.  It’s time to get playful, yes even in the face of the crazy ass stuff going on in the world today.  Do what you gotta to get off that frantic merry-go-round and tune back into the inner-net, as Caroline Myss calls it.

To do this remember your job description and the Big U’s job description…

You: What & Why?

The Big U: Where, when, and how?

Don’t micromanage the big U - that stunts your manifesting.

So check out the video, share your ah-ha’s in the comments and I will see you next week!

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