$111.00 (USD)

The High Vibe Power Hour is your opportunity to do the deep work, the kind of work you read about in the self-dev books, hear about in the YouTube vids, but stop short of doing because your itty bitty shitty committee out shouts your divine self…


In just 60 minutes, we will identify your blocks keeping you from getting and staying high vibe, work on ways to heal them, switch up your mindset to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t and remind you of the badass, divine child of the Universe you are that has the power to create worlds! (yeah that last part is a little bit intense but I call ‘em like I see ‘em!)

Give me one-hour and I’ll help you …

  • Clarify your wants, desires and dreams
  • Identify your biggest block keeping you from your high vibes
  • Magnify the power of your manifesting mindset so you can start manifesting those wants, goals, and dreams

$111.00 (USD)


Hi, I'm Soul Coach Michele

I help spiritually-hearted humans, like you, who are struggling to maintain a manifesting mindset in the face of the daily grind to regain clarity and control over your own thoughts and focus your energy in a way you can clearly, consistently, and confidently manifest the money, career, love, and whatever else you desire, in abundance, for yourself!