About Michele

I am dedicated to helping spiritually-woke and waking humans, like you, who are struggling to maintain a manifesting mindset in the face of the daily grind to regain clarity and control over your own thoughts and focus your energy in a way you can clearly, consistently, and confidently manifest the money, career, love, and whatever else you desire, in abundance, for yourself!

As a Spiritual Teacher, a certified life coach, and a 4th generation intuitive medium, I have spent my life as a student, teacher, and practitioner of this metaphysical and spiritual path and would be honored to walk this part of your journey with you.

It is my belief that developing a strong connection to your intuition, your higher self, and Source energy, as well as a mindset of self-love and divine self-empowerment, leads to manifesting the fulfilling, soul-driven, dream life you want to live.  Therefore, I teach ALL metaphysical concepts because it is not just one Universal Law (the Law of Attraction) that creates manifesting, but a confluence of understanding and working in harmony with all 12 Universal Spiritual Laws that creates manifesting on an energetic level.

If this is resonating, it's time we talk!  




I have set aside time on my calendar just for us to chat about where you are, where you want to go, what your blocks are, how we can work together to heal them and how to start manifesting your dreams TODAY!  Sound awesome?  Then Let's Talk!

My complimentary Let's Talk Sessions are 30mins long so we can get together via Zoom (like Skype but better) or on the phone and talk through all the things and see if I am the navigator you want with you on your journey and how I can help you reach and then exceed your intentions for your life.

If you are looking for more calm, clarity, and consistency in your manifesting - then it's time for you to book your Let's Talk Session with me...use the button below to get on my calendar and let's do this!