About me...

I’m Soul Alignment Coach Michele Stans, and it is my total honor and really my spiritual jam session, to help you reconnect with your inner being, realign with your Soul’s purpose, banish your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs so you can live an abundant life driven by purpose, fulfillment, love and fun!

As a 4th generation intuitive medium, a 30+ year (shhhhh) metaphysician, and a certified holistic life coach, I may sound like I am totally on the stick.  I will toot my horn and say that I am more so now than I was a decade ago but we all are works in progress, this is, after all called a spiritual practice - not a spiritual done.

... But, I wasn't always this way...

For 23 years, I hid my gifts away and was a contracts paralegal and musician.  I worked in entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare.  None of which made spirit sing and after leaving the entertainment business - to follow the money - I threw my soul more and more out of alignment and boy did that hurt.  I could barely get out of bed in the morning.

From the outside looking in, I had everything!  The man, the dog, the 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the right zip code, 2 German cars in the driveway, we ate out at all the fancy new foodie places, and my resume was a who’s who of global corporations that my peers envied and my parents could brag about.

And then the shit hit the fan May 2, 2010 when we woke up and had to flee our home.

It had rained for 3 days, no one expected it to flood but that morning and in the 15 minutes it took for us to wake up, grab what we could and drive our cars out, the water was to our knees in the garage.  Needless to say, our home was destroyed.

It was like the Universe called my draft card in.  “You’ve been on leave long enough.  We’ve sent you several letters to come back to the fold and you ain’t listened so we are sending out the guard to bring you back because you’re AWOL.”  That’s kind of how it felt.

I had a choice to make...Love or Fear...

Lost, empty and downright miserable, I had a choice to make. We all do when things like this happen. I chose to lean back into my gifts - mostly because I had no other choice but it was the best choice I could make and am grateful for the flood!

When we are faced with these kinds of things, we can choose to lean into fear and give our power away or we can lean into love, align ourselves with our own divine power and that of Source to start co-creating a life to be in awe of!

In that year, I manifested friends, a new job, nearly $200K out of thin air, the courage to step back into my soul purpose as an intuitive medium, realized I had more strength in me than I thought and rebuilt my home even more beautiful than it was before the flood. And it set me on my soul path to becoming the Soul Alignment Coach I am today.

Whoo hoo for Soul Alignments!

Today, I have left behind my legal life and stepped fully into my intuitive gifts, my ability to compassionately (but assertively) teach spiritual concepts, and, my most FAVORITE THING, coaching people like you back into the beauty of Soul Alignment so you can get back to the business of thriving as you are meant to, living a purpose driven life of abundance, love and joy!

I would LOVE to hear YOUR Story! Let's connect! Send me a message here