Intuitive Soul Coaching

If you are feeling frazzled, frustrated or just plain disconnected with yourself, your life, and where you are - then you are in the right place!  I am dedicated to helping women like you regain clarity, serenity, and connection to yourself and your inner guidance system. So, you can realign with your inner being and develop a deeper connection between you and Source (God, the Holy Spirit, the Universe - or whatever you like to call the power that which is bigger than you.)

Intuitive Soul Coaching is for you if:

  • you are a spiritually hearted woman but who feels exhausted by the life that you thought you were in control of but, it turns out now, is running you!
  • you thought you had it together but somewhere along the way you woke up and things ain't as clear as they should be (or, let's face it, not at all!)
  • you have always been spiritual but life ran away with you and you are realizing that connection to self, higher self and Source has a ton of static on the line and you can't quite get a clean connection anymore
  • All of the above and you are at the end of your rope but have no idea where to go, who to talk to, or what the heck to do to get some clarity, connection, and traction on redesigning your life to what you REALLY want it to look like instead of it looking like someone else's dream.
  • feel you have tried all the things on your own and are still stuck where you were a year ago and thinking “WHAT DO I DO???  How am I supposed to take the next step when I don’t even know where the staircase is??”

This is where I come in. As your loving, supportive, open-minded dream and accountability partner, together we look at where you want to go, what is blocking you from getting there, dissolve those blocks, and start achieving your dreams and goals. 

When I am your coach - I am your thought, dream, and accountability partner.  I am the open-minded ear and empathetic shoulder.  I am also the "compassionate ass-kicker", as my clients lovingly say, who makes sure we walk that fine line of moving forward in spite of fear.  I am that hand you hold as you walk through the fire with your best intentions and highest good ar heart.

When I am your coach - you have someone who has your "six", your back, all the way through. 

This is the difference between the info crack and real life/soul shifts.

Info crack, the books, podcast, or other fun, easy to get bite-sized pink spoon tasters of spirituality gives you great ideas and immediate gratification of soothing for the frazzled, frustrated woo sister who is looking for a quick fix but, that fizzles out when the book or podcast is over because there is no cheerleader, accountability partner, or supportive intuitive soul coach to walk with you.  It's a woo-woo high that rebounds back to right where you were before, with maybe some unfulfilled ah-ha moments in the end without a coach.

Having an Intuitive Soul Coach on your side, changes ALL of that! 

When I am your coach, you may chew on your delicious piece of info crack but in this scenario, it actually turns into inspired action steps. Why?  Because, when you engage me as your coach, have someone there to help keep you accountable to the dreams it has inspired in you until you can co-create them with the Universe into reality!

THAT is the intuitive soul coaching difference. 

If this resonates with you and you want to explore private intuitive soul coaching further - Let's Talk!

I have set aside special time on my calendar to chat further so you can see i I am the right coach for you.  The Let's Talk Session is a free 30 min "let’s get started" call to see if I am the right coach for you.

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