Tell me, does this sound familiar??

You’re a spiritual nerd girl who loves all the Law of Attraction stuff but is kinda miffed that the secret of The Secret is they kept the “how" a big friggin' secret…

…and maybe you’ve put so many crystals in your bra that the only thing you’ve manifested is a house charge at Vicki’s Secret because you’re up a whole cup size…

…and you’re over the glitter-covered BS that has you writing lines, burning everything but your teeth and all you've manifested for your troubles are hand cramps and manifesting burn out.

If you're nodding, "YES!" to the above then...

Girl - you are in the right place!

My peeps are fabulous analytically minded and spiritually hearted women who fall into one of two woo camps when their attempts at manifesting hit a speed bump…

One: You’re a seasoned woo!  A manifesting dynamo!  …or you were… and you’re thinking, "what the F happened?  I was the girl on fire but now I feel like I can’t find my spark or even worse - maybe I was fooling myself and I never had it to begin with... and to be honest, saying I’m in a rut doesn’t even begin to cover it…”

Two:  You LOVE the idea of manifesting your dreams, the Law of Attraction, and all the things!  You’ve seen it work for others and are trying to figure it out for yourself.  You’ve tried everything - vision boards till you glue your self to the poster board (not that I would know...), writing affirmations till your blue, lighting bay leaves on fire and they told you it was supposed to manifest for you. But so far all you've manifested are paper cuts, ink all over your hand and a really good soup cause we don't want all those bay leaves going to waste… you’re confused, exhausted, and sick of the glitter-covered BS that doesn’t seem to work… And you might even be thinking "What am I doing wrong?  or worse... "Maybe I just can't do this...? (That last one breaks my heart.)

Bottom line:  You feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and you're manifesting pretty much jack and squat.

That's where I come in!

Hi! I'm Michele Stans, Universal Law Teacher and Manifesting Coach.  I help analytically minded yet spiritually hearted ladies stop the manifesting misfires and start manifesting their life's dreams and desires!

I’ve spent literally (and I mean that in the literal sense) my whole life - more than four decades - as a student, practitioner, coach, and teacher of more than just the law of attraction but true 360 manifesting!

If there is one thing I know for sure - glitter-covered goofy exercises and crystals in your bra won’t manifest anything because these are still grounded in the wrong place - a mindset of the absence of what you want and trying to control outcomes.

What else, I know for once you get really clear on your soul-driven purpose you can focus your energy on your intentions, change your mindset from questioning to confidence, and by doing so, create consistency in your manifesting.  

Doesn't that sound absolutely divine?

What you need (and probably want) is clarity, confidence, and CONSISTENCY in your manifesting and I can help you do that!

Let's work together to get your manifesting back on point and make you an abundance magnet!

The Manifesting Map Process

Private Zoom Sessions

It's time to Reveal YOUR Unique Manifesting Map!  What?  None of the gurus told you, there's a map inside you that will not only align you with your dreams but ground you into being the manifesting magnet for YOUR vision of success?

Oh, girl, then it is time we start working together to get your manifesting on point!

I've got the PERFECT thing for you and I PROMISE you're gonna LOVE it!

...and best of all?  It won't give you writer's cramp or get glitter in your hair!

Just spiritual, practical, and no BS manifesting!  Are you ready?

What if you could FINALLY manifest all the things on your vision board and beyond but...

  • no more manifesting misfires…
  • no more glitter bombs…
  • no more writing lines for days and only manifesting a hand cramp...

... just good ol' fashioned Spiritual, Practical and NO BULLSHIT Manifesting.

AND what if you could do it together with a posse of amazing like-hearted women?

Now THAT'S a manifesting party you just might LOVE!

Not quite sure where to start and you're new around here?

No worries! Start here.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you...

...and until then, I will see you in the Vortex!