Manifesting Oracle March 18, 2019

Manifesting Oracle Reading for the Week of March 20, 2019

Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Beaver Spirit here to help keep things running smoothly!

As we head into this week with a full moon on Wednesday 3/20, what does the Full Moon want us to know so we can move forward in next right action

Beaver Spirit!

Lay a Solid Foundation!  I love this because we are still in Mercury Retrograde - which let’s remember is really about the opportunity to reflect, review, renew, declutter, plan, get a little introspective.

Full Moons are about releasing things that no longer serve you, about reaping from the seeds planted in the New Moon and being in gratitude for the blessings that you and the Universe have co-created together.

Beaver Spirit is here to share that it is time to remember, renew and live in gratitude for your connection to Source and the amazing things you have done and will do together - so long as you continue to lay the groundwork for all of this in a way that is aligned with your highest good.

When we weave these three elements together this week, the introspection and Marie Kondo-ing of our current state internally and externally, the Full Moon of releasing that which no longer serves while planning for the new, and Beaver helping us lay the groundwork for all of this - come March 28 when Retrograde ends we will be ready to launch out of the gate!

This is a reminder that it is OK to rest.  Our spiritual journey is not push, push, push all the time.  The cycle is Push > Rest > Push > Rest and so on.  We need to give ourselves permission to rest, to plan, to play so that we can see what works and what doesn’t.  To know what to release so we can lay good foundations for our dreams.

So with this Retrograde, Full Moon And a visit from Beaver Spirit - it’s a total sign for you to continue to do the inner work, declutter, keep what works, toss what doesn’t, make plans, and do all of this in the interest of self-care and with the knowing that Universe/Source/God/Spirit has your back and is guiding you.  Allow Spirit to help in this process so you work together to create the foundation of next right action!