As the Borg would say – Resistance is futile…👽

I am a HUGE Star Trek fan… it comes in a solid #2 to Star Wars for me.


I am the only child of a mechanical engineer, so that was a way for me and my Spock, er I mean Dad could bond.


As a GenXer, I loved the Next Generation as well.  And the Borg had a catchphrase…

Resistance is futile.

And when we are practicing Law of Attraction and trying to manifest things - there is no truer statement.


Here are some frequently asked questions of my clients - maybe you might see yourself here…


So - why is it that when I focus on how I want to get out of debt crazier, out of the blue bills come?


How come I always meet jerks?


I feel like giving up - I never get what I want.


I am sure we could come up with more but neither of us has all day and I am sure you get the drift.


The thing is, a lot of times two things are going on here…


First, we are defining what we want by what we don’t want.  And that means we are focusing on what we don’t want.  Energy flows where focus goes…


And second, if we are focusing on what we don’t want we are resisting what we do want and thusly since the Universe works in vibration - you are now not only pinching off what you do want but attracting what you don’t because of your focus and resistance.


So when the Borg say resistance is futile… it is.  It’s futile because if brings you nothing bu stress, struggle, pain…  Except the Universe wants to give you all your good but the blessing and curse of our free will is that we can resist is.  Ask questions like, am I worthy of this?  Do I deserve this?

The idea of it would not have been put in you if you weren’t worthy or didn’t deserve.


So resistance is a futile thought process.


Surrender, letting go of the how - that is productive.  It may seem opposite but when we surrender - we let go.  Let go of the struggle.  Let go of the outcomes.  Let go of all the expectations.


When we surrender a side effect is allowing.  Allowing the flow of energy to come in.   Allowing the abundance to flow into and through our lives.  Allowing creates a flow of everything.


It allows miracles to happen.  We will talk more about that tomorrow.


But - next time you watch Star Trek: The Next Generation - remember Gene Roddenberry’s goal was not just to entertain but to give hope.  To create a world where we reached our highest good.  To boldly go where no one had gone before.  And sometimes that journey is to our own inner space.


Resistance is futile.


Allowing is the key!

PS - I saw this in my giphy search and couldn't resist (pun intended)!!!  OMG!  Is that not just the nerdiest, cutest thing EVER?!?!


Michele Stans is a 4th generation intuitive medium, certified life coach, law of attraction teacher, author, student, and spiritual advisor.  

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