Am I the right coach for you?

because, let's be honest...if we're going to work together, get and stay high vibe together, and help you manifest your dream life -- it's got to be right....RIGHT?

Are you ready to Manifest Your Dream Life?

Most of my clients say (on video, in testimonials and at many of my group events - so you can look it up...) that as their coach, "Michele compassionately kicked my ass into gear."

Why am I even telling you this? I mean, even I questioned whether or not to share this openly.

However, I share it now because...

I may or may not be the best coach for you...let's see.

Most people won't come out and tell you they are direct, throw truth bombs, and encourage radical expansion because it sounds scary and not fluffy and unicorns and all that woo-woo metaphysical stuff that most of the folks in this community roll with.  Well, I am ALL those things AND metaphysically, or woo-woo, spiritual as well.

What I have heard, and if you are still here you may well love too, is I am a grand balance between the practical and the woo.  Meaning, yes I am totally down with communing with spirit, prepare for retrogrades, feel there is total credence to both the energy of solar flares and the Schuman Resonance on the human experience BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I DO NOT allow those things to go from spiritual practice to excuses for you to get and stay in your own way of manifesting your highest good because of fear of what might, could, or whatever happen due to some 3D astrological happening.

Yes - I take these into account...

I also believe that you are not only one with the divine YOU ARE DIVINE!  AND that means that regardless of what is going on externally, you have chosen to experience this from the human viewpoint and you can choose to decide what it means for you, including using it as an excuse to not follow your soul's calling, your manifesting and what not but I am guessing if you are still reading - even if you don't particularly feel like you are a glorious divine being of light in the current moment, somewhere within you, you know it to be true and you are ready to move towards aligning with that being to manifest your dream life!

SO if you are down with this philosophy - keep reading because you may just have found your spiritual kick ass coach who will finally help you lean into your spiritual power, stand in your divine truth, and start manifesting your dream life!

Does any of this sound familar?

You're new to the woo and...'ve watched the movie and read the book The Secret. Maybe even read all the books in The Secret series (yes there's more books)... and still are finding that...

The secret about The Secret is they kept how to do the manifesting a big effing SECRET!  UGH!

You're a seasoned woo and... used to manifest like a dang ninja!  Like, you were a manifesting maven who's thoughts became things faster than warp speed!  

BUT for some reason lately, you are not only off your game but you are not even sure where the effing game is!  Like, you have vision boards and journals and money drawing candles and there's so much woo-woo shit in your house that your partner thinks you may leave your job and open your own metaphysical shop but in reality you are just trying everything you've learned to do to get back on it but IT isn't working...

You don't necessarily identify as a woo but...'ve read a lot about this manifesting thing.  It sounds pretty dang awesome.  You may have even watched people in your non-woo or woo-adjacent circles (like in church or your faith's meeting place) talk about manifesting, thoughts becoming things, ask and ye shall receive (that's literally in the Bible by the way...Matthew 7:7-8 by the way) - stuff like that.  You're not quite sure what this woo-woo business is but this manifesting stuff seems pretty interesting and I would love to see if it will work for me.

And on the topic of faith, I can assure you that the woo-woo will not take you off your faith game but I will guarantee it will enhance it! In fact, I honor all paths here.

No matter where on the woo scale you are, you're looking at this page for a reason...

I am guessing the reason you are here is that you have tried other things...coaching programs, classes, coaches, books, YouTube videos, prayer, vision boards... I could go on and on, but you know what I am talking about.

And nothing has worked or maybe it has but you are not manifesting on a consistent, on-demand basis.  And what good is doing all the things if you're not getting results?

Here's how this program came about...I have worked with hundreds of people and been a Law of Attraction practitioner for nearly 4-decades and the things is, you need consistency, a method, and an energetic vibration that matches where you want to go to get any of this done and I can tell you from experience, most of the time people are doing one of these three things but not all three at the same time to yield the results they want.

If you want a new home, a new job, your own business, a new romantic partner, a child, more clients for your business, more money, more peace of mind, more free time, even something small like a yoga class that fits your schedule and budget (#hellyeahImanifestedthat!) - whatever it is you want, whatever you feel is abundance for you, you must be consistent in your desire, apply methodology, and an energetic match to it.  

AND I KNOW all that sounds FABULOUS!  You hear that all the time, "Just match the vibration of that which you want and POOF!  Porsche in the driveway!  YIPEE!" 


You wouldn't be reading this if it were that simple...

If you are DONE - like TOTALLY DONE with the woo-woo stuff that is all hat no cattle (I may have been living here in the south a while with that one...) or,rather, all talk no action...YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

I can help!

Who is this chick claiming she can help me?

Hi! I'm Soul Coach Michele!

OMG! I am SO sorry! I just realized that I have been yammering on here and we haven't been introduced - and Big Bird always said, "Never talk to strangers!"  Let's remedy that RIGHT NOW!

HI!  I'm Soul Coach Michele.

 Since 2015, I have helped hundreds of people, just like you transform from frustrated, fuzzy, and just plain burnt from all the spiritual trying and confused from all the guru messaging into centered, abundant, manifesting ninjas!

I am dedicated to helping you get centered, learn the practical steps to use, be consistent and teach you how to maintain your vibrational match to that which you desire over and over again as you expand so you can manifest what oyu want on-demand.  No more useless tactics - just proven methods and results!  

Here's a list of what some of my clients have manifested:

  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Romantic Relationships
  • New Businesses
  • Promotions
  • Money
  • Trips
  • Career Changes
  • and more

As a Law of Attraction teacher, a certified life coach, and a 4th generation intuitive medium, I have spent my life as a student, teacher, and practitioner of this spiritual path and would be honored to walk this part of your journey to abundance with you.

First things first, This s#@* works!

"With Michele as my coach, I manifested a new personal trainer, reinstating my HR certification and money (and SO MUCH MORE!). Her VIP coaching program contains soooooo much information, yet it's really practical and well balanced. Michele's approach to coaching is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance with exercises that really helped me delve into becoming the best version of myself. She held me accountable, without feeling like she's just cracking the whip. My coaching experience with Michele really helped me realize, I have everything I need in my divine self."

~ Shawnna Kenner HR/IT Project Manager



You’re a spiritual minded and hearted person who knows there is more to life and this world than just running on the hamster wheel, hoping ends will meet.  That someday you might meet the “right” person.  That someday you might have that dream home, travel to that place you’ve been dreaming about, get a new car, or just feel better.  You are at the point where you’re looking at your vision board, your journal or your Pinterest boards, sick and tired of the fact that these dreams are not manifesting despite all the “spiritual exercises” you’ve done and free facebook group advice you’ve taken to make them happen and you are just at that point where you’re done with lack - like REALLY DONE! You know this is no longer an acceptable vibration for you! You know, if you are going to start manifesting all the dreams you’ve been waiting on - something has to change and you are ready to change it. I am going to help you cut through the woo-woo crap, take back your divine power, and, using both spiritual AND practical steps, have you manifesting all that stuff and move you from lack to abundance ASAP!


YOU ARE AT DEFCON 1!!!  If you have read this far, I am going to guess you are at the “where is the ‘SIGN ME UP!’” Button!  I need help manifesting my good and I need it NOW!  Translation - your pain of staying where you are is more intense than the fear keeping you stuck in the land of freebies, self-guided courses, and do-it-yourselfies.  You are in that I need to change this, myself SOMETHING like YESTERDAY!  You know you need to walk this journey with someone who can be a guide, a thought partner, a teacher, a support, a cheerleader, a space holder, and an accountability partner all in one.  If what I am saying is resonating with you, my friend, you are in the right place!


Right here AND Right now!  I am a huge fan of No Time Like the Present and that we are all exactly where we need to be to receive our highest good at any space and time.  Meaning, the synchronicity of you getting this far means there is something to this.  There is a next step for you. I mean if you had a massive headache and you had immediate access to the aspirin, why in the heck would you wait one more second for relief?  Same here.  The medicine for the pain of staying stuck where you are is right here.  You are totally in control of every outcome in your life and this is one of them.  I am here to help you brave this wilderness so you can come out on the other side with an amazing new outlook, manifesting skill set, and the you that you are only dreaming of right now.  Steve Jobs always said there is no “right” time for anything.  If we wait for the “right” time - it will never come.  Now is your right time.


Whether you believe it or not, you are worthy.  Worthy of this expansion.  Worthy of taking this time and inspired action for yourself.  Worthy because you are a divine child of the Universe.  You are a badass manifesting ninja who has forgotten their power.  It’s ok, maybe you did what you had to do as long as it served you but if you are here, it’s not serving you anymore.  It’s time to get back down to the business of knowing your worth, loving yourself, and embracing the intuitive, divine child of the Universe that you are so you can shine your light in this world.  Have you seen our world lately?  It’s kind of a hot mess.  If you are playing small - you’re not shining your light.  It’s time to change that.  If you are ready to climb out of your box, shine so brightly people need to go get their shades, and manifest the world you want to experience - YOU have found a home, a network, and a tribe here and it is time for you to receive all your good, all the things, people, and feelings you know are there for you.

I am forever grateful to Michele!

"I tried so many other metaphysical teachers, coaches, and guides only to be left disappointed and discouraged. When I decided to work with Michele, I was a bit worried and anxious but that lasted only until we began working together! I experienced such dramatic soul shifts that I could see and feel immediately! It is such an honor to work with Michele! I have unfolded towards my purpose and manifested experiences and opportunities I wouldn't have even thought of before we worked together! I am forever grateful to Michele!"

~ Tori Whitman, Entertainment Banker & Spiritual Advisor

All the deets of the program...

Program Overview:

Week 1 - Introduction

In this first module, we will say hello, get to know each other and get you settled in. 

You will be given all the links, days, and times for your group coaching sessions, a few welcome to the program exercises, some videos to watch and a tour of the online learning platform.

I want to make sure you feel comfy, are prepped and ready before we dive in with the deep work.

It's going to be fun!

Week 2 - Getting Centered

No one can create anything from a place of anxiety. There is so much in the world today that takes us out of our present moment. The news, other people’s opinions, etc. Our empowerment is in the present moment. The power to know ourselves, what we want and the ability to manifest it. So getting centered is super important. Worry is the future, regret is the past - calm and knowing is the present. Getting centered and being in the present moment takes back your co-creating power.

Week 3 - Gratitude

Oprah said that if you always are in a mindset of needing, wanting - you will always need and want. If you are in the mindset of gratitude you will always have more and be happy to have more. In your gratitude, you are bringing self into the present. I am grateful that I … You are speaking in the now, where your power is. It raises your vibration. When we are in a mindset of lack, we are in fear. A very low vibration. When we are in a prosperous and grateful mindset, our vibration is that of love and very high. This is where we want to manifest from because then we are manifesting from a place where we are in vibration with the thing we desire.

Week 4 - Ask

What is it that you desire? Knowing clearly what you desire is a big key. This is the contrast. Knowing what you do want and knowing what you don’t want. It is good to know both but dwell on the feeling of the having what you do desire from a place of centeredness and gratitude.

Week 5 - Let it Go

When you plant a seed, your intent is to grow a delicious veggie or a pretty flower. You don’t dig the seed up a day later and say, “Why are you not sprouting?!” You plant the seed, cover it with soil, and water it. Then you go about your business, in the knowing that the seed, soil and water knows how to grow into a plant that fruits delicious veggies or gorgeous blooms. The Universe is the soil in which you plant your vibrational seed for your ask and your vibration when you think of your desire is the water that pulls it towards you.

Week 6 - Alignment

Speaking of watering… When we align both with Source / God energy and our desire, there is no way that we won’t get it. It is law - as Abraham says. You know you are aligned with Source / God energy because you choose to feel good no matter the situation. When someone ticks you off rather than tear them a new one, you see the divinity in them. When someone cuts you off in traffic, you don’t cuss and yell - you just let it go. When you feel good regardless of whats going on - you are in alignment with Source / God. Aligning with your desire is knowing you already have the thing you desire. It is believing before seeing. It is yours and you know how that feels before it even manifests into your physical awareness. As Stewie on Family Guy would say, “Victory is mine!”.

Week 7 - Awareness & Contrast

Much like alignment, awareness is EVERYTHING. It’s like Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” You are always manifesting. Even when you don’t think you are - you are. Where you put your awareness is where your vibration is and the Universe follows. 

Week 8 - Art of Receiving

Although different, allowing and being a good receiver are intertwined in this step.

Being a good receiver, means knowing you are worthy and deserving of whatever it is you’ve have asked for. 

Week 9 - Next Steps

At this point you will have sharpened your manifesting skill set, probably be manifesting like crazy already and loving the tribe and friendships you've created through our group.  And we want to make sure you keep this momentum.

In this last week, I will help you create the support system you need to maintain the manifesting momentum and mindset you've cultivated over the last 9 weeks.

I would never let you come this far to only have you come this far!  I am here for as long as you need.  So your next steps are all about how to move forward, stay high vibe, and keep manifesting those dreams!

I've Been Able to Step into Being a Fearless Leader!

"Michele has been an ah-mazing support in cracking open my doors...well, more like busting them wide open! Since I have participated in Michele's group coaching, her classes, and 1:1 coaching sessions, I have been able to step into being a fearless leader and mentor to others!  I have been able to take action steps towards my becoming rather than wandering around in a dream world. The truths of our sessions together brought me to joyful tears of expansion! If you haven't tapped into any of Michele's offerings, give yourself the gift of time with this ah-mazing Guide! Spirit has placed her into your awareness for a reason...jump in and PLAY!!"

~ Jackie Felix, Spiritual Expansion Support Partner

"No More Excuses" Self-Investment Options


Go check out other coaches and you may notice, they don't share their prices.  Why?  Because it generally goes something like this...

Get you on the phone, push your buttons and then hit you with an astronomical price tag to fix all your challenges that you are now in an emotional whirlwind over.

I have had that done to me and it feels like shit, it makes me not think very highly of the coach in question AND it certainly does not make me want to work with them.

Since I loathe that, I am not going to do that to you.  I am also not going to say, get on a call with me before you have all the facts - hence this long info page.

Here are the "no more excuses", no hidden gimmicks, no BS pricing for all the options for new and alumni clients of the Manifest Your Dream Life Program.

Payment options:

  • 3 equal monthly payments of $333
  • 2 equal monthly payments of $477
  • 1 full payment of $900

Check out this Case Study: Jackie Felix!

Check out my interview with my client, Jackie Felix, where she shares how she went from feeling like she needed to hide her gifts away from the world to manifesting being a fearless spiritual leader with a calendar full of clients!

Here's what I want you to do next...

So if you are still reading, all of this sounds amazing, you are TOTALLY resonating with all the alumni stories of soul shifts and manifesting new amazing lives, and excited to see your own transformational expansion yet you're still a little scared because taking this leap is a BIG DEAL - you are ready to Manifest Your Dream Life and I am here to help you do that!

There is only one thing left to do...

It's time we talk.  We need to have a conversation to see if I truly am the right coach for you?  If this is the right program for you?  What type of environment do you thrive in?  I have set aside special time on my calendar just for us to get together and talk about your dreams, what blocks and itty bitty shitty committee BS is holding you back, how you can create a path through that with this program and how I can help you Manifest Your Dream Life!

So if you're ready to chat, I am here. Grab a spot on my calendar below, it's only 30mins and it is complimentary. Scroll down and check out the calendar.  You have been on the hamster wheel far too long...let's start manifesting your dreams NOW!  Let's do this!