March New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, ALL AT ONCE? OH MY!

March New Moon, Mercury Retrograde... ALL AT ONCE? OH MY!!!

Calm down - it's all going to be ok...I don't care what the other websites say...

Intention: This Reading is for anyone who happens upon it and it resonates!

New Moon and Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday March 5th.  What to expect and how to make it work for us instead of against us!

So this week - I am posting the weekly reading as a blog post!  Always good to try new things and I LOVE blogging and haven’t in a while.  SO since it is New Moon AND Mercury Retrograde, I thought I would start something new but it’s more of a retro as I used to blog all the time.  So it’s new again.  That kind of seems to be the theme of this New Moon & Retrograde.

Since I am not an astrologer but rather a soul energy worker - I will be speaking to the energy of this.

So what I am hearing from Spirit isn’t necessarily that this will be some sort of crazed shit show but rather an internal examination of self.  Which IF YOU CHOOSE to make that a shit show - have at it but it doesn’t have to be.

Remember - we have free will and can choose how we experience any situation.  AND speaking of situations - a reminder that we are not manifesting in a vacuum.  Life on life’s terms - right?  So, yes with Merc Retro comes the typical communication break downs, the direction to plan but not to start new things (things already started or set in motion prior to retro are cool but this is a time of rolling with grace and ease), and reflection.

So if you can don’t sign new contracts, make sure you REALLY read your emails prior to sending b/c spelling errors may give a wrong impression - better yet call your intended recipient so there is not misunderstanding of tone, and lastly give self permission to flow into retrospection, reflection, review and Marie Kondo your energy and behaviors.  

Is this serving you and bringing you joy?  FAB!  Keep it and cherish it.  If not, say thank you for when it did serve you and lovingly let it go…

I pulled three cards from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck to share with you today.  Interestingly the two cards specifically related to what we need to know regarding New Moon and Mercury Retro were pulled upside down.  Now, this does not mean “OH SHIT! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!” In fact, the way I was taught is upside down cards are all about refocusing your energy.  Reminding us to our attention where it needs to be to not only grow but to flourish and manifest the life we are meant to live.

So with that, I offer this week’s reading:


This Reading is for anyone who happens upon it and it resonates

And So It Is

Question for the Universe 1:

What do we need to know about THIS New Moon?

Card 1: Higher Power (reversed/ in protection):

Review what you are focusing on in the back of your mind right now.  Is it where it needs to be to manifest what you want or are you focusing on worry, how right you can be, old resentments, things that got in your way and you’re not thrilled with? Maybe an old belief system that no longer serves you. This card has come up as a reminder that this is where you are manifesting from.  Energy flows where focus goes…and this is the well from which you are creating your future…

Source and these cards are here to remind you - it’s time for a new beginning with this new moon!  Time to remember who you are - you are a creator of worlds!  You are not only one with Source but are an extension of Source and this my friend is where your focus needs to be.

Remember Source will never turn away from us but we have a tendency to look for power in fear based things like controlling the situation and in some cases others.  This is not where our seat of power is and it is never in our highest good to work from this place.

In this new moon it’s time to remember where our real seat of power is and that is leaning into the love of Source - co-creating with Source to work for our highest good from a loving place.  Sometimes we forget - no worries.  We chose to be human after all but we also have free will and I encourage you to lean into your loving Source based side and flow your focus and energy to that which you want and from that which your power lies - in yourself, in Source.

Question for the Universe 2:

What do we need to know about THIS Mercury Retrograde?

Card 2: Co-Create (reversed / in protection):

This is nearly the same message as New Moon but it’s more in-depth…  So I find it super interesting that New Moon and Mercury Retrograde are about the shadow side, encouraging us to go deeper, review, re-evaluate, and resolve any challenges or old programing and both the New Moon card and this one is about our connection with Source.  About remembering we are not separate, no matter the illusion of it we see.  

We’ve bought into it way too much of late.  Wondering why things are manifesting as quickly or maybe as completely as you would like? Yeah - this is why.

We’ve leaned into our human side and away from our spirit side.  We are Spiritual beings having a human experience and it is in this spiritual part of our being that comes the power to manifest things, people, feelings, situations into our lives - good, bad, ugly, magnificent - whatever our focus is on.

It’s time to remember and put balance back into our understanding that we are not just one with Source - we are Source.  We are extensions of Source energy with the power to create into this material world.  And it is in that co-creation partnership that we make things happen.

It’s time to lean back into that partnership with Source.  Straighten that crown and show the world who they are dealing with!

Question for the Universe 3:

What do we need to know to do during this time?

Card 3: Chop wood

With the above two messages - you would think, “Ok - It’s time to get to work and manifest the RIGHT way!”  Ah - as Abraham would say - silly humans and we love you so much!  That us our response.  Get to work, do it the RIGHT way.  What if the right way was folding your laundry?  What if the right way was taking your attention off that which has not manifested yet and putting it on that which needs doing in the mundane.  What if meditation while washing dishes was the key…  

This card comes to temper our “can do” “get shit done” way of doing things because it throws us right back into - Sit down Universe, I got this.  When we really don’t.

The first two messages are all about reconnecting with your Spirit Essence and that is not a GSD type of activity.  It is a contemplative activity.  So Chop Wood shows up here to remind us - yes there is work to be done but the work is of a grounded yet spiritually connected nature.  The work is releasing attachment to the where, when and how of that which you desire.

Sometimes when you want something so badly it hurts, the best thing to do is to go and fold your laundry.

Let's Sum It Up!

These are the messages for this week regarding the New Moon, Mercury Retrograde and how we are to move through them with grace and ease.

These do not have to be crazy times of upheaval unless we choose to have them as so.  They are times, as the cards even show, to review, re-evaluate, and replenish, in this case, our balance between our spiritual side and our human experience so we can continue to co-create the life and world we want.

If this message resonated with you, please like it, love it, share it.  Maybe even send it to a friend.


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