Make That Intention Your B****!

How to ask the Universe for What you Desire and Get it!

So, you kinda get manifesting.  You know it takes focus.  It takes getting centered.  It takes getting and staying high vibe….

You’ve manifested stuff before. Like you had a whole list of stuff and how offing amazing that it all came through!  YAY!  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!  Right?

But now - nothing…  What’s up with that?

I have SO been there.  And it’s a funny place to be. 

I remember right after leaving my corporate legal career behind I felt this way. I had spent nearly six years manifesting all the circumstances to get me to the place where I could quit my soul-sucking corporate job and jump into my authentic me career of being a Manifesting Coach and an intuitive spiritual advisor!  YAY!  Right! 

So here’s what I manifested in that pre-jump:

  • not only 1 but 2 circles of woo-preneur powerhouse lady boss friends who not only got me and knew where I wanted to go - they had already blazed that trail - so I had an idea of what it would look like
  • 2 work experiences that made any ego-driven need to buy into the “I got this degree and I should use it regardless of if it’s soul-sucking” bs
  • a cake walk high paying job that meant I could pay off my debt AND stash away cash for my jump
  • this job put me in an office right next to my bestie - so I had built in support on my down days
  • a close circle of besties who maybe didn’t understand where I was coming from all the time but they loved me anyway AND supported everything I did
  • a coach to help me stop listening to the inner nay-sayer (for those of you who know Coach Jennie - she has personified this ego Hilda) and finally make the jump
  • clients to support my business
  • and so on.

PHEW!  I was manifesting like a ninja!  The key here was, I had one big intention - to quit my soul-sucking corporate job and jump into my own business as a Manifesting Coach and Intuitive Spiritual Advisor.  That was my BIG intention.  Then it had a bunch of little components like - what would that look like, who would be on team Michele to help make this happen, and what resources would I need and then how to lay that groundwork.  I journaled it out and came up with some concrete intentions around all of this which led to me manifesting like a ninja.

And then about three months in it was like the big U went radio silent.  Like the Universe decided to go on extended vacation and I didn’t get the memo.  Like - the Law of Attraction stopped working…  But we all know that was not the case.

I mean it can’t be the case because we are always manifesting - always.  The Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity.  Just because you don’t think about it doesn’t mean you start to float away. A law is a law - it is.  So is Law of Attraction, so I knew I was manifesting nothing (other than the day to day) for a reason but what was it??

I was so stumped for a while… I just kept asking - why am I not manifesting anything?  Why is there nothing?  It’s like every day I would get the newspaper and there were no stories other than the pennysaver… What was going on?

Then one day, it hit me (I am a slow learner - it took a month).  I had this huge drive to meet a certain goal and all the little goals that went with it.  I was using all the things.  My 7 Steps every day and taking inspired action EVERY DAY towards that goal.  I had completed my goal and so I needed a new goal or maybe goals.

So I went back to those awesome circles of supportive friends and colleagues I talked about in the beginning because it doesn’t just take a village to raise a kid - it takes a village for the rest of your life.  My AWESOME tribe of all kinds had one thing in common they knew me, loved me enough to want my success without judgement, and they were willing to leverage their knowledge and skill set to support me - as I do for them (which is awesome by the way - THANK YOU and you guys know who you are).  So, I went back to them and they delivered.  I was shared with - sometimes directly and sometimes through divine guidance - where I needed to focus.  

I never had a mission or vision statement before.  I worked on that.  From there, what are my goals for the next three months both personally and professionally?  What brings me joy and abundance - I started there.  What things do I need, want, and get to do on a consistent basis to make sure I reach all of these milestones towards that big goal again.

I got to journalling and I got to planning (which is super fun with washi tape and stickers).  I even designed my own planner pages for some things to help keep me going.  And I am building in accountability between my team, myself, and my clients that is both automated and manual so I stay inspired and high vibe towards my goals. 

Once I started doing all this - I started seeing the Big U show up again.  One of my goals is consistent financial security and freedom.  I know that means something different for everyone.  So I focused on what that meant for me.  I started creating affirmations around that goal and incorporating them into my meditation every morning.

Within days, I received a check form nearly $700 in the mail from “unclaimed property” (you know you see that on the tv but never think it’s real - here to tell you it’s real and sometimes they track you down - you don’t have to go look for it.), I had a shop buy 12 of my books outright, I sold out my first in-person class on Law of Attraction, and I have attracted clients every week. ALL of this is manifesting my goal of consistent financial security and freedom.

I share this because the reason after I had been manifesting like a ninja there was a radio silence wasn’t because the Universe was like, well that’s enough for you for now.  It was literally because I hadn’t done the work to think past that one big goal.  Which, looking back, for me was ok because after that wild ride I did need a little bit of a rest.  However, I wasn’t manifesting nothing because the Big U was tired, out of gas, or on a smoke break.  I was manifesting nothing because I was focusing on the fact that I was manifesting nothing.

I don’t know about you but this has happened to me.  I meet a friend I haven’t seen in a long time out for lunch.  We get to talking and never look at the menu.  The poor waitress comes over like six times and each time we send her away because we still haven’t looked at the menu.  Then finally our tummies growl and we are like - SHEESH!  Where is that waitress??  I am really hungry.  You realize you have set her away all those times and thus no you haven’t received your lunch yet much less even decided on what you want.  The chicken salad platter or a juicy cheeseburger?  Once you realize this, you make your decision, call the waitress over who thankfully takes your order and within minutes you get your lunch.

Sometimes the reason we aren’t manifesting is because we are focused on the fact that we are not manifesting… I know - mind blower but true.  So, I will encourage you to at least once a month, sit down with your journal and maybe make a list of your intentions for that month, quarter, maybe even week.  Even if it seems like something either really small (like a spring nail polish color you love) or something big (like making the jump from a corporate career to your own business) - write it down and maybe chart our what needs to be done to reach those goals that are within your control - your what and why for those goals.  Then from there - start your manifesting journey and I bet you start seeing your manifesting and the Big U come - what seems like - roaring back to life!

I will see you in the Vortex!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.  

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