Here are some "to do's" and things to know before we meet for our session.

Hi!  I am SO excited, and in all honesty, totally honored, that you have chosen me as your coach on this part of your journey!

In this High Vibe Power Hour, we want to make the most of our time together to make sure we get right to the business of laying out your intentions, wants, and desires, identifying any blocks that may be popping up in the way of you manifesting those, working on ways to heal those blocks so you can leave feeling empowered, with some inspired action steps and start tapping more deeply into your intuition, standing in your divine power and truth with more clarity, courage, and confidence AND start manifesting your dream life!

So yes - you completed a quick (well maybe semi-quick) questionnaire when scheduling your session, which will help keep us on track but let's go a little deeper.

1.The Balance Wheel Exercise.  Please download this PDF worksheet, review it, complete it, and send a jpg back to me via email or FB messenger at least 24hrs prior to our session.  This way we have lots of data to work from to create a plan of action for you to work towards the person who has and does all the things on your wants and desires list.


2. We will be meeting on Zoom.  You will receive a link to use to join at your session appointment time. You can join from a smart phone or tablet by downloading the free Zoom app or if you are using a computer, you can go to www.zoom.us to create an account for free so we can connect that way.

Some tips on having a great and productive session:

  • Make sure when you are ready to join your session appointment you have set aside this time as sacred for yourself.  A time when others around you have been informed this is your time and to not disturb you.
  • Make sure you have a GREAT internet connection.  I know everyone travels and we are a mobile society but, being connected via wifi is usually the best.
  • Be prepared, make sure all your pre-work for this session is completed and returned to me no less than 24hrs prior so we can both be prepared and show up 100% for you.
  • Remember, yes we are going to do some work but part if being high vibe is also doing it with fun, so leave your serious face at the door and let's do this!

If you have any questions between now and when we meet, please feel free to email me and I will help as I can.