Feel like your "manifestor" is busted?

Feel like your" manifestor’s" busted, you’re in a rut or maybe you don’t even know where to start because all the glitter-covered goofy guru rituals you’ve tried have caused manifesting misfires instead of manifesting bullseyes?

No worries, girlfriend!  I got you!

What if in just one hour you could stop owning your sh!t and start owning your sparkle?!  

What if you could figure out and align with soul level manifesting vibes and start setting intentions aligned with that vibration from the very start?


What if you could FINALLY unlock your unique manifesting style that your soul is trying to invite you to step into?  

And, no glitter required.

Getting SUPER clear on your Purpose so you can reconnect and align with it, is THE cornerstone of manifesting a life of your dreams! 

GIRL!  It's time to Reveal YOUR Unique Manifesting Map!  What?  None of the gurus told you, there's a map inside you that will not only align you with your dreams but ground you into being the manifesting magnet for YOUR vision of success for you? 

Oh, girl, you're gonna LOVE this and it won't give you writer's crap like that 5x55 line writing punishment thing that is all the rage and rarely delivers anything...

Whether you want a mansion or a tiny home; a new love; a better job or to start your own biz; or maybe just a new more peaceful, calm and creative existence that attracts joy, fulfillment, and prosperity - it all comes down to your Purpose and Your Intentions.  Your what and your why!

If you’re sick and tired of manifesting misfires due to gurus spouting goofy crap that doesn’t work if you’ve had to bra shopping because the only thing shoving crystals in your bra has manifested for you is a bigger cup size or your vision board seems to have gone blind to your dreams and all you got from that is a glue gun burn and a paper cut - this is the challenge for you.

In my signature Spiritual | Practical | NO BS way, we will practically put together your personal Manifesting Map with spiritual underpinning that taps into your divine power and kick to the curb all the BS blocking you from getting clear on what is in your vortex so you can FINALLY get it out and start living your dreams instead of sleeping through them!

"You may *think* you know what manifesting is, but Michele Stans will teach you the real deal! Michele is no BS and practical, with literally decades of experience, and she teaches in a way that is easily understood and implemented. If you've been dreaming about your ideal life; let Michele help you bring it into your reality! "

Go from Manifesting Fail to Manifesting Fabulous in JUST 1-hour!

You + Clarity of Purpose = Manifesting Alignment!


:: Private, personal 1-hour long 1:1 Session via Zoom

:: Pre-Session Playbook Provided

:: Clarity of purpose (re)gained

:: High Vibe Aligned Intentions set

:: Commitments to Inspired Actions outlined

:: Manifesting Map defined

:: Leave feeling empowered, confident, and clear in your divine manifesting ability!

:: Energetic Exchange: $200 (USD)

"Michele, thank you so much for your guidance. You helped me uncover the root cause of my blockage surrounding financial situations. With your guidance, I discovered that it wasn't actually about money but more so self-worth/value. I have released resistance and have accepted my gift and the value of my gift. I gained a wealth of confidence. Without being reluctant, I sought out for clients who would value my worth as well. And so it goes.... it was received!"

Are you ready to get clear on your purpose and manifest all your good?

Let's get you manifesting today!