How to Release Trauma and Why You Need To…

Why Releasing Trauma is SO Important

and it's probably not what you think...

I love this idea of asking self - am I standing in my story or on my story when making decision? I heard this first from motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols - who's work I LOVE!

When we talk about trauma, and I promise I am in no way trying to minimize, belittle or make light of anyone’s trauma and yes I FULLY believe we all heal in different ways and at different speeds... But sometimes when we choose to hold onto trauma for whatever reason, we need to ask ourselves - what are we using it for?

As Caroline Myss says, trauma is not meant to be relived over a longe period. It is meant to give us the opportunity to heal ourselves from it and the triggers it causes.

However, if we do not choose to heal from it we can use it as a reason for choosing not to heal, to live in the fear and have a legit reason to stay there.

"Because I was traumatized and I choose to hold on to it, I have permission to not move forward. To not heal. To allow this trauma to have power over me and influence all my choices from the day of such on forward."


"Because I was traumatized, I first take steps to heal myself through forgiveness, compassion and love. I forgive anyone I have perceived that caused or contributed in such trauma. I do not condone such behavior but in forgiving I release any power or hold those I perceive involved may have over me, I claim back my pieces, I claim back my power. I no longer use this experience as permission to not move forward and ascend to that expansion I know I am meant for. I no longer allow fear to guide my choices."

Again, it is always a choice of love or fear, my dears. It takes courage to let go of the trauma because it means you now are back in charge of your life and your power.

What happened to you is not cause for blame shame or guilt - YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE and this whole BS about "if something happens to you, you caused it by your vibe" in the LoA community is BS and not allowing for Universal consciousness, the collective consciousness - which sometime can override our own - and the fact that you are not the only one running around in this show who has free will.

I mean, who in their right mind would choose - even vibrationally - to have a #metoo moment? Who would CHOOSE even vibrationally to have their home destroyed by a flood not once but 2x? No one! That's who. And this thought process which I have seen lately is absolutely contrary to the whole idea of living a spiritual path and LoA in general.

And - Yes BOTH of these happened to me (so I am not talking out of my ass) and I do not look and say to self, "Oh my goodness what was I thinking?! How did my vibe cause this?" I look and I say - ok, really shitty shit happens. So now that I am over the shock of it...the journey to heal this begins and once healed, let's use it to share with others how to forgive, overcome, and be a light in the darkness. Now this may be minutes or years but this process MUST occur to move forward.

As a spiritual teacher and coach and 40+yr metaphysical student and practitioner, I am HUGE on the nuance that you are not having a human experience in a vacuum - others do and will act around and upon you whether physically or energetically - their conduct is NOT something you caused nor do you need to own any blame, shame or guilt around it. Sometimes we can stem this and sometimes we are not able to, either way after each interaction…we are given the choice…

Will you stand in or on your story?

I choose to stand ON my story, not IN my story.

It’s not the easy path but it is my path none the less.

And if you choose this path as well, I will walk it with you.


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