5 Things to Have the BEST Intuitive Reading EVER!

First, I feel like I want to differentiate something.  I use the term “readings” sometimes because it is a common term folks use for intuitive sessions.  However, I personally (again JUST ME and not bashing anyone else - just my feelings) I feel it is a term that is reflective of the past.  We are in the midst over the last few years of some seriously intense spiritual upgrades that have changed this for me.

Yes, there are folks who are lovely who still do what I refer to as directive or 3D readings, and they are needed because everyone is at a different place in their journey.  These readings are for those who want to be TOLD what direction to take, want to control or have certainty of outcomes, or are afraid to make a decision.  Things like - Should I buy this house or business?  Is this the man for me? When will my partner show up? etc.  And don’t get me wrong - I TOTALLY get wanting to have certainty, control, and plan a calendar for when love would come or go so I can be ready.  I mean - I am a Virgo - if there is a sign that loves that shit - I am it!  

BUT I have learned that you do not learn soul level lessons this way, you do not grow spiritually this way, and when we ask these types of questions to readers - we are handing over our spiritual power to the reader so we don’t have to do the work to expand ourselves AND if we are leaning into fear - which usually this is an indicator of that - we can have someone to blame down the road if things don’t pan out.  “That stupid psychic!  That guy wasn’t “THE ONE”!  He was an asshole and I just wasted a year of my life!”  or “That psychic just scared the shit out of me!  Maybe I need to live in a cave?!”  I have heard BOTH of these kinds of things.

Thing is, if we give away our power to another, we are not truly leaning into the divine-human experience of making loving choices for and towards ourselves, of truly being in control of the direction of your life.  You might have some detours here and there that are divinely guided and protected but they are yours!  

In my practice, I now refer to my “readings” as intuitive soul guidance sessions and “reader” as Intuitive Services Provider.  Why?  Because it is more accurate.

As an intuitive services provider, I am focused more on helping my clients achieve connection with their inner being, their guides, and their angels so we can all work together to uncover the answers that lie within.  And in all honesty, when you are asking life questions - those answers are already within you but they might be covered up by layers of fear.  If we give our power away to a reader to tell us what direction to go - we never uncover those true answers and we don’t start dissolving the layers to heal whatever is blocking you from connecting with self.

THAT is where I come in - as a Soul Alignment Coach I use my gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate coaching communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and the notion that you are divinely guided with all the answers within and you are fully capable to dissolve your blocks, stand up to your inner naysayer and start standing in your power so you can live the soul driven, purposeful life you know you are meant to.

I know - this isn’t for everyone BUT if you’ve read this far - it might be for you.  If so - >> we can talk more after you finish reading this article.  <<

Now that you know the difference between readings and intuitive soul alignment coaching sessions.  And with that - let’s talk about how to get the most out your session!  

As a heads up - these tips are great for both old school readings and the newer upgraded Soul Alignment Sessions I shared about above.

Here are 5 tips to get the best intuitive reading (or other energy coaching session) ever.

  1. Get the hookup from friends…. 

Most of the time we are friends with like-minded people.  So if your peeps are the kind that already participates in intuitive sessions, intuitive coaching and readings and have trusted sources, I would start there first rather than stopping in at the local street corner psychic with a flashing neon sign (been to these so I am not speaking out of turn here).  They are fun but I have also heard some stories that will turn your head.  You want to make sure you are seeking an intuitive provider that is going to meet you where you are, willing to listen and won’t “scare the shit out of you”.  That last part I have heard numerous times.  SO many folks have come to me saying they are scared because the last time they had a session - the person scared the dickens out of them and 90% of the time it’s one of these "side of the road" places. 

If your peeps are not into the woo and/or this is something you want to keep personal, check websites and read as much about each specific provider and check out their endorsements that people have left on their websites.  Ask for references.  Check the reviews for each and check in with your goal.  No matter if you think you are intuitive or not - you are.  And your gut will tell you which high rated reader to go with.

As a subsection to this - be mindful of freebies.  You wouldn’t go to a back alley for your wellness care if it were free - your soul is just as important.  If someone is offering a freebie - ask why?  As a practitioner of Manifesting, you don’t want someone who is bringing a lack vibration (i.e. - I don’t charge because I don’t feel I should - or derivative) into your session before you even start. The other thing is - it may be someone who is new and just practicing - these are great folks to find because you may find a gem of a person.  However, their newbie-ness may not cover what you need.  Lastly, this is work and it takes study, continued practice, and investment in self to become a great intuitive services provider.  That has a huge value and there must be an exchange of energy for this - and that is why there is a payment associated with this.  Costs for a seasoned psychic reader or intuitive services provider can range from $120/hr - $1000+ per hour depending on their skill set, experience, and longevity. 

2. Block out the time for your appointment.  

Make sure you put your appointment for your intuitive service you choose on your calendar, with buffer time on each end, so that you know this is your self-care time.  And NO trying to eek in a task here or there in that buffer time.  We all know that just stresses us out and makes us late.

Also, make sure you put as much energy into carving out and keeping that appointment as you would a doctor’s appointment or a hair appointment.  There’s a couple of reasons here.  It says to the universe that you are really making this a priority and the universe will step to the line for you and it says I respect both my own time and the time of my intuitive services provider has carved out for your appointment.  All good intentions to the universe.  The second part of this is making sure, if you are going to attend your session via Zoom or Skype rather than in-person,  there are no distractions to take you away from your session.  Distractions not only will hinder you from the maximum potential of your session but also be distracting for, and quite honestly disrespectful to, your intuitive services provider - which could cut his/her connection to the guides.  And I am not kidding when I tell you this… I have people who made phone appointments and are paying for the time for their sessions with me and take call waiting calls!  Now - I don’t give extra minutes at the end because they put me on hold.  They paid for a 60-minute session they get 60 minutes of my time - how they choose to spend that time is up to them.  If half that time is spent on hold because the client picks up a call waiting or their child is being fussy (which I totally get and I am not putting anyone down here or saying ignore your child but self-care means making plans to have this time for you.  Maybe call a babysitter if needed for that hour.), they are losing the quality and time in the session.  

SO when I say, make sure you carve out time for your session when you make the appointment I mean, make sure you value your intuitive provider’s time as much as your own.  Make sure if you are receiving a reading via Skype, Zoom or phone that you know that you will not be distracted by friends or family during that time.  Also, don’t try to multi-task during sessions. Checking your text and emails - even if you’re on Zoom - means you’re not being present in the moment - so shut down email and put DND on your phone. This is your time to be focused on you - think of it as leveling up time! self-care.  

If you are attending your session in person, please be on time.  Most providers do not compensate for a client’s tardiness.  They, just like you, have a schedule to keep and it’s not fair to other folks to be behind.  I mean how many times have we gone somewhere and some person’s lateness to the providers (doc, hairdresser, etc) first appointment made everyone else’s appointment late. It’s not cool - and you won’t usually get your full time if you do.  It’s just good juju to be on time. 

3. Be Open.  A lot of people have the tv and movie version of psychics in their heads and just as Law and Order is not a true reflection of the legal industry, most of these shows are not true reflections of what an intuitive services provider can do for you.  These tv and movie versions of our industry kind of lend more towards the street corner psychic thing, which is a. not true and b. not what one ought to look for in a good intuitive services or coaching session - to me this is a wellness and self-empowerment / self-development health modality - not a parlor trick.

That said, it is ok to share as much detail with your intuitive services provider as your provider asks for.  The reason why is each intuitive provider works with the other side and energy in different ways.  

Some see symbols, some hear phrases and quite frankly without any guidance or feedback from the client these symbols and phrases will be meaningless.  So think of your provider as a telephone - literally.  They are the conduit by which you converse with your higher self, past loved ones or guides.  

Now if you were going to make a call you wouldn’t pick up the handset of the phone, not dial any number and fully expect the call to go through - would you?  

Of course not.  So giving guidance to your provider is like dialing the direct number to make sure everyone is tuned in to the same frequency.  

The third aspect in the Opening Up - is to truly open up.  If you go to a session and approach it with the attitude - if they can’t tell me “X” well then forget it!  Then guess what - you are closed and your poor provider will not be able to help.  It’s like inviting people to dinner but when they arrive locking all the windows and doors and shouting to them to find their own way in.  Again - not the best way.  

All that said - the bottom line is you want to work WITH your provider not against them or as a challenge to them.  That doesn’t benefit anyone.  Being open is great because your provider may get messages even prior to your session which is pretty sweet because you get more than you asked for!  

This has happened to me.  A client set her appointment with me and about 3 days leading to the appointment I kept seeing a white teddy bear and I am like - what the heck does that mean?  I knew it was related to her and when we had her reading I asked her what that was about and her mom (who had passed).  She let me know that she was thinking of her mom when she switched out the stuffed brown bear for a white one in a rocking chair in her house.  This was her mom making sure I had a message of affirmation for her right off the bat and that’s when you know you’re going to get an awesome session!

4. Prepare.  If there are things you want to ask, write them down.  If you are seeing a medium to connect with a past loved one, maybe bring photos of the loved ones you are looking to contact.  If you’re working on soul shifts, bring your journal to talk about what’s going on and what you want to change to eliminate your blocks.  These kinds of things will help your provider tune in better and focus on exactly the areas and people you want to reach and questions answered.  

Also, most legit intuitive providers will allow you to take notes and even record your sessions so you can review it later.  I highly recommend this as sometimes the other side will provide symbols or messages that at the time make no sense but like a day later when reviewing it will dawn on you that it was Aunt Tilly coming through!  Preparing also prepares you on a spirit level and prepares your spirit guides for your session so again - everyone is tuned in.  So being prepared really helps you before, during and after the reading.

5. Respecting Your Intuitive Advisor’s Boundaries. 

Adhere respectfully to intuitive provider’s policies for attending your session, canceling or rescheduling and whatever other boundaries your intuitive services provider has put in place to make sure they are able to show up 100% for you in your session.  Also, please respect their time as they respect yours.  Whether that be about scheduling, being on time to your session, or being mindful that you booked an hour session - not a never-ending session.  If you have more questions or want to go deeper you need to book another appointment for deeper discussion. Remember, this is how your provider makes his or her living and you wouldn’t sneak into the kitchen of a restaurant and snatch up a second hamburger without asking or paying for it - would you.  Right - no, because it’s not cool and you want to keep your karma balanced since this is energetic work on both sides.  So respecting time boundaries is super appreciated.

Hopefully, these tips will help you really get the most out of your next intuitive mediumship or intuitive coaching session!  

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