$150.00 (USD)

Let’s work together to get you from where you are on the hamster wheel, loving the memes but not knowing how to work it so you can step off the hamster wheel and into your soul-driven purpose, intuitively connected life, and manifesting ALL THE THINGS!

Book Your High Vibe Power Hour:

😳From Worried to WOW! in just 1-hour😍

Together we will...
:: Clarify your wants, desires, and dreams
:: Identify your biggest block keeping you from your high vibes
:: Magnify your connection to your divine power so you can connect more easily with your intuition AND start manifesting your dreams into reality!

This session is for anyone who is new to this path, leveling up or transitioning back into the spiritual path from being “offline” for a bit.

The deets:
:: When: If you’re reading this - I’d book now. No time like the present.
:: Where: These sessions happen on Zoom (like Skype but better)
:: Tuition: $150
:: Who: You and Me - this is a private session tailored just for you!
:: Modalities and Techniques: Including but not limited to Intuitive mediumship, oracle cards, Energetic Anatomy healing, life coaching, chakra analyst, crystal and affirmation prescriptions and more.
:: Deliverables: you will leave with a plan ahead, cleared energy, and more empowered to engage your intuition and manifest your dreams than when you booked your appointment!

$150.00 (USD)


Hi, I'm Soul Coach Michele

I help spiritually-hearted humans, like you, who are struggling to maintain a manifesting mindset in the face of the daily grind to regain clarity and control over your own thoughts and focus your energy in a way you can clearly, consistently, and confidently manifest the money, career, love, and whatever else you desire, in abundance, for yourself!