Mercury Retrograde March 2019 is OVER!

In case you missed my FB Live from yesterday, Mercury Retrograde is OVER!  Now What? Here is the replay!

It’s about an hour because we talk about some pretty deep stuff.

:: What happened during this last retrograde, because, astrology aside (because that is NOT my forte) and Spirit guidance front and center, we had a HUGE healing and HUGE Leveling up.

:: What do we do now?  A lot of the things that no longer serve us were dissolved away whether we wanted to or not and now we much move forward leaning into love rather than fear.

:: 3 Tips on how to move through the remaining Retrograde shadow, your upgrade processing, and integration.

:: What my personal takeaways from this retrograde are.  Maybe you can relate

:: What changes you will see as we move ahead together and how we can work together towards reconnecting with your soul’s directive, your life’s purpose, and reconnecting with your inner divine being so you can peel away those onion layers, heal old wounds from this life and past lives, to move ahead into a fulfilling and purpose driven magical life!

There is A LOT in here - so grab you a cuppa tea or coffee and let’s chat.


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Soul Coach Michele is a 4th Generation Intuitive Medium and Certified Holistic Life Coach who helps those who are stepping into their spiritual path for the first time and those who are experiencing an upgrade or leveling up in that spiritual path to transcend these new experiences with grace and ease.  She helps you (re)discover your soul’s directive and life purpose, (re)connect with your inner being and soul, embrace your inner divinity, and to step into your truth and stand in your power to find clarity, purpose, abundance and to live a life you truly love!

She is the author of the book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life.

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