About Michele

I am dedicated to helping spiritually-woke and waking humans, like you, who are struggling to maintain a manifesting mindset in the face of the daily grind to regain clarity and control over your own thoughts and focus your energy in a way you can clearly, consistently, and confidently manifest the money, career, love, and whatever else you desire, in abundance, for yourself!

As a Spiritual Teacher, a certified life coach, and a 4th generation intuitive medium, I have spent my life as a student, teacher, and practitioner of this metaphysical and spiritual path and would be honored to walk this part of your journey with you.

It is my belief that developing a strong connection to your intuition, your higher self, and Source energy, as well as a mindset of self-love and divine self-empowerment, leads to manifesting the fulfilling, soul-driven, dream life you want to live.  Therefore, I teach ALL metaphysical concepts because it is not just one Universal Law (the Law of Attraction) that creates manifesting, but a confluence of understanding and working in harmony with all 12 Universal Spiritual Laws that creates manifesting on an energetic level.

If this is resonating, it's time we work together!