Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You REALLY want to manifest a new job, more money, your ex back (or maybe make your current your ex, gone - hey, no judgement), start your own biz, or maybe just have more peace and calm in your life…  So you drop in on your friendly neighborhood super woo for an intuitive reading session.

You get amazing ah-ha moments and insights into why you’re having more manifesting misfires than direct hits!  SQUEE!

You skip home, feeling fabulous and enlightened!

24 hours later...

... you wake up, the high from your reading wears off and you're thinking, "What now??"

You know what you need from your reading but the "how" is the sticking point…UGH!

What do I do?  Where do I go?  How do I do this?


AH HA!  Social media and Google!

You venture out into the vast space of the interwebs to find…

The 555 SUPER MANIFESTING Ritual (imagine me saying that in my best Wizard of Oz voice) - the one where you write an affirmation of something you want 55 times for 5 days and then, just like Santa, it should show up at your front door!  However, in all the “reviews” I’ve seen, most of the time it just manifests a hand cramp…

or ….

You discover that ritual where you write intentions on a bay leaf and then burn it.  The idea is the smoke carries the intention to the Universe and like Aladdin’s genie - POOF your wish is manifested...but all you manifest is a bay leaf up in smoke and a pile of ash to clean up...

Not exactly awesome results when your goal is to manifest dreams...

At least it wasn't for my client, Racheal...

“I was trying SO hard to manifest my dreams every day with no results!! 

I wrote affirmations, burned candles, burned paper, I would burn anything if it meant I would get what I wanted when I thought I should get it, like all the gurus say…

...But all I got were hand cramps and burnt out!”

I could go on buuuuut, I'm guessing you're here because...

... you're totally over shelling out cash for hacks, self-proclaimed short cuts, and glitter covered bullshit that doesn’t effing work.

And you’re probably here hoping for a more spiritual, practical and no more bs approach to your manifesting and spiritual journey that just friggin’ works, already, just like Racheal!

BUT, I'll let Racheal have the last word on that...

"...then a friend turned me on to Michele! WOW!! What a huge difference working with her has made in my life. Now, I am on the right track in my manifesting! Thank you, Michele!” - Racheal w., Nashville, TN, USA


Girlfriend,  if this is you too and you want to get back on track with your manifesting and spiritual journey, you're in the right place.  

Soul Coach Michele

A BIG Hello from Your Friendly Neighborhood Super Woo!

Well, hello there, you divine creature, you!

Your 4th generation, friendly neighborhood super woo, Michele Stans, here and honored to be at your service! 

With more than four decades in the woo industry, I've noticed a common thread. The singular thing people crave is the ability to consistently manifest their dreams!  

But more often than not, what’s offered at the social media woo cafe is info crack hacks and DIY courses that are minimal at best and leave you feeling more confused, less confident in your power and still wondering when your manifestations are going to show up.

Just to be clear, we don't do that bullshit here.  

This is your invitation to do the work at a level that is comfortable for you while also expanding to the next level.  You might start with a reading for guidance and move to a Soul Journey to put that guidance into action. 

Soul Coach Studio was created as a space for you to receive clarity on your purpose, build confidence in your truth and embrace your power, so you can fearlessly manifest all your dreams and desires with absolute consistency!

Sound fabulous?  

Ready to release your shit and own your sparkle?

Then it's time to choose your path and start your journey...

I am SO into LoA, I wrote a book on it!

Whether you are new to the Law of Attraction or you're looking for a new perspective to up your manifesting game, 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life is for you!

LEARN TO KICK YOUR MANIFESTING INTO HIGH GEAR! This book will show you a practical approach to the Law of Attraction. With inspiring, true-life examples, the author shares how applying these seven steps transformed her life.  Now it’s time for you to have everything you want, too!   ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE ALL YOU DESIRE?

Join Certified Holistic Life Coach and Intuitive Medium, Michele Stans, on a transformational journey to taking back your spiritual power and creating the life you’ve always dreamed.  “GET CENTERED, GET PRESENT, AND BE THE SUPERHERO OF YOUR LIFE.” - Michele Stans

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