OMG!  You're here!  YAY! Welcome!

I am so excited you’ve found your way to this page!  I know the Universe sent you here for a purpose and that purpose is probably to take your next right steps in your spiritual journey!

Join my free live weekly workshop:

How to Finally Master Law of Attraction

and Start Manifesting the Things, People, and Life Of Your Dreams!

Thursdays 12:30pm - 1:30pm Central on Zoom (like Skype but way better)

Maybe this sounds familiar...

Are you someone who watched the movie The Secret and thought - "WOW"


"I want to manifest massive forms of abundance in all areas of my life too!"

And then you set about trying to do that….

Maybe you make a vision board, start a gratitude list, joined a Facebook group, read a book, listened to a podcast, tried meditating - all … the… things…

…and nuthin’ … NADA… zilch.  

or maybe manifesting in spurts and drabs…but not consistently…and not knowing what worked and what didn’t or why…

That’s because the big secret about The Secret is they kept the “how” a great big secret!

That’s where I come it.

Practical - Scientific - Spiritual - Manifesting — THAT WORKS!

Your Host for this Journey...

Soul Coach Michele




Hi!  I am Soul Coach Michele, a 4th generation Intuitive Medium and Certified Holistic Life Coach who specializes in helping frazzled, frustrated ladies, like you, (re)align with your inner being so you can start manifesting the things, people and life that you want!

I have been studying, teaching, and practicing Law of Attraction for more then three decades and it is my passion to bring you a practical, scientific and spiritual approach to Law of Attraction that works if you work it!

You are a miracle and it’s high time you start acting like one

and we can do this together!

It is time for you to live a purpose driven life

It’s time you step into your power and start attracting the things, people, and situations that level you up

And isn’t it about time for you to finally get the clarity, ease, and flow that life is supposed to be so you can follow your bliss and live your joy!

Get off that hamster wheel of frustration, lack, and mediocrity…

And start getting clarity and level up to start attracting your abundance all day every day for your highest good!

The Universe has your back in this and so do I!!

This is not me blowing sunshine up your skirt…

I have been there…and I can teach you to walk this abundance manifesting path.

Whatever abundance looks like for you, whether it’s money, a career, a partner, travel, a new car or home or anything really or all the things, I know that’s what you want - I want that for you too!

That’s why I am announcing that I am hosting new weekly workshop called, How to FINALLY Master the Law of Attraction and Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams.

This workshop will help you:

:: figure out what you want

:: what might be standing in your way

:: and how to dissolve those blocks and finally start manifesting the life you are dreaming of!

To start next level manifesting in miraculous ways - click the red button below and grab your spot at the next workshop.

This workshop may be the start of what finally transforms the rest of your life!

Due to the nature of these workshops, they will not be recorded and replayed later.  You must show up if you want to level up!