Embrace your divine manifesting power to create a life you love

Together We Rise!

My clients regularly send me messages like, “THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me find my passion, see my worth, and to live my bliss!”, I am SO SO SO excited that you are here and that you are ready to work towards finding your passion and following your bliss!

As a lifelong, 4th generation intuitive medium and a three-decade student, practitioner, and teacher of Law of Attraction; I love using my gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and to trust in the truth of your own expansion!  Translation - I LOVE helping you figure out what your passion is and to dissolve any and all blocks that may keep you from it, so you can create the life you have always dreamed of!

IF you are tired of the hamster wheel, of living a life others dictate for you, or living a life of “shoulds" rather than “get to’s”…

AND YOU are READY to make a change, WILLING to invest in yourself, and ABLE to shift into love, joy, and abundance…

THEN - it’s time for you to take the steps you need to so you can move towards creating a life you love to live!  It can be a challenge to stay high vibe, on track, and committed to your vision all the time by yourself.  That’s where I come in.  As your non-judgmental, supportive, thought partner and accountability partner - I keep you accountable to the inspired actions and commitment you have made to yourself so you can manifest the awesome life you are dreaming of!  Alone sometimes we fall off track…but…

TOGETHER WE RISE!  It's time for you to click the START HERE button and begin your journey. Whether you are new to manifesting or if you are a seasoned Law of Attraction practitioner, here you can learn, share, celebrate and deepen your practice.

You are ready, you are worth it, and together we rise!

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