Michele Stans is a New Thought teacher and coach.  As a 4th generation intuitive medium/angel worker and Certified Holistic Life Coach specializing in Law of Attraction and Angel Work, she knew at a young age how spirituality worked and how there should be no middleman between her and the creator.  She also knew this to be true for everyone, innately.  From this space, she has studied new thought her entire life and specifically focuses on the universal Law of Attraction, people’s inner divine power, and helping them rediscover and stand in this power to regain the joy, passion, and purpose in their lives.

Michele works with people who know there is more to life than the rat race but aren’t sure how to get off the hamster wheel. “We are taught we are not good enough, we are not worthy enough and all of this is just bull.  I help people unlearn what they’ve been taught and relearn their divine purpose, value, and power, ” says Michele. She helps people get back to their soul’s desires, passion, and purpose and she helps them find and follow their joy, passion, and soul path through a guided practice of Law of Attraction and Guidance from the Angels.

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